The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 122

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 122 Metanoia 18

Lidya was surprised by the attitude that Raine showed to her, she could see the hostility from her eyes. How could a guardian angel has that kind of feeling?

That wasn't their nature.

Raine wasn't a beast or shape shifter, because those kinds were more aggressive and arrogant, she wasn't a witch as well because witches were cunning.

Lidya started to doubt Raine as a guardian angel, her attitude and behavior more inclined to humans rather than a guardian angel.

But, the feeling that she felt from her and how Lucas had explained how he could find her in the dessert of no return, was irrefutable evidence.

"Raine, I just told them what you have told me." Lidya tried to justify her action.

Raine looked at Lidya and saw the remorse in her obsidian eyes. "Yes, I told you that, but wasn't that you who said that I shouldn't say it?" She furrowed her brows. "Fortunately there was nothing major that happened to me, but what if they decided to do more than just lock me inside the dungeon?"

Lidya lowered her head once again and said something meekly. "I am sorry, I was just thinking how to save this village from those lycanthropes and because you were saying that you are Torak's mate, I thought they came for you isn't that what you want?" Lidya raised her head and looked at Raine. " return to your mate."

Yes, that was exactly what Raine wanted, but something was wrong, something was totally going wrong. The fact that Torak wanted to kill her, didn't sit right with her.

He had done everything to make sure that she was safe, even when she was handed over to Serefina, Torak moved to the same city as her, and sent Jack to keep an eye on her.

But, it was different now. In this place, not only Torak wanted to kill her, but he was also wanted to harm the whole village, weighed an unnecessary battle.

What kind of place was this actually?

Raine also wanted to know why Torak's pack wanted to take all of the guardian angels? From what she heard, lycanthropes didn't even bother with their existences, because they despised the weak creatures like them.

But, why they suddenly changed their perspective?

"We need to go from here." Raine didn't say that she had forgiven her, however she had seen many people who were trying to hurt each other, directly or indirectly, to get what they wanted or for something that they thought was the right thing to do, and now Lidya wasn't an exception.

She was only another person who had treated her that way.

But now, Raine didn't want to stay there longer, if those lycanthropes really wanted to kill her and Torak didn't even recognize her, than she couldn't stay and wait to be slaughtered.

Raine had seen how feral Torak could be when he let his beast took over and she didn't want to be the target, no until she got the answer why Torak changed all of sudden.

"Where is the bunker?" Raine asked Lidya, but the corner of her eyes caught the sight of the river. "The river froze." She stated. "But, you said the river will never freeze."

"Yes, it happened since two days ago." Lidya stared at the river as well. "This had never happened before."

When the people from the village knew about this, they began to panic, because their water supply came from this river only. Not to mention this absurdity happened along with the demand from the lycanthropes.

No one knew what happened with the river and had no time to figure this out too.

"We need to go." Lidya grabbed Raine's hand again, but this time Raine let her to lead the way.

Yet, before they could go far, an ear- splitting roar erupted, forced Raine and Lidya to stop their step and closed their ears with both hands.

The roar last for long time and they couldn't pinpoint from which direction its came from. It felt like they were surrounded by hundreds of Lycans as the erupting roar was reverberated and echoed in the air.

Once it stopped, Lidya reached out to hold Raine. "Are you all right?" She asked with concern.

"I am all right" Raine nodded, but her eyes shifted from side to side, as if she was looking for the lycan who had made that clamorous sound, she hoped to see the beautiful white lycan that she knew, but she could find nothing.

"There is fire" Lidya pointed her hand at the direction to Raine's left, her face suddenly turned pale and her fingers trembled.

Raine turned to see the direction where Lidya was pointing and watched in horror when the fire was blazing with black and thick smoke soared high in the sky.

A second ago, the fire was not there and now, it looked like the flame had almost burnt down the entire area.

Looking around at the rest of the village, the same thing also happened in a blink of an eye.

Raine felt like she was watching a television, where she switched the channel and watched fire news channel.

Fire was everywhere, surrounded them

It was a horrible site, the village slightly glowed in a florescent orange border, whilst being attacked viciously by angry flames wiping out the burning houses that made of woods.

Black dust hung in the air and soon invaded Raine and Lidya's lungs as they stayed there.

"This is a witch handcraft" Lidya said, coughing. She covered her mouth with her hand, trying to prevent herself from breathing the smoke.

Raine grabbed Lidya's hand and pulled her back to the river.

But, as soon as she turned around she met with the figure that she knew.

She was wearing a beautiful white overcoat with her short red hair was tied neatly under her nape, the color of her hair was akin to the flame that surrounded them.

"Serefina" Raine said her name dubiously, but the witch had her back faced her, so she didn't realize that she was there.