The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 127

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 127 Shadow Realm 2

All I dream is for our shadows to spend a little more forever together.



"You have experienced that before." Aeon caressed Raine's long, black hair gently as if he had been longing to do that for long time. "I am glad you are here now."

Such statement perplexed Raine further.

"Experience that before?" Raine tried to let the words sunk in her understanding, but was still hard to discern. "Do you mean I am dead?" And here was the afterlife? However, seemed like that wasn't the case

"No, Raine" Aeon shook his head, but the way he talked next filled with doubt. "Because you are here now, that shouldn't be the case."

All this mystery made Raine's mind reeled, she had just accepted the reality that there were other creatures that lived alongside with human and the fact that she was someone's mate, she didn't complain about the last one, actually she was grateful to be Torak's mate.

However, the situation soon escalated into this complicated conundrum.

Raine even didn't know how she should react upon this, she raised her head and stared at Aeon without words, implored for him to talk more about that.

"You had experienced that before, Raine, those events were real." Aeon emphasized his words.

"Are we talking about reincarnation?" In this point, Raine was open with all the possibilities. "I remember the pain when the lycan clawed at me" Her body shuddered involuntary.

"The lycan indeed intended to kill you, I saw he clawed at you right before my very eyes." Aeon's arms around Raine's body tightened. "But, something happened and you just disappeared into thin air."

That was also the last thing that Raine remembered before she lost her consciousness.

Were those parts of the incident related to each other?

"I am the reincarnation of guardian angel?" Even when Raine stated that, it felt unreal for her. Was that possible?

Aeon's face slightly tensed. "I don't know about reincarnation, but I do hear about your resurrection." He corrected his words. "The guardian angel resurrection."


The words didn't settle well with Raine as she realized the question that she should ask. "What happened to those guardian angels?" She asked with voice that barely a whisper.

Seeing Aeon's expression when she asked that, Raine wasn't sure if she wanted to hear the answer.

"They were dead." Aeon said curtly.

There was a thick silence that stretched between them until Raine struggled to get free from Aeon's arms. She needed more space.

"Dead?" That words left a bitter taste in her mouth. "They were killed by" Raine tried to swallow her fear when she talked again. "lycan?"

"Those lycans sapped guardian angel essence without mercy, and yes, they were dead because of that."

Raine took two steps back as if Aeon was saying he would kill her, and not the other way around.

"I don't believe you." Raine gasped in disbelief.

"You don't mean that word, Raine." Aeon took a step closer to her, but Raine was adamant to put distance between them. "You are just in denial. You saw it with your own eyes and experienced it directly how that lycan had tried to kill you."

"You said it yourself that the lycans are too arrogant to use that method to gain power." They despised the guardian angel, so why they did that?

"If you don't believe me, why don't you ask Torak? He and his brothers were the one who initiated the attack of the village of angel." Aeon stopped approaching Raine and stated firmly about that.

It was true that the Donovans was the caused of the downfall of the guardian angel and the shadow warrior.

Raine hugged herself as her body was shivering. There would be explanation for Torak's action for doing that, right?

But, what the reason for him to do that?

"I want to go back." Despite her trembling voice, Raine's eyes showed that she meant her words. "Bring me back to Torak."

She didn't want to hear Aeon's words any longer, she didn't want to question Torak.

He was the first person who approached her without meant any harm on her, she didn't want to doubt him.

"Do you still think of him as your mate, don't you?" Aeon squinted his eyes, disappointment was written all over his face. "I meet you first." There was a sadness in his voice.

For some reason, Aeon, who was standing in front of Raine was more emotional and unstable compared to Aeon that Raine had met in the village of angel.

"Aeon, I don't even know you" Raine became uncomfortable, she looked around her as if she was searching for an escape route.

However, there was nothing escape an endless dark in this strange huge space.

"He is not your mate Raine, you are free to decide." Aeon said. "Just because the moon Goddess bestowed you as his mate, it doesn't mean the mate bond works on you the same way as it affects Torak. You don't feel the same pull as him."

"I don't care about the mate bond!" Raine shouted, she didn't want to hear anyone talked bad about Torak. He wasn't a bad person! "As long as he wants me, that's enough."

Aeon shook his head regretfully. "Of course you care, do you think Torak will keep you by his side if it's not because you are his mate?" He stated the fact. "He would have killed you like what he had done centuries ago."

Aeon's words pointed out the truth and this hit Raine hard.

Raine would stubbornly take Torak's side if she had not yet experienced the cruelty of him in that village, but now

Raine didn't want to admit it

If she wasn't Torak's mate, then what he would do to her? If one day the mate bond between them disappeared would he treated her the same?

"I don't know why and how are you able to go back to the past, but have you ever thought, there might be a reason behind it?" Aeon continued to talk.

"What the reason?" Raine asked skeptically.

"So, you will learn your origin and who you can trust."