The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 119

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 119 Metanoia 15

"Do anything for them, but never live on their terms and conditions."

-IG: author_vaibhav_singh-


They were in the vast land that its ground was covered with snow, everything was shimmering under the faint light of the afternoon sun.

However, the atmosphere between the two parties that faced each other was deathly still.

While the Lycanthropes were growling and paced their claws on the snowy ground firmly, because what they saw wasn't something that they had asked before, the shadow warriors were equipped themselves with various weapon, which they thought it would be enough in case they have to face those Lycans.

Black tendrils were growing out from the shadow warrior's form as they were in fully alert about the predicament was going to happen.

"What the meaning of this?!" Lyrus was in his human form to make it easier to communicate with the other party. "We ask for all the guardian angel to be handed over to us!" His voice boomed as his canines elongated dangerously.

"We have never had feud before the even a month ago, which we had admitted our mistakes for trespassing your territory, though we lost many brave warriors on our side, but the things that you ask from us isn't something that we could give to you! If the battle that you want, then the battle that you will get!!!" Ramez roared angrily, if their intention to ask the guardian angel related to the trespassing incident, that was too much, of course they couldn't grant that demand.

Ramez's statement stirred up strong reaction from both parties.

The lycanthropes let out dangerous growl that shook the ground beneath them while the shadow warriors engulfed themselves in their shadow, covered their whole body with the black shadow tendrils in order to protect themselves or to attack their opponent.

Whatever it was, the situation would lean toward the worse cases.

"But!" Ramez had not yet done with his statement as he gestured for someone to bring Raine to him. "If this ridiculous demand is happening because Alpha Torak wants his mate back, I will give her and consider this confrontation never happen in the first place!"

Upon hearing that statement from Ramez, Aeon grabbed Raine's arm and hid her behind his back as he glared angrily at the other shadow warriors, who was following Ramez's order to take Raine away from him. "Ramez! This is not what you have promised me!!!" Aeon barked at his leader.

"SILENT!" Ramez bit back, he looked daggers at Aeon and repeated his order. "Bring her here!"

Raine was staring at the distance from behind Aeon's back, to Lyrus, who was standing in front of hundreds big werewolves that were growling and snarling while lowering their front legs, ready to pounce onto the shadow warriors in front of them.

Even though Lyrus was seemingly the leader of the opposite party, but Raine had never seen him, yet if she thought about this again, except from Raphael and Calleb, she had not yet met all the Lycanthropes from Torak's pack.

Her eyes were still looking for the white lycan around her, probably he was hiding somewhere or her eyes couldn't spot him among this white snow. With no avail.

Raine didn't pay attention toward Aeon's struggle to keep her near him, to push back the other shadow warriors who attempted to take her away.

She was glad to see the pack of Lycanthropes because she knew Torak was nearby, however she couldn't cast aside the feeling of uneasiness that she felt now.

Something was wrong with this whole situation.

Torak always said she was his mate and he wouldn't let anything bad happen on her, but until now, Torak was nowhere to be seen. Instead of coming to save her personally, he sent another lycan to deal with the shadow warriors, moreover, if it was her that Torak was looking for, why he needed all of the guardian angel here?

If it was her who Torak wanted, this battle wouldn't be necessary and he shouldn't have suggested it in the first place.

In this rate, something dreadful was going to happen.

Finally, Aeon couldn't stand any longer as the shadow like tendrils coiled around his wrists and ankles, forced him to concede.

"Lyrus! This is not what you promised me!!!" Aeon wouldn't agree to bring Raine to this place if it wasn't because Lyrus had promised her safety, he told him that they wouldn't give his guardian angel over to those spiteful lycans!

"You will not bring her here if I didn't say that." Ramez openly admitted that he was going back on his words.

One thing for sure about the Shadow Warrior's nature was; they would put their people interest above their personal feeling.

For now, the only way they could get away from this mess was to hand over Raine to them, if what Lidya had said was true, that Raine was one of the Donovan Brothers' mate.

In the other hand, Raine glanced at Aeon, who was being forced to kneel down by the other member of shadow warriors. Her eyes were complicated. She wanted to go to Torak, but Aeon

The shadow warriors managed to muffle Aeon's roar by tying a scarf around his mouth as he kept struggling under the coil of the shadow's tendrils all over his body.

Raine glanced at Aeon one more time before she was guided to stand beside Ramez.

"I will give her to Alpha Torak, but stay away from our village!!!" Ramez's eyes were cold and still as if his expression was carved that way.

However, Lyrus scowled upon hearing that statement. "What nonsense you are spouting!? Mate!? I have never heard Alpha Torak has mate!" He eyed the girl beside Ramez as he assessed her. "Don't you know about the Donovan's curse?! Moreover, why the Alpha is not here to collect her if she is our Luna?" He looked at Raine contemptuously.

Ramez was squinted his eyes and glanced at Raine.

Lidya wouldn't lie about something like this, but Lyrus's words was make senses too.