The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 13

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 13 My Love 2

In my heart in my head it's so clear now

On my hand you've got nothin' to fear now

-Unbelievable, by: Craig David-


Torak retracted his hand from her face, the lost of spark made Raine slightly frowned, but he took her hand instead and helped her to stand up.

Even though Raine was still uncomfortable from their proximity, she didn't reject his touch.

Originally, Torak wanted to hug her so badly upon seeing fear still etched on her beautiful eyes, yet he realized that his clothes still soaked from the rain earlier and he didn't want to make her clothes wet.

Her true spirit was a guardian angel, but the body that she occupied was a human form. Thus, she would get sick like any normal human. Torak made a mental note about this.

Raine was wearing a grey sweatshirt that seemed two sizes bigger than her actual size and ripped jeans, her hair was slightly damp as droplets of water traced her delicate face to her neck. He frowned.

"My love, you don't have a hairdryer?" If he let her hair wet in this cold weather, it most likely she would catch a cold.

Raine stared at his hand that was holding hers while shaking her head.

"Sit." Torak made her sat on the edge of the bed as he grabbed the towel from on top of the cabinet.

The small room made it unnecessary to walk around as everything was within his arms' reach. He released her hand and dried her hair with the towel gently.

No one talk during that time, but the silent was so comfortable for both of them.

After there was no more drop of water from her hair, Torak tossed the wet towel carelessly and grabbed her hand again. "Let's go."

He pushed the door and saw Calleb was leaning on the wall across them with his eyes closed. It had been seven years since the first time Calleb was promoted to be his Gamma and Torak couldn't understand how he could fall asleep anywhere.

"We will leave now."

Torak's stern voice woke the sleepy lycan as he rubbed his eyes. "Oh, yes Alpha I have called the driver to fetch us, they must have been waiting for us now."

Torak nodded and led Raine to get out from that damn place, however he felt the tugged on his sleeves. He stopped and looked at Raine who lowered her head as she clutched the edge of his shirt, trying to get his attention.

"Yes, my love?" Torak stopped and gave her his whole attention.

On the side, Calleb's jaw dropped to the ground when he heard the endearment word from his Alpha. He would never have thought that this scary creature could be so sweet toward his mate.

Calleb saw Raine pointed her fingers toward her bedroom and he tilted his head, puzzled, what this little human wanted? Why she didn't talk?

However, surprisingly Torak knew what she wanted to say as he replied. "You don't need to pack anything. We will buy everything you need."

There was nothing worthy there, even this place wasn't worthy for his precious mate. To think about how his mate spent her days in a place like this made his wolf frenzied.

Raine bit her lips and shook her head as she stared at her shoes again.

Gently, Torak held her chin and raised her head to look at him in the eye. "There is something important for you there?"

Raine nodded and Calleb stared at both of them in disbelief.

"Go and get it. I will be here."

Raine gave him a faint smile that didn't go unnoticed by Torak, this small gestured from her made his wolf purred with satisfaction.

Meanwhile Calleb was wondering how his Alpha knew what his mate wanted with only that small gesture?

Mate bond was indeed a magical and amazing thing