The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 116

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 116 Metanoia 13

What on earth they thought they would give them?!


All the shadow warriors underwent preparation for the impending war. Lyrus's warning wasn't a trifle matter, as he would mean his every word.

Between the preparation, Aeon made time to go back home and checked on Raine's condition.

He remembered that he had locked the armory room and there was nothing she could eat or place for her to lay down inside that room.

He opened the door and walked through the gloomy corridor before he stopped in front of a mahogany door, where he had locked Raine.

He fished out the key from inside his shoes and with clicking sound, he pushed the door open, but before he could step inside the room, he felt a piercing pain stabbed his chest.

As Aeon looked down, he met with Raine's fearful eyes, but there was determination that burnt in them and when he drifted his eyes, he saw that the little girl had stabbed him with the dagger that he had made.

Raine stumbled and trembled upon the thing that she had done, but a moment later, she pushed Aeon aside with all her might.

She gritted her teeth and used her small shoulder to push Aeon, but because of his huge body and many layers of his clothes, he looked bigger as he blocked the entire door, prevented Raine from going anywhere.

After Raine stabbed him, she tried to push him, with all of her strength, yet she didn't budge.

Slowly, Aeon pulled the dagger, without batting an eye, from his chest and tossed it aside, he didn't even flinched when his blood started to smear his clothes and then his thick overcoat.

He stared at Raine, who was slowly stepping back because she couldn't manage to make him moved.

When Raine was about to get a sword Aeon dashed into the room and held her hand, trying to snatch the weapon away from her.

This was dangerous things and she couldn't just play with it.

But, Raine was determined to grab hold of this sword and refused to let it go, she even bit down Aeon's hand and tried to run toward the door when she threw the sword at him.

Unfortunately, she wasn't his opponent and Aeon wasn't in the mood to deal with her.

After Aeon got the sword, he tossed it to the corner of the room. One hand was holding her waist, hoisting up and his another hand caged her hands so she wouldn't snatch anything from there.

Aeon brought Raine upstairs to the room where she occupied last night and tossed her on the bed.

Her body bounced and stumbled before she managed to get her balance and made her attempt to run toward the door.

But, before she could do that, Aeon had closed the door and locked it again.

"Let me out!!! Let me out!" Raine pounded the door with her small fists as she cried. She kicked the door only to end up getting hurt instead.

Raine wailed on the floor because her feet were in pain, the door was like steel! It hurt a lot. She bit down her lips to muffle her scream as her tears started to trickle down her face.

However, not long after that, the door swung opened once again and Aeon was standing there while holding a bowl of food.

Aeon remembered, last night Raine had not yet eaten anything when they arrived at home because she was trying to escape and this morning he had to go to the border because of the matter with those lycanthropes.

And now it was afternoon already, she must have been hungry.

"What happened?" Aeon frowned and put the bowl on the floor, as there was no table inside the room, and approached Raine.

The girl was wailing on the floor while holding her feet, her body scrunched like a shrimp.

"Let me see." Aeon held Raine's hand and tried to see her feet, but she just became stubborn and didn't let him to do it. "Stay still and let me see!" He growled in low voice.

This time, Aeon used slightly forced to keep her still. Raine abruptly sat down when Aeon open her sock and saw her bruises fingers feet.

Aeon's frown deepened, he looked at Raine's face and then the door. "Did you kick the door?" He asked in stern voice.

Raine didn't answer that, but from the evidence before his eyes, Aeon could easily know the truth. She had indeed kicked the door in attempt to runaway.

"Stay here!" He grumbled and walked out the room, this time he didn't lock it. But, Raine also couldn't go anywhere with her aching feet.

Not so long, Aeon returned with white bandage and ointment. He carried Raine to the bed and put her slowly, careful with her feet.

Afterward, he got the ointment and the bandage that he had brought with him.

"Don't move!" He warned her, though he looked very angry, but when he touched Raine's feet, he was very gentle and accommodating, he would stop or caress her feet when Raine whimper the moment he rubbed the ointment on her bruises.

As he was done bandaging her feet, he got the bowl from the floor that he had brought and gave it to Raine.

"Eat, you are not yet eat anything since last night." And Aeon put the bowl on her laps.

Raine looked at the bowl that filled with rice and various meats. "Where are you going?" Raine raised her head and looked at Aeon, who was about to walk out of the room.

"I thought you don't want me to stay?" Aeon raised his eyebrows.

Raine didn't want him to stay, but she wanted to know something, because she couldn't escape from this house and from him.

This morning, that man said there was lycan on their border line, Raine wanted to know that, what happened afterward? Was that lycan Torak? Or people from his pack?

"I want you to stay." Raine mumbled while biting her meat.

Ignoring Raine's request Aeon turned around and left her.

Though she was disappointed, but she didn't mind to be left alone too. She didn't want him to be near her.

However, not so long, Aeon returned with a glass of water in his hand. He held the glass and waited for her to finish her food.

Sometime in between, he would give the glass to Raine for her to drink and then held it again for her.

"I am full." Raine pushed the bowl to Aeon, there was half of the food that she couldn't finish it, because he had brought it too much.

Taking the bowl, Aeon handed the glass to her. He didn't say anything from the start to the beginning.

"Your wound" Raine stared at the stain of blood in front of his robe, where she had stabbed him.

"It will heal soon." Aeon didn't even blame her for that, although the shadow warrior didn't have healing ability as fast as the lycanthropes, but they healing ability relatives fast compared to human, moreover, their endurance for pain was high.

"I am sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, I just want to go out from here." Raine looked down guiltily.

"You can't go from here." Aeon said it succinctly.

Raine didn't say anything for his answer and only played with the glass in her hand.

But, Aeon took it away from her and put it side to side with the bowl on the floor as he stared deeply at Raine.

"You are not like a guardian angel." He stated, he was referring to the guardian angel nature, they were the most calm creatures and wouldn't be so agitated or frustrated, neither they would try to hurt other like what Raine had done.

"Because I am not." Raine blurted out. "I can't be with you." She shook her head. "I don't want to be with you."

"It doesn't mind what you want or what you don't want, the fact is; we are together now." Aeon said in matter- of- fact tone.

Suddenly Aeon had his hand on Raine's neck as he pushed her down on the bed, holding her head so she wouldn't get hurt, while his other hand on her waist.

"What are you doing!? Get off of me!" Raine was panic with his sudden change of attitude, he was being so caring and gentle when he treated her wound, but now he pushed her again like this morning.

Raine even didn't have time to ask him about the meeting with the lycan this morning, that was the only reason she asked him to stay before.

As if Aeon was reading her mind, he spoke above her, but it wasn't something that Raine wanted to hear. "This morning the lycan wants us to give all the guardian angel to them."

Raine's eyes lit up upon hearing that. Was that Torak who had come?

"Why?" Raine only could utter that single question.

"We still don't know, we are still trying to figure out what they want." Aeon said in gloomy voice, those lycan had the upper hand in this matter.

"Was that Torak who came this morning?" Raine asked carefully.

"Torak? Torak Donovan?" Aeon frowned. "Why Torak had to come?" Torak was one of the Donovans brothers, he absolutely wouldn't come for something like this.

He had many great lycan to run their errand. However, if the battle was going to happen tomorrow probably he would make an appearance as they loved to bath with blood.

Tomorrow would be a bloody day.

It wasn't he who came? Or maybe it was Raphael or Calleb?

"Do you know Torak?" Aeon was surprised that Raine even knew about Torak, where she came from and how she ended up in the dessert of no return?

"I know him." Raine said it. "Just let me meet him."