The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 130

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 130 Madly Looking For Her

'Cause I don't wanna lose you now

I am looking right at the other half of me

The vacancy that sat in my heart

Is a space that now you hold

-Mirror, by : Justin Timberlake-


Torak arrived at the house where Raine had lived for eight years before the horrible night that took away her parents and turned her as an orphan.

This house has not been occupied for a long time, the roof of the house had collapsed and the weeds have flourished in the yard, while the old house was no more than a shack on its foundation.

Dust and dirt laid over every surface.

The house had been abandoned in great depression with horrendous rumors became part of it. When the land around it had become a dust bowl there had been no point for staying or trying to sell it when the rightful owner was in the asylum.

Torak could assume no one had been living there since Raine's family was killed, probably that was one of the reasons why no one lived there now.

He took steps forward returned into his human form, he didn't know how Raine's condition now, if she was really inside the dilapidated house, but the last thing that he wanted was to scare her, though Raine had seen his Lycan form a few times, just in case

Torak stood in what was once the terrace and closed his eyes, trying to catch the scent that only belong to his mate, but he smelled nothing in the air except the odor of the neglected house.

The door creaked open when he pushed it, once he was inside, a thick coating of dust and mold coated everything, cobwebs were in the every corner of the house.

There was nothing there. Not even a voice that belonged to human.

Raine wasn't there.

In spite of that fact, Torak was still stubbornly looking for every corner of the room, opened its every door and checked every part until he was sure Raine wasn't there.

The last room that he entered was Raine's room. Her childhood room.

On the table beside the small bed, there was a picture of Raine, which was still clearly visible, in one of the frames.

Torak took out the photo and cleaned the dust from its surface, so he could see his mate's face in her seven or eight years old.

Raine was an adorable little girl with long black hair that tied up atop her head. In the picture, she laughed happily, the kind of laugh that Torak had never seen before.

He stroke Raine's face in the picture softly as if he was caressing Raine.

Where are you, my love?

His inner beast let out a low, feeble sound as the pain of losing his mate spread through his veins, clutching his heart tightly, the kind of uncomfortable pain that he had never experienced before.

Torak put the photo inside his pocket carefully as he felt someone was approaching him, he didn't turn alert as he recognized the scent.

It was Jack, the Lycan, who should protect Raine and kept his eyes on Serefina, but failed in both missions. He shouldn't be here and led the werewolves to watch this place.

"Alpha." Jack called out to Torak with voice that filled with fear and guilt, he deserved to feel that after what he had happened.

Jack walked closer with his head hung low. The memory of how Torak almost ended his life flashed before his eyes once again, but stubbornly he didn't back away.

"Pay close attention here." Torak said with impassive voice and face that devoid from any emotions. He could punish Jack later, but his mate couldn't wait, no, he was the one who couldn't wait to find her.

After saying that, Torak walked away from inside the room, leaving Jack to breath with relief.


The second place that Torak visited was the hospital where Raine was admitted for three years when she was only thirteen years old.

This time Calleb was there and Torak also could smell the faint scent of Raphael in the air.

"Alpha." Calleb approached him, from his tired and worry expression it was evidence that the Gamma had been looking for him this entire night and noon. "Raphael is inside to take care of the permission, so we could search the entire building." The Gamma hastily explained.

"Permission?" Torak was squinted his eyes dangerously, in this kind of situation, he didn't need permission.

In his current state, Torak wouldn't wait for those insignificant people to give him permission and slowed him down.

Torak didn't stop to listen to Calleb next words as he strode toward the entrance and pushed open the glass door.

His senses only focused on one thing, any sign of his mate, whether it was her scent, voice or anything that indicated she was there.

A nurse in his light blue uniform approached Torak with perplexed expression.

"Sir, if you want to visit someone, please heading toward the receptionist area. This place is restricted only for staff." The female nurse tried to catch up with Torak long strides, she was half running when she grabbed Torak's hand. "Sir, you are not allowed here." She said sternly this time.

"Miss, we have asked permission to search the entire building." Calleb tried to save the nurse from Torak's wrath.

The situation would turn ugly and hardly could control, once Torak lost his patience and hurt the female nurse.

They didn't need an open murder scene here.

However, the nurse didn't know about that nor she followed the recent news about Torak Donovan, who had just invested a huge sum of money to run his business in this city. All she knew was; she felt responsible for her duty. "I have not heard about that yet." She looked Calleb, but still pestering Torak. "Please stay here until I confirm that." The nurse tried to talk to Torak once again.

"Alpha." Calleb reached out his hand and grabbed Torak's hand, trying to make him stay. Raphael was working on this.

They could just barge in, but there were rules that they had to follow, especially when they had to face human.

But, there was nothing could stop Torak now. Not even the consequences that he had to bear, if the worst case should happen.

Torak swatted Calleb's hand from his, even before he could touch him, and kept walking, pushed open the door, which hung the sign that aside from the staff, this part of the hospital was forbidden to enter, and disappeared behind the white door.

The nurse's eyes bulged largely as she shouted. "Sir, you can't go there!"

Her voice alarmed the security guards nearby as the two of them rushed toward the scene, just in time when the nurse hastily pushed open the door to catch up with Torak, but then she stood still, stunned.

The nurse blinked her eyes a couple of time to clear her vision, because the fact was; no one was there.

This part of the hospital was a hallway with only a few locked rooms on both sides and the keys were held by senior staff there, and also it was too far and long for Torak to reach the other door in matter of second.

"Where is he?!" The nurse screeched in shock. "Where is he?!" She turned her head to look at Calleb.

"What happened here?" One of the security guards looked at the nurse and Calleb questioningly, before he warned the man in suite. "Sir, you are not allowed here."

Calleb didn't heed his warning, as he was standing right behind the nurse, his tall figure could easily looked past her head to the hallway and stared at the corridor.

"I don't know miss." Calleb shrugged his shoulder while looking at the white lycan that had just reached the other side of the door when he was talking to the nurse. "I am right behind you." He said in matter of fact tone.

"Impossible." The nurse shook her head in disbelief as she looked back to the empty corridor. "He was there a second ago! He just opened the door and I came right after him!" The pitch of her voice was raising histericaly.

"Someone went inside?" The two security guards hastily walked past the nurse and checked. "Where is he?"

However, their face turned pale, especially the nurse, when they turned her head and Calleb had disappeared as well.