The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 128

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 128 On The Verge Of Losing His Temper

I have never been so scared of losing something in my entire life, then again nothing in my life has ever meant as much to me as you do.



"I can trust him." Though Raine said it firmly, but in her heart, there was a doubt that started to grow. Would Torak manipulate her? But, for what?

She had no used for Torak. What did he get from keeping her by his side?

Upon hearing Raine's firm answer, Aeon's eyes cast down. "By time, you will see how much you can trust him and how long you can endure his cruelty."

"He is not cruel." Raine wanted to shout at Aeon to stop talking that way about Torak, but she couldn't, she had witnessed how cruel Torak could be.

And the question remained

How if the mate bond wasn't there? What if suddenly it disappeared?

"Let me go to him, I want be with him." Raine pleaded earnestly. She didn't know what would Torak become one day, but being with Aeon didn't feel right for her.

The look of defeated crossed Aeon's expression as he lowered his head. "I will let you go to see, what kind of monster Torak is."

And with that being said, Aeon took steps back until the shadow consumed his entire body.


Torak dashed at breakneck speed toward the apartment where Raine and Serefina occupied in his lycan form.

Since the fire had been put out, police line was covered almost the entire area and in front of the lobby, there were several polices standing while interrogating the denizen of the apartment about the fire last night.

No one could see him in his lycan form as he climbed the stairs within second to reach Raine's flat.

By now, this was almost twelve hours since Raine had disappeared and Torak was on the verge of going berserk.

Once he stepped inside the room, his bone dislocated and he stood on his hind legs before his human form was standing there and scrutinized the room.

There were more damages inside this room as a result of him went out of control last night. The source of fire was from Serefina, she used the fire magic to protect herself from Torak's wrath.

Not only fire, the evidence of him battled his Beta was also there.

"She disappeared inside this room." Torak said impassively the moment Andromalius appeared from thin air, right beside him.

"Alpha, don't you consider to tell me the identity of this girl that you are looking for? Probably it will help me to find her." Andromalius had tried to ask Lucifer the same question only to be regarded with another mystery because he refused to explain about Raine any further.

It was pain in the ass to be involved with these two crazy creatures!

Torak's dark eyes glared at him, he was too talkative for his own good. "Find her now." His voice was dangerously low, though his expression was devoid from any emotion, but this was a perfect depicted of the words; calm before storm.

Andromalius relented and walked around the room before he stopped at the sofa that was badly charred, he touched it and mumbled something incoherent.

Torak knew what it was. In spite it had been a long time since the last time he heard someone chanted that ancient language.

This brought unpleasant memories to the front of his mind. To the moment where the battle between the Lycanthropes and the devil took place.

He didn't fond of that memories, as much as he wanted to get rid of that, he couldn't help when the pictures of that devastation moments became more vivid.

After Andromalius chanted his charm, he turned around to look at Torak with furrowed between his brows. "What creature exactly this girl?" His question laced with dubious and suspicious. "She is not a human, isn't she?"

"Did you manage to find her location?" Ignoring Andromalius's question, Torak asked the most important thing for him now.

Andromalius was known for his ability to track things or person, that was why Torak turned to him to find Raine.

He didn't trust the witch neither he wanted to hand this matter to another person, including his Beta. He would find his mate at any cost and settled things with Serefina.

"Talk." Torak ordered icily. Andromalius had been asking too many questions for his liking.

"If you in need for help, you shouldn't treat your savior that way Alpha." Andromalius said in mocking tone, his fickle personality would irritate anyone who had to face him. "I am still the one who hold the authority here, because this is my territory."

A moment ago, he was all submissive and showed his respect toward Torak, but a moment later he would challenge the Alpha with attitude, regardless the situation or the person that he was facing.

Torak wasn't in the mood for courtesy and another question, let alone a lecture from him. He needed to find Raine immediately as he felt his beast was clawing on the edge of his consciousness, prowling in his head as it entertained itself with wild imagination of ripping Andromalius's head away from his body.

Holding onto a tiny bit of the remaining of his patient, Torak moved dangerously fast and then has Andromalius's neck in his grasp in blink of an eye in the next second.

Even Andromalius himself was shock by his sudden move. "I know where she is, if you kill me, you will not know where she is." He bargained with his life. "Well, not to mention that you can't kill me."

Andromalius smirked triumphantly at Torak, there was nothing he could do now right? What else Torak would do if he couldn't threaten him with his life?

However, Torak was well aware about this, the fallen angel was immortal creature after all.

Thus, knowing that, Torak squeezed hard Andromalius's neck, he did that with ease, not even a hesitation fleeting from his dark eyes.

Andromalius, who didn't see this coming, stared at Torak in disbelief, his eyes were bulging on their socket as Torak snapped his neck into two.