The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 104

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 104 Two Realms

Don't trust anyone, even the devil was once an angel.



"You want to see my eyes?" A whisper that so close to Andromalius's ears, as if that person was on his nape, could be heard.

Startling, Andromalius snapped his head to his left and saw those beautiful golden eyes, they were shining brightly under the dim light.

"Lucifer" Andromalius greeted his old friend. "I should know, it is you." His smile appeared, but it didn't reach his eyes as he became alert. There was nothing good to have a business with this fallen angel.

Lucifer let out an eerie chuckled. His golden eyes moved from Andromalius's face toward the commotion that he had created by being dead. "A security guard, huh?" He raised one of his brows. "What a lame faade."

Andromalius shrugged his shoulder upon hearing the derision in his voice. "I am trying to be civil."

"There is nothing civil about our race." Lucifer remarked. He was wearing a black button down shirt that looked unkempt with dark denim jeans, his curly hair was giving other people impression he just woke up from deep slumber.

"Lucifer" Andromalius shook his head. "I am not in the same race as yours."

Lucifer smirked. "A fallen will always be a fallen." He made his own conclusion before he talked straight down to the business. "I saw the Lycan was looking for you."

The commotion was growing bigger with the guard, who were together with Andromalius in the night shift, lost his control and yelled like a madman until someone took the initiative to look for the missing guard.

"Follow me." Lucifer said, quite irritated with the noisy situation. What a fuss that those human made.

Andromalius couldn't turn down Lucifer's order, he didn't make a good impression with Torak, if he were to offend this Devil also, he wouldn't have a good time from this moment onward.

After all, he was also interested with the identity of the girl named Raine.

Before Torak was trespassed his territory months ago, he had never heard something extraordinary about that girl, nothing special about her that caught his attention.

However now, the two powerful creatures in this realm were fussing about that little girl. He had tried to find out about her, but Torak's people had moved faster than his, to block the information about her.

And now, Lucifer was coming for that girl as well. This rare occasion was truly interesting.

Under the lamp street Lucifer snapped his fingers and both of them disappeared from the spot where they were standing a moment ago, vanished as though they had never been there in the first place.

Lucifer and Andromalius appeared at the same bar where he was drinking with Lilith before, however this time, Lilith was nowhere to be seen.

"Drink?" Lucifer had stood behind the bar table and raised a bottle of whiskey.

"Yes, please." Andromalius said, sitting on the bar stool. He didn't recognize this place, neither he had a memory about it. This place must be out of his territory.

"Talk now." Lucifer pushed a rock glass under his nose as he sat down opposite him.

"What should I talk?" Andromalius brought the glass near his nose and took a sniff on it scent before he took a big gulp. "I need time to trace her. It was ridiculous for Torak to assume that I will be able to give him any news within three hours. Not to mention I don't have any idea who she is."

"You don't know who is her?" Lucifer asked incredulously.

Andromalius was well known for his knowledge and his ability to find any important information, thus for him to not be able to know Raine's identity was quite a surprise for him.

"Torak had closed all the possible line and spot for me to find any information about the girl, he even went to the extent to erase those people memory of the girl face." Andromalius explained, almost like he was complaining.

Lucifer stroke his chin. "If that is the case, than I have wasted my time and my whiskey. You are not that good apparently." He said heartlessly.

Andromalius slightly offended by Lucifer provocation. "It was you who came to me and brought me here."

"You are right." Lucifer agreed. "That's why, you should make yourself useful. Give me the information about that girl whereabouts before you report to Torak." He said with finality.

"For your information" Andromalius gulped down the entire whiskey and pushed the empty glass toward Lucifer, the glass skidded on the surface of the marble table and was stopped by the other person. "I don't take any order, especially in my own territory."

He has to make this thing clear, if not, he would be treated like a dog who would accept any request from both the Lycan and the Devil.

This was Lucifer's sin, but he had a pride also that he needed to keep.

"Territory?" Lucifer scoffed. "There are only two territories, the upper world that ruled by Lycan and the underworld that ruled by me, so choose your place wisely."

And this was another threat that Andromalius received within less than an hour.

"You are chased out by the heaven my dear old friend, you don't have territory in this universe." Lucifer grabbed the glass, which Andromalius had pushed toward him, and it vanished into dust.


Raphael, Calleb, Serefina and Jack arrived at the council's office and were blocked out of the building by police car while the police got down and greeted him.

"What happen inside?" Raphael asked before the police could utter a word for him.

Seeing it was Raphael, the personal assistant of Torak Donovan, the police startled.

What a coincidence

"Mr. Lockwood, am I right?" The police assured the person, behind the wheel, identity first.

"Good morning officer." Raphael became impatient with this exchange greeting, he knew something was wrong had happened inside. "May I know what that's about?"

"What a coincidence sir." The police kept his politeness that Raphael didn't need at this moment. "Someone had said that Mr. Donovan had killed someone and hid the body of the victim somewhere."

There was a slightly changed of expression from Serefina and Jack while Raphael and Calleb remained calm.

Apparently they were too late to stop their Alpha to do something carelessly.