The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 125

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 125 Metanoia 21

The white Lycan?


But, there was something strange with the creature that was licking Serefina's face while whimpering softly.

That creature treated Serefina as if she was someone important to him, as if she was his mate.

But, if the white lycan was Torak, Raine never recalled the moment he was being so intimate with Serefina, neither he cared and treated her with concern.

Yet, when the understanding down on the white lycan, that the woman wouldn't wake up again, no matter how hard he tried, he stopped his effort as his eyes turned bloody red, the same red color with the blood that stained his fur, Serefina's blood.

Even Raine was so scared to approach him, to confirm whether this creature was Torak or not.

She had seen a dreadful scene when Torak lost himself to his beast, but she was sure that wasn't the worst thing that he was capable to do.

He could do more than that.

And from the reaction when he realized Serefina was died, the way his canines elongated and he snarled, the imminent danger would happen soon.

Raine was afraid of that lycan, the feeling was different from the moment when she was with Torak, even when he was in Lycan form. Probably because he didn't recognize her or because the strange concern he showed to Serefina, but Raine felt unfamiliar with this lycan.

Raine let Aeon to lead the way as they intended to leave the river area, to leave this village.

However, before they could walk further, everything happened very fast just like a movie that was being fast forward.

From the corner of Raine's eyes, she caught a glimpse of something white dashed passing her and in a millisecond later, the white lycan had stood in front of them, snarling viciously.

She had not yet recovered from her shock when shadow engulfed her body once again, and she was being shoved away along with a very loud growl.

The animosity in the beast's voice was very vivid, as if they could just die from hearing that.

Raine watched in horror when the white lycan attacked and clawed viciously at Aeon, he snarled and bit every inches of Aeon's body that he could reach. His sharp teeth tore Aeon's flesh in one of his attack attempt.

Aeon yowled in agony when the white lycan sunk his razor teeth onto his right thigh. He conjured a shadow right above the lycan and turned it into the shape of spear.

But, before the shadow spear could pierce the lycan's heart, like what had happened to Serefina, the lycan dodged it swiftly and kicked Aeon's chest with his hind legs instead.

Raine wanted to shout at the white Lycan, which she assumed was Torak, and stopped him.

Yet, she was trapped in the shadow.

Aeon wanted to keep her safe, away from the battle, but when he was badly injured and the white lycan dealt with his body as if it was a rag doll, the shadow that immobilized Raine started to loosen up.

When Raine was freed from the shadow, her legs were to weak to bring her anywhere as she stayed in the same place, watching the horrific scene unfold.

The white lycan roared and snarled at the lifeless body of Aeon, his sharp claws tore his overcoat and took a chunk of his flesh.

When Aeon's head turned at Raine's direction and watched the girl was scared stiff with her obsidian eyes wide opened, he whispered to her, hoped she could read his lips. "Run. Go."

The ferocious beast didn't give Aeon another chance to say another word to Raine as he directed his steel grey claws, which extended from his large white paws, as its sparkled from the rising sun.

Raine was flabbergasted, once that claws down on Aeon, he would be death. With his condition now, he wouldn't be able to receive another blow.

"NO!!!" Raine yelled on the top of her lungs, her voice screeched and laced with despair as her body moved on its own as if it has its own mind.

Raine only felt cold wind scr.a.p.ed her skin, before she could realize what she did, she had crouched down beside Aeon, put herself between the beaten Shadow Warrior and the white beast.

And something mystifying happened.

The wind and fire stilled, the noisy sounds on the background was gone and the white beast stayed in his last position with his paws raised a few centimeters away from Raine's head.

This circ.u.mstance was too absurd to discern as if the time had stopped all of sudden and the world around Raine turned to be very quiet, even the wind froze.

Raine blinked her eyes, staring at the large sharp claws above her head, without knowing that she had been holding her breath.

When her chest tightened because and it felt like burned because of lack of oxygen, Raine found her composure and breathed slowly.

As if the time also breathed along with her, the frozen moment proceeded to live.

However, the time that resumed its flow brought calamity upon Raine, since the attack from the white Lycan meant for Aeon and Raine had interfered unintentionally, that put her on the line of the beast's range attack.

Raine closed her eyes, at this close distance, she had no chance to escape. She braced herself for the impact.

The only thing that crossed her mind was the realization that she would die. She hoped this wouldn't be so painful.

Closing her eyes, she felt the excruciating pain on her head and her conscious began to fade as she welcomed the darkness that engulfed her once again.


Torak was sitting in his leather seat, inside his office while staring at the sun that was about to bloom on the horizon through floor to the ceiling windows.

It was almost the time for Andromalius to come and tell him where was Raine.

Torak knew he shouldn't trust Serefina, not after how she neglected Raine's safety. He would protect her in his own way.

Moreover, he still didn't know the witch's hidden agenda to willingly come and give a helping hand. If it wasn't because the old relationship between his brother and her, also Torak's concern for Serefina's theory about Raine being in his pack, he wouldn't let Serefina separated him from his mate.