The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 131

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 131 She Was There In Her Unpleasant Memories

It was instinctive, the way I fell for you. Like an effortless intake of breath.

-Josh Walker-


Calleb turned into his lycan form when no one from the three of the people in front of him paid attention to him.

He dashed to follow Torak while informing Raphael about what had just happened.

The Gamma could feel the frustration from the Beta through the mind link, apparently he was in the middle of something with one of the hospital board of directors, in about two minutes, Raphael would gain the permission, so they could search the entire building legally.

However their Alpha wouldn't wait for that two minute of time, he just did things on his own. Nonetheless, both of them should be grateful enough that Torak didn't make things harder for them by letting his beast took control.

[Follow him.] Raphael gave Calleb an order. [Make sure he doesn't make a careless move, we are surrounded by people now.] He warned him as he looked at the man in front of him.

The man was the board director of the hospital, currently he was making a phone call to his staff to grant Raphael's demand, aside he didn't know why Torak Donovan's right hand man was requesting for this, but to be in good side of Torak Donovan would benefit him either way.

[I am on it.] Calleb replied as he sniffed the air, looking for the scent of Torak with his nose. The Alpha was too fast for him, he couldn't catch up with him on time.

[I will be on my way there.] Raphael ended the mind link with Calleb and turned his attention toward the man that had put down the phone.

"Please over here Mr. Lockwood, I will be very glad to show you around this hospital." The man opened the door and held it for Raphael. "Though I am not sure there is something interesting in this place."

"You will not know." Raphael answered him humbly.


Torak dashed past the room after room to look for any sign of Raine.

As he was there, he witnessed how some of the people treated the patient unfairly and in inhuman way.

Most of the patients who received that kind of treatment were those people who lived at the backside in the south wing of the hospital. It was an abandoned place with dirty cell for each patient, where the patients, who had neglected by their family, stayed.

Not only they were not treated well, but they also were not given a proper clothes and foods. Inside the cold cell, they only relied on themselves to warm their body.

Some of the patient would stay at the corner of the cell and some of them would shout and scream maniacally.

The nurses didn't help, but made their condition became worse by torturing them. Just like what the man had done toward Raine in the video that he watched months ago, when Raine was still in his pack.

But, the most horrible truth for Torak was; two years ago, Raine was one of them.

This fact didn't settle well with Torak as he let out a low dangerous growl, he really wanted to bite off the head of the nurse who had tortured his mate.

He would do that once he found him!

Torak circled that place twice until Calleb arrived, the big grey wolf stayed a bit far away from his Alpha as he could sense the foul mood from him.

Calleb wouldn't confront Torak and act like super hero like Raphael had done when he saved the witch, Serefina, that night, only to stop the Alpha.

He didn't have the ability and was two ranks lower than the Alpha. However, even if he was an Alpha as well, Torak was still the supreme Alpha.

There was no way to make Torak to listen to Calleb, hence the Gamma only tailed him without making any noise.

[Raph, when you will get here? The Alpha is very scary.] Calleb shuddered lightly when he looked at Torak's red eyes. [I think his beast takes control now.]

[I will be there in a second.] Raphael said hastily.

Only now, Calleb realized that Torak's eyes had turned into bloody red, the beast had been released and now they could only hope Raine would be found soon.

When Raphael was tailing the white lycan, suddenly he stopped and raised his snout, smelling something in the air.

The grey wolf also did the same, he needed longer time to distinguish the scent.

The only scent that could make Torak's inner demon was at peace.

The only scent that belonged to her


A second ago, Raine was staring at Aeon that his entire body was engulfed with his own shadow as if the darkness consumed him.

She just wanted to reach out her hand to pull Aeon back, when she felt a sudden pulled from behind her back and out of the blue a blinding light covered her vision as the floor beneath her feet suddenly disappeared.

Raine tried to grab anything that she could reach, but there was nothing except an empty air around her.

She closed her eyes tightly, prepared herself for the impact, until she felt something solid under her and the feeling of falling stopped.

Raine's breath was short and shallow as she tried to open her eyes carefully, she hoped she wasn't stranded in different era again.

The dim light from the lamp above her greeted her eyes, welcoming her vision to observe the room.

This place was very familiar with her.

She knew this place like the back of her hand, because this place would often appear in her nightmare.

The place that she didn't want to visit even in her dream

And there, not far from her, that man was standing in front of a girl in white gown, smoking his cigarettes.

Later on, when he has done, he would approach the girl and extinguished the cigarettes on the girl's arm, the same way like he always did toward Raine years ago.