The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 129

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 129 Raine's Whereabouts

I keep it real because I am not afraid to make enemies.


Torak let Andromalius lifeless body fell on the floor, his eyes were icy cold when he turned around and found Andromalius had been standing a few meters away from him, alive, or at least as alive as the devil could.

His dark eyes stared at Torak with every hatred that he could muster.

Meanwhile, in second, Andromalius lifeless body on the floor that had been killed by Torak disappeared into dust as if there was nothing there in the first place.

"Damn you Lycan!" Andromalius cursed Torak while holding his neck. "I can't die, but doesn't mean I can't feel the pain!"

Despite became an immortal, who couldn't die, but absolutely being killed wasn't a pleasant experience either.

Damn it this lycan!

"I am done with you!" Andromalius scoffed.

He was really upset to be treated like that by Torak, also Lucifer, his fellow devil, in his own territory. It supposed to be him, who called the shot not the other way around.

Screw them all! Just because he has a remarkable tracking ability, didn't mean they could treat him like a sniffer dog!

This was a big mistake, he shouldn't come to meet Torak earlier and he should just ignore him, but that was impossible because

"Once you take another step, I will ruin all of your business and hunt down your minion." Torak didn't raise his voice or he used a threatening tone.

But, he would do exactly what he said for sure.

And Andromalius was aware about this, how crazy this lycan could be once he determined to do something.

As an immortal, Andromalius had been running many dirty businesses that had been rooted for years, one of advantages for having many faade and faces that he could use.

And for Torak to ruin his business?

With his own business empire, The Alpha was more than capable to do that.

As for his minion, it would create a disaster in supernatural realm once Torak mobilized his Lycanthropes and werewolves.

Probably, there would be many creatures disagreed with his decision, to bring calamity in this peaceful era after the great war between Lycanthropes and the devil, but Torak would always find a way to make things happened.

He was a damned creature after all.

Andromalius put down his hand from his neck and glared at the lycan, who was still standing unwavering in the middle of the room, a serpent slicked his scaly body and climbed on Andromalius arm as its red tongue licked the air.

"You sure don't want to make this easy, do you?" Andromalius caressed the head of his black serpent and continued. "Whoever this girl, she will be your downfall one day." There was a warning in his voice.

However, Torak didn't care much about that, Raine would never be his downfall, but if he had to fall, he would bring as many of his enemies as he could with him to ensure Raine's safety.

"You are not a Nostradamus devil." Torak remarked coldly, his eyes flickered with the color of red. He was running out of patient and his beast had been banging his head to take this matter to the worst case.

If he should, he would kill Andromalius thousand times until he spilled any information about Raine's whereabouts.

This was his biggest mistake for letting his mate to be away from him.

"Whoever this girl is, the flow of time around her stopped when she disappeared." Andromalius yielded after he calculated the advantage and disadvantage of offending him, and decided that offending Torak in his current state wasn't a good move. "I don't know when she would appear again though, but one thing for sure, she would appear in the place that has deep memories for her."

Andromalius himself also surprised by this fact, he had never known that was a creature who capable to manipulate the time.

This precious creature piqued his interest as well. Now, Andromalius eagerly wanted to know who was Raine and why the devil and the lycan made a fuss over her.

"I know nothing more except that!" Andromalius raised both of his hands high in the air exaggeratedly under Torak vicious glared, he could literally feel his distrust, while the serpent in his arm hissed. "Geez, you give me nothing about that girl, but now you want me to give you more information? Not to mention that you have blocked all the sources of information about her." Andromalius whined.

Torak casted a long glanced at Andromalius before he fished out his phone from his trousers and dialed a series of familiar numbers, the same number that had been calling him these past three hours.

Someone from the other line picked up the phone in the second ring.

"Alpha." Raphael's anxious voice came from the phone. "Where are you?"

"Send me the address of Raine's house." After some thought, Torak added. "Also, her foster family address and the hospital where she was admitted."

"Right away Alpha, but" Before Raphael could talk another words, Torak had given him another order.

"Send a few people to stand guard there." Torak said in stern voice, he didn't want Raine to visit any of those places because he knew what kind of dreadful things that she had been through there. "Also the orphanage."

With that being said, Torak cut off the line and put back the phone into his pocket, ignoring the incoming call from his Beta.

"I will find you again if this doesn't work." Torak said to Andromalius before he leaned forward and turned into his lycan form with an eerie sound of bones dislocated.

The white Lycan disappeared from Andromalius's sight in a matter of second.

"Shifter." Andromalius caressed the black serpent body while saying in mocking tone. "Filled with their pride and arrogance, I would like to see their downfall. But who the hell is this girl?" Andromalius talked to himself as he looked at around the messy room.