The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 108

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 108 Metanoia 4

Lucas frowned. "I don't know where you come from, but as one of our kind you have to be careful of Lycanthropes." His words laced with warning.

Raine didn't like how they talk about Torak, but she wasn't dare enough to argue with them.

"Alright, I think this is time when we have to stop chatting and start to eat something!" Lydia clapped her hand excitedly as she went to the kitchen followed by the little boy behind her.

"Raine, right?" Lucas asked looked at Raine in confusion. "How do you get to the dessert of no return?"

Not all creatures could enter that place because that place was forbidden, not only that, the dark aura that surrounded that place was something that hard to bear.

If it wasn't because Raine's voice, which calling for help, that very loud in Lucas's head earlier, he wouldn't ever know, not to mention risk his life to enter to the farthest line of the dessert.

"I don't know" Raine shook her head. "I was inside my room and waiting for Torak when suddenly I was in the dessert." She answered him honestly.

"Why do you keep mentioning Torak's name? Do you really know him?" Lucas thought Raine didn't mean her word before when she said she knew a Lycan, especially the curse Lycan.

Who in this realm didn't know about the curse of the three Donovan brothers? There was no way a guardian angel has something to do with them.

The lycan despised their kind and the guardian angel feared them.

"I know him" Raine nodded, how many times that she had told him that she knew Torak before he believed her?

"How do you know him?" Lucas's voice became deeper as he leaned his body toward Raine.

Raine didn't like his gesture, she was sitting uncomfortably now, she wanted to leave this place, but didn't know where to go. She bit her lips and moved to the other side, avoiding him.

"Raine, how do you know him?" Lucas repeated his question impatiently, wasn't aware with Raine's uneasiness.

"I am his mate" Raine said it, her voice was barely a whisper as she averted her eyes, fidgeting.

"Impossible. Torak Donovan is cursed by the moon goddess herself will not have mate for his entire immortal life." Suddenly Lydia emerged from the kitchen while holding a big pot that filled with soup, the white smoke wafted from it. "Every single soul knew about that."

Actually Raine had heard about that also, but because she had not yet grasped the concept of mate well enough, she didn't pay attention into that matter.

"Right!" Lucas agreed readily. "You have to meet him in person to find out that you are a mate. That's how the mate bond works for Lycanthropes." He recalled the information about Lycanthropes that he had learnt from the elder.

"Right." Lydia nodded. "Whatever your reason is, don't associate yourself with them Raine. Their hearts filled with darkness."

"There is no way you have met him Raine." Lucas chimed in as he stood up and helped Lydia with the plates and cutleries for them. "You will not be here once those lycan saw you."

"But I have met him" Their reaction and statement puzzled Raine.

What was wrong with them? First they said Torak was a bad person and now they didn't believe her.

Lucas and Lydia looked at each other's eyes, exchanging unexplainable look, but it was clear that they didn't trust Raine's statement.

"Probably you have a vivid dream about that." Lydia cleared her throat as she sauntered the room to stand beside Raine. "You know, the dessert of no return is a forbidden place that filled with unknown magic, maybe it deludes you from reality."

Raine wanted to say that she didn't make up stories, but their skeptical reaction only threw Raine with confusion. Now she doubted her existence.

"Please stop talking about lycan, I will have a nightmare." The little boy whined. "Can we eat please?"

"Alright, let's eat Raine" Lydia grabbed Raine's hand, ignoring her sudden tense, and brought her over to their dining table.

On the dining table there were three two main course with one soup and there was one extra plate that didn't match with the other three plates, which Raine assumed it was hers, thus she sat on the sea beside the little boy.

"There is no much dishes, because I don't know if you will awake this early! In my calculations you will wake up in a month." Lydia poured the soup on four small bowls for them.

"Hmm." Lucas smelled the aroma of the soup and beamed in delight. "You have spent all of your energy, good think the darkness didn't find you and devoured you alive."

Raine didn't give a response for that, she simply lowered her head and drank her soup, however she took a note to ask about this at another time.

After the topic of lycanthropes, their dinner conversation filled with lighter topic like how was their day. They also generously promised Raine to take her out to see the city and Lidya would take her to buy some clothes for her tomorrow.

Raine didn't want to bother them, as they had been kind enough for taking care of her when she was unconscious, but they insisted.

Lidya's size was bigger and taller than her, thus her clothes wouldn't fit her.

Actually Raine didn't mind that, she remembered all her oversize and second handed clothes that she received when she was still in orphanage, she bet Lydia's clothes would be much better than that.

After the dinner ended, Raine took initiative to wash the plates, at first Lidya rejected her suggestion, but Raine insisted, she didn't want only to be a receiver of their goodwill without doing anything in return.

The only problem was; there was no sink inside the house.

"Where should I wash this?" Raine confused when she saw there was no sink in the kitchen. She had put all the dirty plates inside a wooden bucket.

"Just left the dirty plates, you can wash them early in the morning in the river." Lidya was busy with her younger brother as the little boy had fallen asleep on the couch.

Raine blinked her eyes couple of time, she was puzzled with that fact. No matter how poor the house, they would have sink or at least a sluice at their home, not to mention Lydia's family didn't look like a lower middle class person.

"May I know what year is this?" Raine was standing at the kitchen door while looking at Lidya's direction, who put the little boy in Lucas's embrace.

"What do you mean what year?" Lucas tilted his head at Raine. "It had been two hundreds decades since the battle between the darkness and the light that put our world into chaos."

And that was the talk about the darkness again Raine chose to not ask about it further.

"Raine, I have prepared a room for you upstairs, the second door on the left." Lidya told Raine while she opened the door for Lucas. "I have to go for awhile to make a report about you that you will stay here, Lucas and Ronny will go home because they are not living here, it is fine if I leave you alone?"

Raine wanted to shake her head, but her lips escape different words. "I am fine."

Lidya smiled and let Lucas and Ronny out first.

"Bye, Raine. See you tomorrow." Lucas waved at her with difficulty as he hugged Ronny in front of him.

After Lucas and Ronny stepped out of the house, Lidya closed the door while saying. "I will be back soon."

And with the soft sound of the door was being closed, Raine was left alone inside the house.

Raine looked around at this place. Lidya's house wasn't too big, but it's nice, with fireplace in the living room, in front of a big sofa that covered with white fur, this gave off an old fashion style.

Raine sauntered the living room and opened the curtain from the window beside the fireplace. It was snowing outside.

The white snow looked like cottons covered the streets, roofs and the trees. From where Raine was standing, she could hear the wind howling.

Raine felt bad because Lidya has to go alone in this kind of weather for her sake, why didn't she report about her tomorrow morning? It wouldn't be too late, right?

But, again Raine knew nothing about this place, let alone its rule.