The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 124

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 124 Metanoia 20

I am there, waiting, watching, keeping to the shadows. But, when you need me, I will step out of the shadows and protect what's mine.



The harsh stream hit Raine hard as the water started to suffocate her, she felt her chest burned in pain because of lack of the oxygen.

The water flooded her lungs and it felt so painful.

Raine couldn't see anything and could hear nothing except the gurgling sound from her throat. She tried to move her arms and legs, but the coiled of the shadow around her body hindered her movement.

Not only that, the shadow dragged her forward to go against the stream of the water, made it hard for Raine to keep her balance.

When Raine's conscious began to slip away, the water started to cease down and her body laid on the ground once again.

"Raine." Aeon called out her name worriedly and cradled her head in his arms. "Are you all right?"

The shadow that wrapped her body slid down and disappeared, by then Raine was coughing hard, her throat was very sore.

Aeon wiped the tears from the corner of Raine's eyes and pulled her closer to him, resting her head on his broad chest.

It was a good thing that she was still alive, he thought he had lost her.

In the other hand, Raine struggled, wanted to get free from his arms, but Aeon held her so tight and she didn't have enough energy to shove him away.

Raine let him to do that for a little bit longer as she listened to his heart that beating fast, the corner of her eyes caught a glimpse of a ground part, which originally was a house, that had been burnt.

The tip of that part was so sharp, Raine could easily stab by accident if it wasn't because of the shadow that engulfed her body earlier made her to move to the other side.

Aeon had protected her again.

However, the catastrophe not yet passed, from the debris of burning buildings Raine and Aeon heard whimpering voices, from the sound of the way they dragged their feet, seemingly they were injured.

That was the sound of the guardian angels, who had been hid in the bunker, but because of the fire they were running out to the open area.

It wasn't a wise decision either because a lot of werewolves had been waiting for them outside, sniffing the air to catch their scent and located their place.

Because Aeon and Raine were surrounding with fire and the water soaked their body, their scent was barely could be smelled.

They stayed there while listening to the screams and cries of those guardian angels, who were being hauled by the werewolves.

If the werewolves were there that only meant one thing; there were no longer shadow warriors that blocked them.

In another way to interpret their situation was; The shadow warriors had met their worst end.

Raine raised her hand to cover her ears, to prevent her from hearing the agony in their voices. In some way Raine could relate their situation with her own experience a few years ago, when those nurses dragged her to the examination room.

Examination room was one of the worst things that Raine had suffered when she was in the hospital, they thought no one would care for her and she was too crazy for someone to believe her words.

Feeling Raine's distressed, Aeon helped her to stand up. "Let's go from here." He said in low voice as his eyes scoured their surroundings, be on the lookout for unwanted situations.

"Lidya" Raine peeked through her damp hair, the fire around them helped her to not shiver in cold water that soaked her clothes and body.

Aeon Looked around him, earlier he returned with Dorian when their defense collapsed, but when they saw Raine was about to approach Serefina, and Aeon prevented her from getting any closer to the witch, that was the last time he saw Dorian and Lidya.

"I don't know where she is, but Dorian will keep her safe." Aeon said impassively and sighed in relief when Raine didn't insist to find the other guardian angel.

Raine was aware about their situation, it would only bring them trouble if she pressed the issue to find Lidya, moreover, she didn't care about her that much either Raine only felt bad about the rest of the guardian angels.

Yet, before Aeon could bring her away from this disaster, a ferocious yowl ruptured the atmosphere, sent chill down to everyone's spine as they heard this.

Even the werewolves whimpered in pain.

That was a sign of Alpha.

Only an Alpha blood could affect those werewolves by only their howl.

"Shit!" Aeon cursed under his breath as his eyes stared in horror toward the thing that was happening behind Raine's back.

From his horrid expression, Raine could tell, whatever he was seeing now wasn't a good news.

Slowly, Raine turned her body and followed Aeon's line of sight.

A few meters away from them, where Serefina was being forced down to the bottom of the river and then gained her power and fought them back until someone conjured the shadow to pierce her heart, was standing on its four legs with fur that as soft and white as snow

The white lycan roared in agony upon seeing the motionless body beneath him.

It was Serefina, bleeding from the open wound on her chest, her fiery red hair covered her face, but Raine could see her skin had turned pale like she was dead, or did she die?

The white lycan nudged softly at her body and licked her face, but there was no response from Serefina. The blood was still gushing out from her chest, smeared the snow under her.

"Raine, we need to go, now!" Aeon hissed in alert when he witnessed the white lycan's eyes turned red, red eyes wasn't a good sign for lycan.

That meant only one thing; there will be another death.