The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 115

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 115 Metanoia 11

"Many people had confirmed this matter." Aeon said in matter of fact tone. "They will not get it wrong."

Raine shook her head and swatted his hand to release her chin from his fingers, but he caught Raine's hand and kept it on her laps, make her totally helpless to move.

"Let me go!" Raine yelled and shook her head vigorously as her black hair turned messy. "I am not one of them! I" She wanted to say that she was Torak's mate, but then she remembered Lidya's warning and the hostility that these people here had for lycanthropes, gulping down the rest of her words, Raine resumed glaring at Aeon.

"Probably because you grew up in a different environment." Aeon mumbled to himself, trying to justify Raine's behavior.

"Why it is hard for you to believe that I am not one of them?" Raine asked, agitated and frustrated, she cried in desperation.

Of course Aeon didn't believe her words, the guardian angel has their unique way to identify their kind and now Raine was saying that she wasn't one of them in this kind of situation, wasn't that only mean she made up that reason to get away from him?

"We will know that after we bonded." Aeon said it flatly.

However, Raine turned stiff as her pale face turned even paler when she heard the word 'bonded'. She shook her head vigorously, but this time Aeon released her chin and let her messy hair covered half of her face while she cried.

"No, please I don't want that" She begged him, because she knew if he really wanted to, he could just easily do it, there was no way Raine could overpower him.

This time Aeon released her hand, but kept her legs between his to prevent her to move carelessly, and let her covered her teary face while sobbing, her small shoulder were trembling.

"Only then we will know what you are." Aeon said it as if the process of bonding wasn't a big matter for him.

"No!" Raine lowered her hands and began her attempts to move Aeon's legs from her, this time she didn't just hit him with her small fist, but also trying to scratch the back of his hands that wasn't covered by his clothes as he didn't wear his gauntlet.

Aeon only looked at her in dismay, he had never seen a guardian angel was so determine on something and became violence like this, he had never recalled there was a guardian angel that even tried to hurt their attacker, their kind was simply too kind for their own good.

But, actually just like what the moon goddess had said; she wasn't merely a resurrection from a guardian angel, but as she rebirth into human world, she was having their trait as well.

"Enough!" Aeon swatted Raine's hand.

And it happened in a blink of an eye, when Raine suddenly felt the room was spinning and made her dizzy, in the next second her back fell flat on the ground with Aeon above her, pinned her down.

Raine's eyes opened wide with pure fear exuded from every part of her body, out of instinct she raised her hand to push him away as her hands fell on his sturdy chest, she wriggled to get free from beneath him.


She called out his name in her mind again and again, but this time, he didn't come

"No! Stay away from me!!!" Raine cried out loud, she shut her eyes, didn't want to see the man above her.

For some reason, Aeon stilled. He stayed in the position that wasn't far enough for Raine, but close enough for him to study her expression.

He touched the tears that rolling down on her cheek with his finger and brought it to his lips, to taste it. Aeon frowned.

She was crying.

But the problem was, Guardian Angel had never cried. They don't have that complex feeling.

"You are crying." Aeon stated the fact as he wiped the tears from her cheeks. "Don't cry" He said in coaxing tone.

He waited until her sob ceased down and she opened her eyes, because Aeon didn't make any move except wiping her tears away.

For some reason, when Raine had slightly calm down, his touch was familiar. She felt it somewhere, yet she wasn't able to recall the moment.

Once Raine opened her eyes, she found Aeon's black eyes were staring back at her, but there was concern in them, he was worry.

"Don't cry" He shushed her.

The room was so quiet and only filled with Raine's muffled cry along with Aeon's coaxing words every now and then.


Someone called out Aeon's name along with the sound of his fist pounding the door.


He pounded the door again and again, from the sound of it, it felt like he was about to tear down the door instead.

If every creature has their own characteristic, then the word 'uncivilized' could describe them perfectly.

"I WILL GO! WAIT AT THE GATHERING POINT!" Aeon growled above Raine. He didn't like to be disturbed, especially at time like this.

Afterward, he looked at Raine beneath him, his expression was hard to read, but a moment later, he released her and stood up while the girl was crawling to the furthest part of the room, hit her back against the wall behind her.

"I will return soon." Aeon stared at Raine for a few second before he turned around and left her alone inside the room.

The clicking sound notified Raine that he locked the door room.

But, that was the last thing that she concerned as she felt her heart reeling by the mention of Lycan. There was a lycan came to their border? Was that Torak?

Her heart beat fast for the possibility, he found her here? If he was here, than she would be fine


"What is it!?" Aeon snapped at Ron who had called him while they were running toward the border. "They are attacking us!?"

The snow was like a flash of white light as they run faster to the border.

"No! They come to demand something." Ron said, his voice laced with disgust.

"How dare them to demand something from us!?" Aeon fastened his pace and arrived at the border of the Village.

There, they saw a lycan was about to shift back into his other form, so he would be able to communicate with them, he was Lyrus the three Donovans' most trusted person.

If he was there, then the matter must be something serious.

All this time, the relationship between the shadow warriors and those lycanthropes couldn't be said in good terms.

Those lycanthropes had never hunted the guardian angel, however if they saw one was roaming around without protection, out of their village, they would kill them without hesitation.

They despised the guardian angel for their weak and delicate nature, for them, their kind was like a bug, an eyesore. Therefore, the shadow warrior was there to protect them and built the border around the village of angel in order to keep those lycans away.

Lidya's words weren't totally lie, because it was true, if the guardian angel stepped out their feet from the village, they were very vulnerable for attack as if the target sign was placed on their head.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT!?" Ramez, the leader of the shadow warrior asked in his raucous voice. The tendrils of shadow swarmed around his body, ready to attack or defense himself if needed.

They were not called as the shadow warrior if they didn't have this magic in them, to conjure shadow for their fighting weapon.

There were an angry and low growl from the lycans behind Lyrus and sound of something heavy on the ground as they clawed the snow beneath them, ready to pounce on their opponent.

"We demanded for you to hand over all the guardian angel!" Lyrus's stentorian voice sounded throughout the vast land that covered with snow. "We will give you a day for this!"

"NONSENSE! HAD YOUR DOG BRAIN STOPPED WORKING? DO YOU THINK WE WILL DO AS YOU TOLD?!" Ramez was livid by the crazy demand of the lycan.

"We are not asking, this is an order!" Lyrus said with finality. "Tomorrow we will collect the all the guardian angel from this village!" With that being said, Lyrus turned to his wolf form and howled.

The other Lycanthropes around the area did the same and surprisingly, they had been surrounded by those lycans as they emerged from their hiding place. While there was only around seventy shadow warrior, there were around two hundreds lycanthropes there.

Ramez and the other didn't like this situation as their shadow grew bigger and darker covered the white snow, as if black tapestry outspread the entire land.

However, there was another long howl and the entire lycanthropes stepped back.

Ramez and Lyrus locked their eyes in deadly way, as if they could kill each other only by their gaze.

That was a warning, a clear warning for those shadow warrior that their number alone wouldn't be able to defeat them. They were surrounded and there was no use for them to retaliate.

With that, the short encountered left great pressure and tension in the air.

This confused the shadow warrior, because those lycan had never interfered with their business before, their last week encounter also because of the wizard hunter had ran toward the direction of the lycan's territory and as hot- blooded as they were, they crossed the border and ignited the battle between the two.

However, aside from that, those lycan had never paid attention toward the guardian angel, so why now they wanted all the guardian angel? Why now they interested in the guardian angel?

"That's declaration of a battle!" Ramez stated.