The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 117

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 117 Metanoia 13

"You? Meet him?" Aeon's frown deepened. "What are you going to do by meeting him?" Not to mention to meet the Donovan, even to take a step away from the village the guardian angel would think thrice.

"Let me meet him." Raine said stubbornly. "Because I am his mate."

"NO!" Aeon yelled. He thought that was another trick from Raine to get away from him. "You are not his mate! You are mine!" He forcefully hugged her and buried his head on her neck.

Raine was screaming when he did that and tried to push him away, but of course she couldn't overpower him.

"Mine" Aeon whispered to her ear, didn't even bother with her another attempt to push him away.

The sound of his voice just now, ring the bell in Raine's memory. She had heard that, someone said it in the same way, the same voice as he did

It was that

The man in her dream

The man who had touched her, in her dream

But, what was this exactly? Or, Raine got it wrong? Probably, it wasn't his voice. After all that was just a dream. Yet, to think about this again, ever since all the absurdity that had happened, she believed everything was possible to happen.

Aeon hugged her tightly under his burly body, but careful not to put all of his weight on her as probably it could crush her.

"We have to do it now." Aeon said to her ear as he started to grab the edge of her clothes.

Raine was panic, when she heard that, especially when his hand was on her waist. She screamed, rejected his touch and his advance.

When Aeon turned deaf ears on Raine's rejection, she cried and bit his upper arms. Raine bit him until she felt her teeth came off and her jaw numb.

Seeing her like that, Aeon stopped his advance and patted the back of Raine's head. "I will not do it, stop biting." He said with a sigh.

Raine didn't listen to him as she kept her teeth sunk on his thick clothes, barely touch his skin.

It wasn't the pain that made Aeon stopped, but it was because Raine's extreme rejection. There had never been a case that the guardian angel refused their mate and fought him.

"I will not do it, so stop it." Aeon patted the back of her head.

The bonded was important for him right now since he would be in a battle with the lycan tomorrow, the bonded would make his shadow stronger. That was one the important part of their union.

Raine realized that Aeon had stopped his action and hurriedly shoved him away, this time Aeon let her to do that and released her body.

She attempted to get off of the bed, but her legs were tangled with the blanket and she fell miserably on the floor instead, her face first.

After the crying, Raine was wailing in pain again, her legs hurt, her nose hurt and she was frustrated to get away from this man.

Out of the blue, Aeon was laughing seeing Raine was scrunching her face in pain.

"Silly." He commented and then helped her to entangle the blanket. "Let me see it." Aeon pried Raine's hand from her face and watched her nose turned red, she was adorable to see.

With tears on her wet lashes and flushed rosy cheeks along with her red nose, Raine was simply amusing.

"Stay here, I will get something for your nose." Aeon walked out of the room and went to the kitchen to get something for Raine.

Meanwhile, Raine was sitting on the floor, grimace every time she moved her face or her legs. Why she became so clumsy like this?

Not so long, Aeon came with wet cloth that had been soaked into cold water. He put it across her face to prevent swelling.

After that, Aeon simply leaned his back against the wall behind him and watched the little girl beside her kept the cloth on her face.

"Tell me the reason why you don't want to bond with me?" Aeon asked after the silence that extended between them.

Raine glanced at Aeon, surprised. He talked about something like this so casually. "That activity wasn't something that you could do with stranger." Raine mumbled.

Aeon didn't give reply for that statement, instead, he stood up and walked out from the room. Once again he left Raine alone.


When the night came, Raine was inside the same room, where Aeon had left her, staring at the window.

When Aeon left Raine, he left the house but kept the door lock. Raine had been trying to open it with all the tools available inside the house, in the end it was only wasting her time while the windows were out of options.

All the windows were barred with metals, it almost felt like in jail, regardless Raine had never been there before, but the feeling was almost like when she was still in the hospital.

When Raine was trying to close her eyes, tired with all of her attempt to leave the house, she heard Aeon's voice. Loud and angry.

He shouted and cursed to someone as they approached the house.

"RON I WILL KILL YOU FOR TOUCH HER!" Aeon hollered when Ron was about to walk closed to the house.

"THIS IS ORDER FROM RAMEZ! YOU IDIOT!" Ron was angry as well.

"GET AWAY!" Aeon barked and there was a lot of noises as the sound of someone fell to the ground could be heard.

"DAMN YOU AEON!" Ron spat more curses.

Raine was sitting now, her expression was alert, this was the first time she heard Aeon was mad, even after she stabbed him and rejected him, he didn't raise his voice and still treated her, quite, nice excluded the moment when he pushed her down.

Raine got off from the bed and walked toward the door, opened it slightly so she could hear other voices, who were not as loud as Aeon and Ron.

Apparently Aeon and Ron were fighting over something and except both of them, from the voices that Raine heard, there were other three people who came also as they tried to stop the fight between the two.


"SO TELL ME WHY THOSE LYCANS SUDDENLY CAME AND DEMAND SOMETHING RIDICULOUS LIKE THAT!?" Ron was livid as well. He has his own partner, his guardian angel and now those dogs wanted him to give her away? What nonsense was that?

Many shadow warriors weren't please with this news as well, they had fought those lycans and knew really well to not cross path with them as much as possible.

The last time they fought they have lost miserably, not only that, many shadow warriors were killed at that time.

They couldn't afford to have a fight with them again, but they also couldn't give what they had demanded.

Giving all the guardian angel?! That was equal with them asking their life straight away.

Raine almost jumped from where she was standing when she heard the door slammed open and there were many footsteps climbed up the stairs.

She scuttled away to her bed and was about to hide under the blanket when the door of the bedroom swung opened.

A shadow warrior was there, standing arrogantly, he eyed Raine with hostility as he made a move toward her.

However, before he could reach her, Aeon stormed inside the room followed by four shadow warriors behind him.

He dashed toward Raine as he knocked Ron aside.

"Her legs were hurt, I will bring him to the Elder!" He growled at Ron and the other shadow warriors, warned them to not come closer.

They glared at Aeon when he scooped Raine in his arms. With her injured feet, she wouldn't be able to walk in the thick snow outside.

"Don't fight me." Aeon whispered a warning at Raine when he saw she was about to try to struggle like usual. "They come for you."

Raine looked at the five angry faces before her and wisely chose to follow Aeon's advice. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he hoisted her up. She shivered when Aeon brought her to walk passed Ron.

"What they want?" Raine whispered when they were going down the stairs. She buried her face on Aeon's shoulder, this was the first time she was so obedient.

"They thought you are Torak Donovan's mate." Aeon said as he grabbed extra cloak, which he wrapped around Raine's body, and also a blanket. "Stupid!" He hissed under his breath when they opened the door to the terrace.

But, that was true that she was his mate, however Raine could senses, this wasn't the right time to boast about that.

"Who else did you say about this?" Aeon asked as he stepped on the snow, easily and walked with Raine in his arms.

"Lidya, Lucas and their younger brother." Raine answered truthfully, she was only talking with them since the first day she arrived here, which only three days ago! How many things had happened only in short time.

"Lidya Dorian." Aeon hissed their name as if it was a curse. "When you are there, don't mention anything about Lycan, especially Torak. Understood?" He stared at Raine, seeing if she was listening.

It wasn't a good timing to be stubborn.

Fortunately Raine nodded.

The rest of the walk was silence as no one talked, including the five people behind them.