The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 105

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 105 Metanoia

Metanoia: the journey of changing one's mind, heart, self or way of life.


"It is really a coincidence for Mr. Lockwood to be here." The police officer explained the situation, he looked into the dark car curiously. "Is Mr. Donovan inside?"

"No, Mr. Donovan is in the hospital." Raphael said smoothly. "He had a car accident a few hours ago."

Shock crossed he police officer's face. "How that could happen?! How is Mr. Donovan now?" His tone slightly rose by his surprise.

"We still look for the cause of the accident." Raphael nodded. "Mr. Donovan is in the Hospital, but his condition has stabile now."

The accident of Torak was indeed occurred when Chupacabra were chasing after Torak and Calleb, there were many witnesses who would testify for it, added to the Traffic Camer, Torak's alibi was absolute.

Because no human would be able to run around after that kind of dreadful accident, Raphael had taken care about this, about the hospital would be an easy task to be manipulated. No one would know about it.

"Oh, but the news" The police officer didn't recall hear something about Torak Donovan's accident.

After all, Torak Donovan was under the spotlight recently, so it was almost impossible for media to miss something big like that.

"We are trying to suppress the news as long as possible." Raphael's words streamed down like a river. "Mr. Donovan needs rest and this kind of news will affect the business."

The police officer scratched his head. "I don't really understand about business." He said sheepishly. "It is a good thing that Mr. Donovan is all right, but why Mr. Lockwood comes here in this early morning?"

"I just pass by from the hospital and saw this commotion, because of the business between our company and the government, I want to know what happen with the police line around this government building." Raphael said smoothly.

Calleb really wanted to clap his hand for the Beta, he was so smart and easy with his words. What a wonderful tongue that he has

"Oh, I see" The police officer nodded his head in understanding. "But, Mr. Lockwood, if you don't mind will you inform me when Mr. Donovan is able to be visited? Because we will not be able to keep this news for long time, after all there is someone missing from the government building."

"Will do." Raphael nodded cooperatively. "I will take my leave then officer." Raphael rolled back the dark window and left the scene before the police officer could give a respond. He had wasted enough time to answer that human's question while Torak could be anywhere, running rampant and put anyone in danger.

"So, any ideas where your Alpha will be?" Serefina


Buzzing sound of people talking and the chirping bird was the first thing that intruded Raine's senses the moment she regained her consciousness.

Before she could open her eyes, she felt something warm thick quilt blanketed her.

She furrowed her brows as memories rushed back on her head.

The squabbled between Jack and Serefina

Someone was coming

Everything turned dark

And, the dessert.

Raine's eyes abruptly flew opened as tossed away the quilt that hugged her body, she sat down and gauged her surroundings.

Somehow, she was inside a weird room with many things that Raine couldn't tell, were hanging atop of its ceiling. The only item that she could recognize was a dream catcher. There were three of them.

Before she lost her conscious, she was in the middle of nowhere, a dessert.

However, now she could see snow fell from the clear sky as the temperature became so cold. Raine took back the quilt that she had tossed earlier and wrapped it around her body before she got off from the bed.

The room's floor was covered with yellow rug that was very soft when her feet touch it.

The room wasn't big, it was only consisted by two cabinets, a small table and chair, a hammock, which hung on the corner of the room, and the bed that Raine was sleeping on, which filled almost the entire room.

Raine gritted her chattering teeth.

How many degrees was this place? Why it was so cold? Raine had never been in the place as cold as this.

"You are awake, I thought you have died."

A voice almost made Raine's scream loudly. Fortunately, she had spent almost five years being mute, so she could handle this surprise quite well.

Raine's eyes directed to the source of the voice, butshe could see no one before the red tablecloth was lifted and she found a little boy was sitting under a table. He hugged himself as if by doing that, no one would see him.

"You are sleeping for week now." The little boy crawled from under the table. "That's why my brother hangs those dream catchers, you know, for good luck. He thought you were trapped in your dream." The little boy was quite a chatter, apparently.

Raine didn't give any response in return, but she also didn't turn around and left, like her initial plan. Instead, she looked the boy with curiosity.

Probably he knew something.

"This your room?" Raine tried to produce louder sound, but what came out from her mouth was barely a whisper.

"No. This is my brother's room, but he has been sleeping with me since you occupied his bed." The boy looked at Raine with accusation, seemingly he didn't like to share a bed with his older brother.

The little boy looked like he was no older than seven years old, he was wearing woolen clothes that Raine thought was too weird to be wearing in her era. His hair was the color of copper with big blue ocean eyes that reminded Raine about Torak's eyes.

"How can I be here?" Raine asked again, this time her voice had slightly better.

The little boy shrugged as he walked closer toward Raine. "My brother brought you here from the dessert of no return. What were you doing there? My father said that place is really dangerous."

Raine wanted to know also, what she was doing there? Or, for more precise, how she got there?