The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 126

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 126 Shadow Realm

"Where is she?" Torak asked without turning his seat, he saw Andromalius's figure in the reflection of the glass floor to the ceiling window.

The fallen angel has no scent to smell, just like Belphegor and Lucifer, thus it was a bit harder to detect their presence.

"Torak" Andromalius sighed. "What on earth do you think am I? How can I find the girl within four hours?" He whined.

Andromalius had just been chased away from Lucifer's place and been threatened, only because Torak was looking for him.

Not only that, his faade as human for years also was ruined by Torak.

This time Torak turned his seat as he gazed Andromalius in front of him with his black eyes, his canines slightly elongated due to the anger that he tried to suppress.

Seeing the imminent danger that exuded from the Alpha because of his answer didn't meet with his expectation, Andromalius raised both of his hands, gesturing he surrendered and meant no harm.

Seriously, this city was his territory, so how it turned out to be like this? Both Torak and Lucifer didn't give him any face!

"Torak, I don't even know who the girl is until now because you took her away from my territory without permission months ago! And now you ask me to find the girl that I don't even know how she looks like within four hours?" Andromalius remarked incredulously. "Enlighten me please."

Instead of answered his sarcastic plea, Torak stood up and prowled toward the fallen angel.

"What? I am just talking the truth." Andromalius put down his hand and readied to defend himself if necessary, the moment Torak decided to attack him.

However, he walked past him and only said a curt sentence. "Follow me." With that he opened the door of his office and walked out of the room without checking whether Andromalius would follow him or not.

Of course, he would follow, what choice that he has now?

Andromalius was standing between the beast and the Prince of Darkness, both sides were too difficult to please.

Reluctantly, Andromalius followed the Alpha, though he didn't know where they would go, at the very least he wouldn't have the mind to kill him, right?

He left the office as the sunlight filled the room with mellow blues and yellows blurred together in silver mist, rising from the horizon while the sky remained vivid and powerful.


This was another strange feeling that Raine felt when she moved her body, but this time, she was able to see through the thick darkness as if she has a feline vision.

She was laying on the floor, or, that what was she thought because she didn't know where she was exactly.

Raine grunted and tried to sit down while assessing her surroundings, however, there was nothing around her, not even a wall.

The atmosphere not humid neither cold, but in this spacious space there wasn't a breeze of wind as well.

This place was too big and quiet.

Was this after life?

Raine remember that the white lycan had attacked her and clawed the side of her head. She also recalled a brief bizarre moment when the time stopped.

What was that? And where was she now?

Raine raised her hand and touched her head, she thought she would find dry blood on her hair, but there was nothing there.

Her hair was as smooth as usual.

Raine tried to touch the side of her face, where the lycan had attacked her, but there was nothing. There were no wounds there, afterward she brought her hand in front of her face to scrutinize it, yet there was no blood or dirt on her palm.


Only then she felt someone approached her, the feeling of being staring at.

Raine whipped her head to look behind her only to see the face that she knew.

"Aeon?" Her voice slightly scratchy because of nervousness and dubious. "Aeon is that you?" Raine wanted to approach him, but a little bit afraid with the shadow tendrils around him.

"This is me Raine." Aeon moved closer toward her and the tendrils of shadow around him ceased down, he reached out his hand to help her stand up. "You are safe, we are safe here."

Raine took his hand and used it to balance herself when she stood up, she was a bit tired and her legs were slightly shaking. "Where are we?" Once again, she attempted to find out where they were, but still clueless.

However, since Aeon was there, she felt a bit relax that both of them were safe.

"This is a shadow realm." Aeon explained.

"Shadow realm?" Raine reiterated. What was that again? "You brought us here?" She was at lost, with the whole situation, was this another world again? How she could jump from one dimension to another?

"Not us, it is only you." Aeon said as he led her to walk forward.

Raine abruptly stopped walking and made Aeon turned back to look at her. He saw the girl furrowed her brows as her obsidian eyes were staring at him in confusion.

"I know it is very confusing for you, but you are the one who had brought yourself to the moment where the lycanthropes took away all the guardian angel and slaughtered all shadow warrior." Aeon grabbed Raine's hands and squeezed them gently. "The thing that you just experienced is an event that happened hundreds of years ago."

Raine took her hands from Aeon's grasp as she stepped back. "Hundreds of years ago? How could that possibly happen?"

The word 'confused' wouldn't be able to describe what Raine felt right now.

"I don't know, you are the one who made that happen." Aeon stretched out his arms and pulled Raine closer to him. "Regardless how you did that, I am just grateful that you are fine now, I really don't want you to experience that again."

"Again?" Puzzlement had clouded Raine's mind as she couldn't think straight and let Aeon to hold her like that. "What do you mean with again?"