The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 107

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 107 Metanoia 3

When you feel my heat

Look into my eyes

It's where my demons hide

It's where my demons hide

Don't get too close

It's dark inside

It's where my demons hide

It's where my demons hide

-Demons; Imagine Dragons-


Raine didn't know how to process the information as she blinked her eyes and opened her mouth, but there was nothing she was able to say.

"There are not many like us." Lucas said his expression slightly down. "Many creatures used to use our pureness for their sake."

Raine overwhelmed, she couldn't catch up with this conversation. What the meaning with all of this? What he meant by many creatures? There were a lot of 'creatures' that she had been seeing for these past eight years here, which had driven her crazy?

Her breath hitched when the idea crossed her mind. How was that possible? No, actually everything was possible.

However the real question was; where was she? How she could get back to Torak? She wanted to meet him, badly.

She didn't feel save here, in the place she didn't know, people that she didn't familiar with.

"You don't know about all of this, do you?" Lydia, became the considerate person in the room, caught Raine's anxiousness.

Raine shifted her gaze at Lydia and shook her head in dismay.

"I wonder what kind of place is Fulbright city? Are there many of us?" Lydia asked curiously as she looked back at Raine, became impatient to hear her answer."

"I don't know" Raine replied sheepishly.

She really didn't know if there were many guardian angels in Fulbright city. She also still had a hard time to discern this information.

She? A guardian angel?

What was that?

"Oh" Lydia's eyes slightly cast down. "Decades ago when we are still free and not being hunted, our people had roamed this realm, casting away the darkness."

"The darkness?" Raine didn't know when this conversation would be normal, the more they talked the more it confused her.

Lydia chuckled lightly. "Why do you think we are a guardian angel?" She gave her a rhetorical question that, honestly, Raine couldn't have known the answer.

However, instead of answered it, Lydia jumped into another matter. "However, four decades ago, all the creatures started to hunt us, because the essence of our power could make them stronger and as a result the darkness becomes darker." Lydia's eyes cast down. "This realm became imbalance."

Raine totally lost it. What was the darkness? What the guardian angel was guarding? What happened to the guardian angel, whom their essence was sapped?

Raine didn't deny that there were other creatures in this world, the only part, which she could understand and accept.

However, she was still lack of knowledge about this and the information that she got, confused her even further.

In the other hand, seemingly, Lucas didn't catch Raine's strange behavior as he continued. "This moment, they only see us like an object to strengthen their power, while the Lycanthropes simply don't like us because our people are physically weak creature."

Upon hearing the word of Lycanthropes, Raine's perked up. "Lycan?" Her eyes shone brightly.

If it was a lycan then they would know about Torak!

However, Raine sudden cheer- up behavior rewarded with a strange looked from the three siblings' eyes. They looked at Raine as if she was saying something inappropriate.

"Why do you look so happy when you hear about Lycan?" Lydia asked, she frowned as her beautiful black's eyes were assessing Raine.

"I know one of Lycan." Raine said happily and sheepishly.

"Who?" Lydia asked in sharp tone while leaning her body toward Raine, her fist on her laps tightened as if she was holding something back.

"His name is Torak." Until this point Raine was still not aware about the sudden change of the atmosphere, even the little boy stopped playing with his own hands.

Only when Raine mentioned Torak's name the three of them let out a shrieked and Lydia covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming.

Raine was startled by their reaction. She didn't know why they gave her that kind of reaction?

"The second brother of Donovan Torak Donovan?" Lucas asked Raine in very serious tone while Lydia was shifting in her seat uncomfortably.

Raine nodded as reply, but her eyes became wary. She felt like she had just said something wrong and couldn't irreparable.

"I don't know how you know him, but" Lydia was fidgeting as if she remembered something unpleasant. "You better stay away from him." She warned Raine.

The confusion was as thick as a fog in this living room, both parties had many question inside their head, but didn't know where to start.

"Sometime he lost his temper, but most of the time he was so kind and caring." Raine, subconsciously stood up for him as she reminisced how Torak had been treating her. No one had ever done what Torak did for her.

The three of them visibly grimaced by Raine's statement and somehow this irritated her. They didn't know Torak, but why they judged him?

"Why? There is something wrong with that?" Raine felt uncomfortable under their eyes.

"Yes, something totally wrong." Lydia hissed when she regained her composure after her shock. "You are not supposed to have anything to do with Lycanthropes."

"But, why?" Raine clutched the hem of her sweater, something wasn't right and she knew whatever Lydia would tell her, it would surprise her with a new revelation about Torak.

"Because Lycanthropes are used to slaughtering our kind. Their kind is too strong and too haughty to gain more power in this way, but kill us instead to prevent the other creature to sap our essence." Lucas finished his sister explanation in one bold and direct statement.

Raine was in disbelief. She couldn't accept what she heard and shook her head vigorously. "No. he will not kill other without reason."

Yes, everything that Torak had done was always had a reason behind it. He wouldn't kill only for his impulsiveness, right?

In truth, Raine wasn't sure about this either as she remembered how easy Torak had killed his own kind in the other day.