The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 132

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 132 A Beautiful White Lycan

Oh the past it haunted me

Oh the past it wanted me dead

Oh the past it tormented me

Oh the past is hunting me

-I am still here, by: SIA-


Raine cowered upon seeing the man's back, he did exactly the same thing like he had done toward Raine years ago, with an eerie chuckle while he burned the girl's arm with the remaining cigarette between his fingers.

The man and the girl still didn't realize about Raine's presence there.

While the man has his back was facing Raine, the girl curled her body into a ball and put her head between her knees in fear.

Seeing this scene was almost like watching a movie about herself, evoke Raine's deepest fear.

Was she travelling back to the day when she was still in the hospital? Would she have to experience that again one more time? How long it would take until she could meet Torak in that faithful night?

Raine was shivering in fear, she didn't think that she could go through that again.

She didn't want to experience it again

Without Raine realized it, her fear turned into a soft sniffle that drew the man's attention. Raine almost screamed on the top of her lungs if it wasn't because she suddenly lost her voice due to her panic.

"Who is there!?" the man turned around and finally found Raine's figure, crouching down on the floor, hugging her own body while trying to stop it from shivering. "You?!" He was squinted his eyes dangerously.

Raine's senses of survive, made her backed away until her back hit the wall behind her.

"You look familiar" The man mumbled as he stood up and approached Raine. "I think I know you" He walked closer toward her and crouched down right before her eyes.

Raine was hyperventilating when that man touched her head and tidied her hair to have a better look on her face.

"You are Raine, right?" That man recognized her, after all she was his favorite when she was there. Couldn't talk and always be a good girl. "Yes, you are Raine" He smirked deviously.

He looked at the door, but it was still locked, then he looked around him, but no one there. "How can you get inside?" He asked Raine in dreamy voice while he twirled her hair between his fingers. "I remember you have been discharged for almost one and half year now"

The man pinched Raine's chin and raised her head, he was excited when he saw the familiar fear in those eyes.

"Why are you here now girl?" He snickered.

That man didn't change much since the last time Raine met him, it was like a miracle when Raine was no longer under his supervision and moved to a normal room, which later on she was placed in the orphanage.

Aside from her trauma and fear, Raine realized one thing from the way he talked.

One and half year was the right time.

She didn't travel back to the time when she was in the hospital, but she was simply being there after she met Aeon.

Raine couldn't figure out why she was there instead of somewhere else, but there was a ray of hope for her to be able to escape.

She just needed to go out of this room, this hospital and found Torak. It should be easy to find him, right? He was the hottest topic in town recently.

Thus, when she realized her chance to escape from him, Raine grabbed the man hand, which holding her chin, and bit him.

She didn't hold back when she did that, no matter how loud that man screamed in agony she didn't want to release him yet.

Only when she felt sharp pain on the back of her head, as a result of him was hitting her, Raine released him and crawled toward the door, trying to get out from that room.

The man roared in pain, seeing Raine, who was trying to unlock the door, he pounced on her and grabbed her hair, yanked her back.

Raine's small body flew a few meters away and hit the cabinet behind her as she felt another acute pain in her elbow, yet it didn't stop her when her fingers touched a metal plate that usually used for patient to eat.

Raine grabbed it and whack him with that, real hard, until he stumbled back and fell on his back, she didn't stop there, she hurled the metal plates toward his head, made sure it hit the target and hastily back to the locked door and tried to open it again.

Once the door opened, she dashed out of the room and ran in long corridor that she had been familiar with.

It almost felt like she was running away from her nightmare.

The long corridor, the room, the smell that she didn't want to remember again, were coming back and hunted her one more time.

Raine could feel her breath became shallow and her legs grew weak, but she pushed herself to run faster.

Yet, her speed gradually decreasing as she felt that man had regained his composure and chased after her.

Once he managed to grab a hold of her, he wouldn't let her go easily after what she had done.

Raine was trying to move even faster, but that angry man was able to catch up with Raine before she could reach the other door.

He yanked her hair harshly and sent her straight to the floor with face hit the solid ground hard, Raine could feel her lips started to bleed.

"How dare you, crazy girl, did that to me!" That man furious. "Since you are here, I will make sure you will not get out ever again!" He shouted at Raine and kicked her stomach as all he could see was red.

He was the chief nurse in this ward, so all the patients there was under his observation, thus he would give Raine what she deserved for what she had done.

Raine tried to cover her face and protected her body from his brutal kicks, when she heard a sudden roar that could shake the entire building.

And there, Raine saw a beautiful white Lycan with his red eyes, moved at breakneck speed toward her attacker.