The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 135

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 135 Tell The Truth Spread The Fact

"What you got from following the Lycan back to the burning apartment?" Lucifer asked Andromalius.

Both of them were standing on the of one of the highest building in the city. Above them, the sky had turned darker and the light from the moon was covered by the gloomy clouds that hung low, gave the night an eerie vibe.

The wind that howling reminded of the danger that lurking from the shadow.

"That girl is not a mere human." Andromalius answered him absentmindedly as he caressed the head of his black serpent.

"She is not." Lucifer admitted. "Tell me exactly what she is?" He wanted to know if Andromalius could figure out what Raine was.

Andromalius tilted his head and scoffed. "You don't even know what she is I wonder if pride had no longer become your sin." He totally got it wrong.

Lucifer smirked, a devious smirk that depicted how cunning his mind, appeared. "Do you really consider that pride to be my only sin?" He walked closer toward Andromalius. "I can just r.a.p.e any woman that I want, but they will always call me 'Pride'."

Andromalius looked at Lucifer in alert when the distance between them was getting closer.

"You need to broaden your horizon my fellow devil." Lucifer patted Andromalius shoulder. "Now, tell me what she is."

Swatted Lucifer's hand from his shoulder, Andromalius took two steps away from him, didn't like the proximity.

"I don't know exactly what she is, but there is a creature that feel similar like her long, very long time ago." Andromalius murmured when he recalled the old memories. "But that creature should be extinct now."

"Creature, huh?" Lucifer looked at Andromalius through his yellow eyes, be interested. "Continue."

"Guardian angel." Andromalius stated. "The feeling is almost the same like them, only" He hung his sentences.

"Only?" Lucifer raised his eyebrows questioningly, feigning his curiosity. Without a doubt, he knew what Raine was.

"She is from different kind, and also there is this prophecy" The serpent in Andromalius's arm climbed to his neck and coiled its scaly body around him.

"What prophecy?" Lucifer prodded. He leaned his tall body to the wall behind him while looking at the moon that covered by the clouds with his devilish eyes.

Selene, the moon Goddess

Watch and see what the devil would do this time

"I heard about this somewhere, a long time ago from subtle whispers" Andromalius contemplated. "There will be time when the guardian angel will come back to this realm and darkness will be glorious again."

Andromalius ended his statement with confusion look on his face. He didn't really sure with that prophecy, it sounded more like a rubbish talk for him.

The war had left much damages on both sides, especially the defeated one, moreover, how could creature that was extinct centuries ago reappeared again?

"Don't tell me that you really think the prophecy is true and that girl with the Lycan is the real guardian angel." Andromalius eyed Lucifer with apathy.

Received that kind of look, Lucifer chuckled with delight. "I should add your information my fellow devil." He beamed with vicious smile on his lips when he said. "The guardian angel is also the Alpha's mate."

There was silence that cascading down between the two of them after Lucifer said that, yet a moment later, Andromalius let out a dry laugh.

"Are you insane? The Donovan have mate?" He laughed with his own questions, that sounded so ridiculous for him, but then he stopped when he realized Lucifer didn't laugh along with him. "Are you serious?"

"Did I laugh with you?" Lucifer raised his eyebrows and looked at Andromalius as if he was a fool.

"But, that was impossible" His words stopped midsentence when he recalled how Torak had treated Raine and how important this girl for him, it was almost like he could froze the hell only to look after her. "Maybe because he knows the girl is guardian angel, that's why he became over protective" He opted another option.

"Don't fool yourself, I don't have time to play dumb with you. You had seen it. You must be very stupid if you don't realize the differences." Lucifer scoffed upon his denials.

Andromalius hated it when other creatures named him, but this was Lucifer and he couldn't complain for that. "Let's say your theory is right, what will you do?"

"My theory? This is not theory Andromalius, this is the fact." Lucifer corrected him. "What will I do? I want you, for the first time, do something right."

Andromalius frowned, the way Lucifer said it, it didn't feel this would be anything but right.

"Tell the truth, spread the fact." Lucifer's voice was so light like a feather as if he was talking about a salvation. "Every creature should know the fact that Torak Donavan is having a mate now. It would be fun to watch how happy those wretch creatures would be about this news."


In another part of the city where a huge grey house was located, atop of the hill of the most elite residence in the Fulbright city, the securities around the house was unexceptionally tight.

Because Raine's condition required for her to not surrounded by a lot of Lycanthropes, Torak hired many elite guards to be put around the house, though they were well- trained people, but they wouldn't stand longer than a minute the moment they faced supernatural creatures.

But, knowing the consequences of the side effects of killing human, would at least make them held themselves back a little bit.

Not only that, Torak had thrown a large sum of money to purchase the fancy houses around his to be occupied by his warriors, just in case something happened, they would be around for back up, but didn't close enough to affect Raine's health.

The incredible truth about it was; one house in this area would cost a good fortune, not to mention Torak bought more than a dozen of them.

All the thing that he did was to ensure the safety of his mate.

Yet, now two days had passed and Raine still had not yet woken up, this turned Torak even gloomier and hard to be approached.