The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 11

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 11 Dark Side

And I don't want the world to see me

'Cause I don't think that they'd understand

-Iris, by: Goo Goo Dolls-


Anne gave the hot multibillionaire a sheepish smiled before she answered him. "She refused to come out from her room, I can't persuade her."

Without waiting another explanation Torak had taken another step toward the door, didn't even bother to ask Anne the direction of Raine's room.

He could track his mate's scent just fine. The refreshing smell of the damp earth after rain, it's soothed his strain nerves. For Lycanthropes and werewolves their mate's scent was stronger than any other scent that they could smell.

His mate's smell brought him along the hallway and down the stairs that seemed connected to the bas.e.m.e.nt. He frowned.

Why his mate lived in the bas.e.m.e.nt?

He followed the stairs to the dim hallway, in the end of it he saw Calleb's grey wolf pacing back and forth in front of an obsolete wooden door.

Torak used his lycan's speed to approach Calleb.

In the next second he stood in front of the door and turned the knob, but it has been locked. He trailed his fingers on the surface of the wood.

Considering to bust it down and made his way to his mate, but it would startle her and the last thing he wanted was his mate afraid of him.

He could feel her fear when he held her earlier and that made him uncomfortable.

[What happened?] He asked Calleb through mind link.

The grey wolf stopped walking as he sat on his back leg while looking up at Torak. [Supreme Alpha, she is able to see me in my wolf form and because I followed her, apparently it scared her.]

Torak glared at Calleb that made the wolf lowered his head straight to the floor.

Not long after that, Raphael, Anne and Mrs. Lang approached them. They were running down the stairs and almost lost their breath when they reached him, except Raphael of course, he even didn't break a sweat.

"Mr. Donovan how did you know this is her room?" Anne asked, puzzled.

Yet, Torak was so impatient to even hear her question as he asked hurriedly. "You have spare key to open the door?"

"Yes, yes" Mrs. Lang was still panting when she fished out a bunch of keys from her pocket. "She always locked herself inside the room, so I am always ready with her key room, in case she did something stupid inside there." The old woman grumbled while she put the key inside the lock and turned it over.

The 'click' sound echoed in the dim hallway when finally the door opened.

Torak took over the knob door from Mrs. Lang's hand as he pushed it opened and impatiently walked inside the room.

He balled his fist when he saw how poor his mate's room, his bathroom was bigger than this. Inside that small room which only consisting a small bed, a small cabinet and small table, he saw Raine curled on the corner of her bed. Trembling while hugging herself, burying her face between her knees.

Torak stopped on his step.

"What are you doing sitting there? Mr. Donovan had been waiting for you." Mrs. Lang reprimanded her. "Hurry and pack your thing." She seemed couldn't wait to get rid of Raine.

"Get out." Torak closed his eyes to hide his eyes that had turned black. With the way Mrs. Lang talked to Raine, he could imagine the poor treatment that they gave to her and the way she lived in fear made him unsettled.

When there was no movement, he faced them with furry burning in his eyes. Patience has never been a forte for any lycan.

"I SAID. GET. OUT!" Torak stressed every syllable in his command.