The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 120

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 120 Metanoia 16

Ramez looked down at Raine, whose height wasn't higher than his shoulder, and asked sternly. "What are you for Alpha Torak?"

Raine glanced at Lyrus one more time before she answered Ramez's question in low voice. "I I am his mate" Her voice was barely a whisper, if it wasn't because both parties have unexceptional hearing ability, no one would be able to hear her.

"Nonsense!" Lyrus scoffed. "A weak creature like guardian angel is our Luna?! How dare you claim that position?!"

Raine was startled and took step back because of the menacing growl that those werewolves produced.

"But. I am his mate" Raine said stubbornly as she stilled her heart and adamant with her statement.

Torak had told her many times about this and his action proved it countless times, so Raine was certain about this. Besides, this was the only way, which Raine was able to think in this unexpected turn of event, for her to be free from this strange place.

Raine thought Torak would be here and, like usual, he would settle everything then brought her away.

However, even though Raine had said that she was Torak's mate, the lycan in front of her was not convinced, this was the first time also for Raine to meet with Lyrus.

"Alpha Torak's mate? Our Luna?!" Lyrus scowled when he heard that. "I don't remember that Alpha Torak has a mate!" He looked at Raine with derision.

The situation was getting out of hand, while Raine stubbornly claimed that she was Torak's mate, Lyrus was saying with the utmost certainty that she wasn't.

Despite her trembling voice and her body said she was afraid of Lyrus and most of the Werewolves in front of her, but the girl stood her ground with her statement.

"ENOUGH!" Lyrus roared, with his words, Raine almost tripped on her own feet and hid behind Ramez's back, she cowered away.

Upon seeing her like that, Aeon became more aggravated and trying to struggle from the shadow tendrils that coiled his body from his fellow shadow warrior.

"Give us all the guardian angel and we will leave this place without harming anyone, otherwise, you don't want to know about what would happen next." That was a warning and Lyrus meant his every word. "Including her." He nodded toward Raine's direction, who was hiding behind Ramez's back.

"There is no harm by asking Alpha Torak if he is not missing his mate!" Ramez's voice was deep and dangerous as he held Lyrus's gaze. "I know how important 'mate' for your kind! Especially for an Alpha!" He suggested, but his confidence slightly waver by how Lyrus didn't even bother to think about this possibility.

Or probably Raine was lying

Ramez glanced at Raine behind his back and watched her lips were trembling with fear, but there was stubbornness in her eyes, should anyone ask about her statement earlier, she would say the same things over and over again.

"I don't need to ask for something like this!" Lyrus showed his canines. "If she is Alpha Torak's mate, so why the Alpha is not here to pick her up?"

"But, you forgot the fact that guardian angel will never lie with their words!" Ramez retorted.

With a nonchalant shrug, Lyrus said in matter of fact tone. "Then, it will be only one explanation." He gave Raine a wolfish smile when the girl peeked from Ramez's back. "The Alpha is too ashamed to have a mate from your kind. A guardian angel" He said the last sentences with mockery laced in his word.

Guardian angel was strong spiritually, however their true nature to be so softhearted was one thing that those Werewolves despised the most.

Ramez's veins were bulging because of the anger that he tried to suppress.

"Ramez, you are just wasting our time by doing this!" The pitch in his voice was getting higher as he became more impatient. "Give us all the guardian angel now!"

The menacing growl from those Werewolves mixed with the wind and filled the white vast land, everyone was on their verge of tension.

"NO!!!" Ramez roared back, he rejected to obey the order, in spite of the fact that those wolves were stronger and outnumbered them, they refused to back down without a fight, they were warrior of shadow, their warrior's blood couldn't settle with the way they treated them. "Don't make a big mistake because of your ignorance. If this girl is really your Alpha's mate, you will doom to make this move on us!"

The agreement between the shadow warriors and the guardian angel had been around for long time.

"Your leader truly wants to ashamed your kind by spouting nonsense like this." Lyrus was squinted his eyes, but a devilish smirk rose on the corner of his lips. "Fine. I will give you what you want."

With that being said, his eyes turned misty.

Raine knew that kind of look because Torak would always be like that when he communicated with the other Lycans and werewolves through mind- link, something that only them that could understand.

She watched as one of the werewolves ran on his four legs toward the other direction and not returned until a few minutes later.

During that period of time, Ramez and his shadow warriors as well as Lyrus with his werewolves, were quiet, yet the tension was still in the air. This was suffocating enough to make one hard to breathe.

"We have the answer that you want!" Lyrus scorned, he paused to see the slightly change on the expression of the shadow warrior. "The Alpha said to kill whoever claims to be his mate! There is no way he will accept a weak creature such as guardian angel as his mate!"

The statement from Lyrus made uproar from both parties. The werewolves made an earth- shattering snarls as their canines elongated.

"Aeon take her away." Ramez said his order in low voice as his expression hardened.

With that remark, the shadow tendrils from Aeon's body loosened.