The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 121

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 121 Metanoia 17

Raine was in disbelief with what she had just heard. Torak wanted to kill her? But why?

Her body froze in shock, even when Aeon reached to her and engulfed her small body in his protective embrace firmly, Raine's mind was still trying to discern the fact that Lyrus had told them.

It was just a few days ago when Torak had risked everything only to be with her and how he wouldn't let anyone or any creature that meant harm to be close to her, but now

He wanted to kill her? Did that even make senses?

"Let's go." Aeon said impassively in her ears when he managed to reach her in blink of an eye once he was released from the shadow tendrils.

In the other hand, the battle between the two parties would occur soon.

While the werewolves scattered around the shadow warriors and attack after attack had taken place in the vicinity, the shadow warriors conjured an image of wide and large shadow covered the whole ground, turned the afternoon into a midnight as those shadows also took those werewolves' eyesight and turned them blind in this darkness.

Raine wasn't an exception as gradually she lost her ability to see, yet she still could feel Aeon's arms around her waist. He carried her away from this chaotic situation.

The only thing that indicated the battle was happening was the thunderous roars from both parties and the eerie sound of cracking bones.

Raine tightened her grips on Aeon's overcoat as he moved very fast, she almost felt like she was flying instead of running.

"Stay here with the other." Aeon said to Raine as he put her down, he could feel the girl's body was trembling, she was afraid and that was reasonable. With that softhearted like guardian angel, who wouldn't?

But, seeing Raine still clutched onto his clothes, slightly surprised him, and made him stayed a bit longer before Aeon cupped Raine's little face and saw her eyes were still shut closed.

"It's alright, I will make sure that you are safe, I swear on my life." Aeon made an oath, bet his own life for the safety of the girl before his eyes, the girl that he barely knew, but he was ready to die for her.

Raine opened her eyes and found Aeon's obsidian eyes were staring at her worriedly and then she looked at around her as she recognized this place.

Aeon had brought her to the Apricity River, the river that never froze even in the winter, Lidya told her about this a few days ago when she explained about how Raine had to be paired with one of the shadow warrior.

However there was something different with this river something happened with this river

"Stay here and if the situation had been under controlled I will come to pick you up and we will go home together, alright?" Aeon looked at Raine right in the eyes, he wanted to make sure that his anxiousness about the situation right outside of the border line, didn't leak from his expression and made Raine became more afraid.

Yet, that wasn't Raine's concern right now.

Her mind was still reeling from the shock of the news that Torak wanted to kill her. She didn't believe that, Torak wouldn't do something like that.

Believing the fact that she was Torak's mate and he would do anything for her, was difficult, but Torak had proven that countless time, he even moved to his enemy's territory for her, but now to believe Torak wanted her to die, was something more absurd after what he had done.

Raine didn't answer Aeon and only stared through his shoulder to the woman behind him, who was fidgeting nervously.

There was a familiar feeling that rose on Raine's when she saw her, the feeling that she used to feel when she was still in the hospital or orphanage.

Because Raine didn't answer him, Aeon followed her line of sight and found Lidya was standing not too far from them. Dorian's guardian angel hung her head very low as she avoided Raine' eyes.

That was a gesture of ashamed and guilty.

She was the one who told the elder about Raine as Torak's mate. However, that wasn't totally her fault, in another way she was only saying the true while Raine also only stated the fact, however in this bizarre situation, seemingly there was nothing in the right place.

"Stay with Lidya for meantime, alright?" Aeon kissed Raine's forehead. "I will be back soon."

Raine was caught out of guard, she didn't see that coming. Aeon had just kissed her on her forehead and she wasn't sure if she was fine with that

He shouldn't have kissed her!

And Raine didn't like if there was someone else do something so intimate like that to her except Torak.

After kissed her forehead, Aeon turned around and ran so fast to return to the border, leaving Raine, who was staring at his back with frowned between her eyebrows.

Raine was standing there until she felt someone touched her hand and Lidya's face appeared within her line of sight.

"Raine let's go to the bunker." Lidya said timidly. She was aware that she had wronged Raine.

First she had forced Raine to accept the union between her and Aeon abruptly, and then she told Dorian and the Elder about what Raine had told her, that she was Torak's mate.

At that time, Lidya only thought about how to save the situation and even thought she knew how it would affect Raine, she still did that anyway.

Raine looked at the hand that touched her and traced it back to Lidya's face with her eyes. "You can show the way." She said quietly as she shook her hand from hers.

"Raine, I know you are angry with me." Lidya grabbed her hand again and tried to make Raine to face her. "But, I meant good."

"If you have done it, it just means that you meant it." Raine swatted her hand away.