The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 133

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 133 A Single Hug To Appease The Beast

I hope

It's always your arms, I fall into

Whenever I fall down in my life



The white Lycan flashed before Raine's eyes and suddenly everything turned blurry when he bit down the man's shoulder, digging the flesh of that man with his long and sharp canines akin to razor blade. Along with that, the Lycan turned its body until all Raine could see was the back of the white Lycan, preventing her from witnessing the unsightly scene that would happen.

Raine was still lying on the floor, hugging herself for protection, but this time she stayed still and looked straight.

In Raine's current position, the scope of her vision was limited since all she could see was only the white fur of the Lycan, but she could sigh in gratefulness, because she wouldn't dare to see by herself directly what Torak was doing toward that man.

The sound of that man yelp and squeal in agony was enough for Raine to understand what kind of tortures that Torak was giving him or, what kind of end that he was suffering.

Yet, that dramatic voices ceased down within three seconds and only left the sound of the Lycan's grunt.

Things took it turned really fast, in another second, Raine could feel pressure under her arms only to realize that Calleb had been pulling her away from the white Lycan to the safety spot.

Based on the last time Raine's reaction when she witnessed The Alpha's brutalism, the result wasn't really good.

[Raph! You better get here now! Things became ugly here!] Calleb mind- linked the Beta as he scrunched his nose because of the thick metallic smell in the air, there was a lot of blood there. [Oh! And we found Luna!] He hastily added as he cupped Raine's face to avert her sight from the beast.

Calleb was afraid Raine would catch a glimpse of how bad that man became and turned hysterical, if that happened, he would be in great trouble.

"Don't look." Calleb kept Raine's eyes to look only him, preventing the worse case of Raine's mental breakdown. He knew his Luna has psychological issues and he just didn't want to make it worse. Moreover, the Alpha wouldn't appreciate that.

Calleb frowned when he held Raine's small face. Only now that he realized that her face was so soft and she looked so breakable, very delicate until he could feel like he was going to hurt her if he added more pressure.

How Torak could stand someone so fragile like this by his side? Wasn't the Alpha hate everything that looked so weak?

A mate really could change someone personality drastically

At least, Torak had changed a lot for his mate, only Raine who was treated differently.

Raine's obsidian eyes were brimming with tears and when she opened her mouth to speak, her voice was so small until its barely like a whisper. "Torak"

"Yes, that is Torak." Calleb nodded, glanced at the white Lycan behind Raine that seemingly had done with the homicide. "But" He hesitated to explain the situation. "The Alpha is really angry with the man that hurt you, thus he made him pay for what he had done but, he definitely will not hurt you."

Calleb reassured her, but he didn't know if he had put the word in correct way, because he didn't good with words.

Suddenly, a loud snarl not only shook Raine, but also Calleb.

"Alpha, I mean no harm" Calleb drew back his hands from Raine's face as he raised them high in the air as a surrender gesture, he started to back away. "Alpha calm down Luna is fine"

Raine could feel the big creature walked closer, approaching her from behind as its warm breath brushed against her neck and blew her hair.

Slowly and determinedly, Raine turned her head, carefully to not look the bloody scene behind the white lycan

Her entire body shuddered due to fear and the complicated emotions that she had been holding back.

Torak killed people again

He killed someone again

Aeon's words were true that he wouldn't stop spilling blood

Raine stared at the Lycan's bloodshot eyes.

The beast took over again

But then, Torak's gentle voice echoed in her head that said; even his beast wouldn't be able to bear to hurt his mate.

Thus, with shaking hands, Raine reached out to him. She clenched her teeth and stilled her heart as she mustered her courage.

Wrapping her arms around the white Lycan's neck slowly, inch by inch, she came closer to him.

The white Lycan didn't move, his eyes followed Raine's every move, as if he was waiting what this small girl would do next. He even slightly bent his body for Raine, so she could reach him easily.

Once Raine got an assurance that the Lycan wouldn't hurt her or suddenly became aggressive, she rested her head in his warm and soft fur.

Tears slipped from her closed eyes as she tightened her arms in content.

"I want to go home" Raine whimpered and sniffled, she had gone through unpleasant things and now she felt exceptionally exhausted. She just wanted to cuddle with Torak like they always did, to feel safe beside him.

Under Raine's embrace, the soft fur on the Lycan dissipated, and as the sound of the dislocated bone was heard, the Lycan morphed into his human form.

Sturdy arms held Raine's figure firmly as he caressed her back. "Yes, let's go home" Torak sighed in relief when the scent of the sweet ground after rain invaded his senses. The only scent that could appease his beast

His mate had returned to his arms now, he would never let her go again or away from him

In the other side, Calleb watched in shock how easy for Raine to calm the outraged Alpha that had lost his temper, by only a simple hug.

[Raph.] Calleb mind linked Raphael while looking at Torak, who was carrying Raine away in his arms, stepped out from the scene there. [You will not believe this Luna has just tamed the angry beast by a single hug!] He said in amazed.