The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 136

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 136 How Could She Survive?

Love never had to make sense, just to be felt.



Even Serefina, who most of the time didn't really care about the mood of the Alpha, should be more careful with her words when she checked on Raine.

It was a great effort on her side to keep her tongue clean from complain and sarcastic remarks about anything, which she thought wasn't right, around her.

"Still no progress?" Torak asked Serefina with dark expression, his dark eyes were so suffocating to see like a blackhole that could suck one soul if you stare at them for long time.

Torak had neglected his business issues and handed it over to Raphael to take care of it, while Calleb handled the damaged that Torak had made in the hospital when they found Raine.

At this point, until Raine regained her consciousness and he was sure she was fine, Torak didn't want to be disturbed.

To keep the serenity, the only Lycan that could roam around this house was only the Beta and the Gamma, aside from them, it was a strict order to not step an inch near this grey house.

Raine was mentally too weak to be near them now.

Serefina sighed deeply, this was the only question that Torak gave to her every time she checked on Raine, not only her, even those Doctors were treated not any better.

"She is fine, just need more time to rest." Serefina said tiredly. Torak's anxiousness was a pain in the neck for her, yet she had to bite back her tongue to prevent her to make a sharp remark, in the end it was part of her fault that Raine was in this condition.

She felt a little guilty about that.

After the regular check, Serefina walked out of the room without saying anything because she knew Torak wouldn't want to talk about any other topic until Raine was awake.

This room was so peaceful and quiet with the sufficient light from the glass door to the balcony, but this was the opposite situation from the outside world.

When the news about the dead of the older son from de Medici family came up to the surface, the business news was in chaos.

There were many turbulences in management because of this, as the head of the family of de Medici was killed and the second heir was the suspect, currently there was also an internal issue within the family about who would have the right to be the new head of the family.

Not only that, this problem also has a big impact on the economy in this city.

Yet, none of that could make Torak moved an inch away from his beloved mate. The chaotic situation outside couldn't touch him.

In blink of an eye, it had been three days since the last time he eats or drinks something, he even didn't sleep. Any normal human would have been sick by now, but Torak, the aura around him only turned darker and murderous.

He grabbed Raine's cold hands and rested his head, like someone who was praying. This anxiety became harder and harder to bear.

When Torak was deep in thought, he felt something touched his head and the spark from the touch shocked him.

Abruptly, Torak raised his head, his eyes widened in shock to see Raine was staring back at him with faint smile dancing on her chapped lips.

"My love" He called her with a great relief, as if his deepest desire had been granted.

Torak held Raine other hands gently, afraid that a little bit pressure could hurt her.

"You are awake my love" He kissed both of her hands with gratefulness as if he thanked her for waking up now. "Do you feel hurt anywhere?"

Raine shook her head and blinked her eyes weakly, she said with her hoarse voice. "Thirsty"

Without wasting any second, Torak poured a glass of water from the jar on the table beside the bed and carefully helped Raine to drink, cradled her in his arms while holding her upper body so she could drink without choking.

"Do you want more?" Torak asked softly after Raine finished drinking the entire glass.

"No" Raine said meekly, her breath was still shallow and she closed her eyes because the light in the room was too bright for her.

[Raph! Get the Doctors and Serefina here!] Torak mind linked his Beta with a sharp note as a result of the intense feeling that he felt.

In the other hand, Raphael who was signing a lot of doc.u.ments made an ugly scratch on one of important letters, which he had to sign because of Torak's sudden voice in his head.

[Yes, Alpha.] Raphael said immediately and picked up his phone to call the three Doctors who stayed at the first floor.

Torak didn't let them to leave the house until Raine was back to her original health.

Hearing from the way Torak spoke, seemingly the Luna has opened her eyes. It was a good thing, so Torak could stop became a ticking bomb.

His anxiety was truly hard to bear by other people around him.


After the Doctor had ran check on Raine and they confirmed that she was fine, they decided to remove the IV drip on her hand.

Raine was keeping her head buried on Torak's chest during the entire check and only answered their question with nod or a shaking head.

After the Doctors had done with their assignment and answered all Torak's question, they left the room, leaving only Raphael and Serefina to accompany Raine and Torak inside.

"Raine, how are you feeling?" Serefina moved closer and sat on the feet of the bed, staring at the still weak guardian angel in the lycan's embrace. Somehow, she didn't like this picture.

Raine peeked at the witch through her hair and tightened her arms around Torak's waist, but she did answer her. "Fine" She said curtly.

Raine was still not at ease when she had to face Serefina as she saw she had died with her own eyes, but how could she survive?