The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 134

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 134 He Stays With Her

With you, the other name for love is peace.

-Amna Dhanani-


There was no response from Raphael for awhile before finally his tired and relief voice was heard. [Where are they now?]

[I think they head back home. I have informed the other to fetch them at the entrance.] Calleb said.

[Cal, I need you to stay here, I will go with them.] Raphael ordered.

Upon hearing that, Calleb abruptly rejected it. [No, wait! The Alpha had just killed a guy here! When someone walk through this corridor, the situation would become messy.] He whined.

Calleb really didn't like to deal with this kind of thing. Usually Raphael would take over for something like this.

[Clean up and don't forget the CCTV.] Ignoring Calleb's complaint, Raphael kept giving instructions to the Gamma.

With the mention of that, Calleb raised his head and looked straight to the two monitors that were hanging above his head.

Great! Another unpleasant job for Calleb!

Calleb inner self grumbled, but when he watched that man horrid body, and be reminded about what he had done toward Raine and the other girls there was no slightly pity in his eyes.

That man deserved it! He would do the same if someone was hurting his mate.


Once Raine felt Torak's presence, she knew that she was safe with him.

Torak carried her along the way to the car and said soothing words in her ears as if the dreadful things that had happened in the village of angel was only a dream, one of her hideous dreams.

Raine was exhausted, mentally and physically, to catch up with the contents of the conversation between Torak and Raphael inside the car.

As the cold droplets of the rain hit the roof of the car and the warm blanket that wrapped around her body felt so comfortable, also the feeling of Torak been close to her, Raine ended up dozing off and then fell asleep.

"No need to go to the hospital. Call the doctor to come to the house." Torak ordered Raphael in low voice as he absentmindedly ran his fingers on Raine's bruised forehead.

Raphael immediately raised his phone and made a phone call to someone, while waiting to the call go through, he glanced at Torak through the rearview mirror.

The only thing that matter in the Alpha's eyes right at this moment was only his mate, Torak's way of looking at Raine, reminded Raphael of a man who was lost in the desert and had just found an oasis.

Raphael couldn't imagine what Torak would have done, had Raine not been found at this time.

Meanwhile, the mystery was still remained about what had happened to Raine while she disappeared and where she had gone?

However, that question could be saved for later.

Torak wrapped his arms protectively around Raine's body, kept her position comfortable for her to sleep.


As if welcoming Raine, the rain kept pouring down since this afternoon until this late night, with steady drumming on the windows that conjured blurry pattern on its surface and its serenade on the roof, made the atmosphere inside the room relax.

However, it didn't give any effect on Torak as he sat beside the splendid bed where Raine was fast asleep with IV drip on her right hands.

The doctor had said, aside from her external injuries and suffered a little bit dehydration, her overall condition was fine.

She just needed to rest for three days and then she would be fine again.

Yet, Torak couldn't take the doctor words as it was, because Raine's pale face and bruised body right now didn't seem fine in his eyes.

Only after he asked Raphael to call two more different doctors and both of them said the same things, Torak stopped and quietly stayed beside Raine, holding her hand and watching the way she breathes.

There was an unreasonable fear in him, which echoed repeatedly in his head that Raine could stop breathing in any moment, after all she was a mortal.

Unexpectedly that single thought scared him to the bone. The feeling appeared incongruous for him, as he had never felt something like this before.

There was not a single thing in this entire world that could scare him, yet here he was, worrying if Raine would suddenly disappear or wouldn't wake up again.

Torak didn't want to wake her up, but Raine had not yet moved ever since she fell asleep inside the car.

He caressed her face and smoothed her long hair. "Be well please I miss you my love." Torak whispered, pleading, thing that he had never done.

Suddenly, a soft knock came from the door.

"Come in." Torak grunted, didn't like his moment being disturbed. Yet, when the scent of the person, who walked inside the room, was smelled by him, he whipped his head and glare.

Serefina walked in with light steps, her face was bare as if she had been through a rough day, though Torak had not yet punished her for her incapability to keep Raine saved.

"Let me see her." Serefina was aware by the hostility that Torak threw on her through his dark eyes, but she acted as if nothing happened.

Torak didn't answer her request, he just resumed to stare at Raine again, as if Serefina wasn't there. This could be counted as a compromise gesture from Torak.

Because instead of bit her head off, he just simply ignored the witch.

Actually, Torak didn't want to see Serefina anymore, however the case was; there was no one, who had more knowledge about Raine's unusual condition and helped her, aside from Serefina.

Thus, swallowing his anger and let his chest burning with hatred, he let Serefina to come closer to Raine once again.

Serefina took this time to come and face Torak because she knew the Alpha would be less ruthless near his mate, which was true, it would save herself as well.

"You had just killed a human." Serefina stated when she sat on the other edge of the bed. She heard this from the other lycan in this house as Calleb was asking for Bellinda to come to modify some people memories about the murder.

Torak didn't answer that, he didn't want to engage in conversation about anything with Serefina at the moment, especially with that topic.

But, like usual, Serefina didn't heed that gesture and only did the thing that she thought was right.

"You know the consequences of killing human will be dire." She continued while holding Raine's hand, from both of their hand that intertwined with each other there was a faint glow of blue light. "You shouldn't do that."

"I don't care about the consequences." Torak replied coldly without averting his eyes from Raine. "Anyone who harm what is mine will end up that way."

"Of course, you have to care, once the consequences take toll on you and your enemies heard that you are weakened, they would come after you and Raine." There was a warning in the way Serefina talked about this.

"Leave after you finished." Torak ended the conversation.

Only Raine's condition that was in his mind, thus if Serefina wanted to talk about the other things, she could just leave.