The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 106

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 106 Metanoia 2

"Where should I go?" Alice asked.

"That depends on where you want to end up." Cashire cat replied.

-Alice in Wonderland-


"What is the dessert of no return?" Raine asked while walking closer toward the boy.

"Huh?" The little boy tilted his head as his little brows furrowed. "You don't know the dessert of no return?"

Raine shook her head honestly, she had never heard something like that or knew a place with that name even existed.

"Weird." The boy remarked. "Everybody from this village knows about the dessert of no return. That is forbidden place." His voice dropped until it was only a whisper.

"If that place is forbidden, so what your brother was doing there?" Raine crouched down beside the table until both of them could see eyes to eyes with each other.

"My brother is a strong man. He is the strongest of guardian angel." The little boy talked about his brother with the voice that laced with proud.

Actually the expression that the little boy made was quite amusing, but there was something that arouse Raine's curiosity.

"Guardian angel?" Raine repeated the strange word, her eyebrows shot up.

An angel? Is she died?

"Don't tell me you don't know about it too." The boy made another adorable expression as his mouthed gapped opened. He slapped his own head when Raine shook her head. "Impossible you don't even know about guardian angel? Where are you actually from?"

"Fulbright city." Raine answered.

"I have never heard about that place." This time, he was the one who got confused.

This situation was becoming more weird and weird with the conversation with the boy, or probably the one that Raine should talk to was his older brother? After all he was only a child.

"Maybe your brother knows? Can I meet him?" Raine suggested.

The little boy shrugged and dusted imaginary dirt from his knees before he said like an older man. "You can use that cloak." He pointed at the grey thick cloak, which hung on near the door. "And follow me."

Raine suppressed the smile that threatened to appear on her lips while following the boy. But, her smile abruptly disappeared and in exchanged she let out a loud of gasp when she saw her surroundings.

The world that she had never seen before.

The houses were made by fine wood while the lushes of the trees covered their roof while some building were built by red brick that rose up into the sky, lions and gargoyles made of stone adorned the fountain in the middle of this city, or village

Raine wasn't really sure what kind of this place that she was in. She felt like the Alice from a wonderland as she stranded in this strange place.

She felt uncomfortable and kept looking around, hoping she could see someone that she knew.

The streets were bustling with people who were exchanging greeting or just smiling at each other as if they knew every single person.

Some of people looked at Raine with curious gaze, but polite enough to not stare for long time while Raine lowered her head to avert their eyes.

And like the little boy, many people were wearing woolen sweater under their lambskin coat to keep them warm from this cold wind.

"My brother is visiting our big sister's house, over there." The little boy pointed a small wooden house with many wilted flower on its fences. "Come on." He waved his stubby hand to indicate Raine to follow him.

Strangely enough, though she had passed out for a week, she didn't feel lethargic nor thirsty or hungry. It felt like she had just woken up from a good night sleep.

"Here we are!!!" The little boy beamed as he stepped in the terrace. "Sister Lydia! Brother Lucas!"

Raine stood two steps behind the boy, only now she realized that she even didn't know the boy's name, she should ask him before.

When the door was opened from inside, a beautiful woman in her warm red velvet sweater, appeared before their eyes.

She smiled brightly while hugging the little boy, who snuggled closer onto her warm embrace.

"Oh." The woman gasped in surprised when she saw Raine. "You have woken up." She released the small boy as she walked toward Raine and cupped her face with both her hands.

Raine took a step backward out of habit, she still didn't use with the sudden touch, especially from the person that she didn't know.

But, the woman didn't mind with her gestured and stared at her face, checking Raine's complexion. "Good. You are in good condition." She nodded in agreement. "The medicine that I gave to you didn't have a bad side effect apparently."

Raine didn't say anything for that statement. She was at lost and just wanted to go home, to be with Torak again.

"Come inside it is cold outside." She took Raine's arm and led her inside the house. "My name is Lydia." Lydia introduced herself before she pointed a man, who was sitting on the couch that was covered by cozy white wool.

"He is Lucas." Lydia pointed at Lucas, he was also surprised to see Raine was there. "He was the one who had found you in the dessert of no return."

Lucas turned his body faced her, grinning. "Your condition were so bad at that time." He informed her. "Luckily my sister could find something to help you."

And Lucas went on with his story about how he had saved Raine, but the only thing that she wanted to know was; how she could go back? And where exactly she was now?

"If it wasn't because you called me, I wouldn't be able to find you there." Lucas remarked as he took a glass of drink from the tray that Lydia had brought over.

Lydia put one glass on Raine's laps as she sat down between Raine and the little boy, who was busy moving his own hands in the air.

"I didn't call" Was the first line that Raine said after she entered the house.

"You don't realize when you call for help." Lucas shrugged and gulped down his drink. "Every Guardian Angel has our own way to communicate with each other."

Raine's mouth gapped opened. She didn't understand with this whole situation, what with this Guardian Angel thing?

"You don't know who you really are?" Lydia caught Raine's confusion as she concluded.

"What do you mean with that?" Raine asked, she tightened her grip on the edge of the sweater that she was wearing.

"You are one of us." Lydia exclaimed. "A guardian angel."

There was a thick silence that followed after Lydia's words as Raine was still trying to discern the information.

"I don't" Raine shook her head, she looked around as if she would find someone who she knew if she did so, meeting Serefina would fine too. "I don't understand"

"She really doesn't know anything about this world." The little boy stopped playing with his hands and stared at Raine accusingly as though her ignorance was a biggest sin.

"I live in Fulbright City" Raine said, her voice was barely a whisper. "May I know what this place?"

"This is a village of Angel." The little boy was the one who answered her.