The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 137

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 137 Thing That Needed To Be Rushed

Be your own sword

Be your shield

Be your own king or queen



And the white lycan at that time was that Torak? But the lycan was too affectionate to be Torak

There was a thousand of questions that Raine wanted to ask and she really needed the answer, but her condition couldn't keep up with her eagerness, she needed to wait and think this matter thoroughly.

The things that happened in the village of angel was like a dream for her, she really wanted to forget all of that, but couldn't get rid the question that remained in her head.

"Tell me what happened to you." Like always, the way Serefina talk, often, very irritating as she couldn't read the situation and only spoke the things that she wanted to say without thinking about it twice.

"I want you to check on her condition." Torak cut off Serefina's intention as he could feel Raine was being reluctant to talk.

"I am checking on her condition now." Serefina became stubborn as she leaned her body. "Tell me where were you going during the moment you disappeared." She was adamant to know and she wanted to know it right now.

Raine couldn't help, but let out a soft whimper when the memories returned to the front of her mind, forcing her to remember how the white lycan had attacked her and the sharp pain that she felt when the lycan clawed her head.

Also, Serefina's dead body, her blood pooled beneath her, stained the white snow.

That was something that she didn't want to talk about, at least not now.

She needed more time to rearrange her own thought and all the information that was stuffed onto her head forcefully.

"Get out." Torak glared at Serefina. If she was there to stress out his mate and made Raine uncomfortable, then she better off.

[Throw her away!] Torak mind linked Raphael when he saw Serefina was about to retort, or for more specific, Torak snarled his order to Raphael because he couldn't raise his tone due to Raine's presence.

"Let's go." Raphael didn't waste a second to drag Serefina away from Torak's sight, afraid the Alpha would go berserk again if Serefina kept this attitude.

He himself almost lost his temper in dealing with the witch.

Raphael had many things that he had to handle since Torak's absence and wasn't in need of additional headache to deal with Serefina.

"I am not done yet!" Serefina grumbled and glared menacingly at the Beta, who was dragging her out of the room. "We need to know what happened to her, so we know what we will face!"

Serefina stubbornly wanted to stay, but Raphael had pushed her out of the room and closed the door behind him.

"We have to know what happened to her, so we can take precaution and" Serefina half yelled at Raphael, but the Beta with stoic face cut her words.

"I know you mean good, but can't you read the situation first before you act rashly?" Raphael was still holding her arm as he walked her away from the main bedroom, where Torak and Raine stayed.

The witch huffed and puffed. "Until when will he continue to look after her? If we don't know how she could suddenly disappear like before, and then how we can prevent something like that from happening again?" Serefina pointed out her main concern. "What if all about this is a scheme and this is only the beginning?"

Actually, what Serefina said was right and she got the point from that. However, the way she executed her intention was so harsh and annoyed people around her. Serefina was so headstrong and impatient, two things that wouldn't fit with the way how to approach Raine.

"Torak will always look after her because she is his mate, no matter how capable Raine will be to protect herself in the future, Torak will always look after her. That's the fact that you can't deny, and also" Raphael looked sternly at Serefina and added. "Why I feel like you always become irritated every time Raine relies on Torak?" He realized about this now.

Serefina swatted Raphael's hand from her and crossed her arms in front of her chest, in this state, her red hair looked redder as if complimented her fiery mood. "Because she is clingy, weak, unreliable and oh, should I add that she overindulges herself with her trauma?"

Raphael frowned upon hearing the way Serefina saw Raine, her lack of sympathy made him questioned Torak's brother for falling for someone like her.

This witch surely has a personality problem.

"Just because you can shake traumatic experience easily, it doesn't mean you are stronger than Raine because she is still in healing process state." Raphael stood for his Luna.

"If she has to crawl or crying blood in order for her to be able to get rid from her trauma, then that exactly what she should do! Instead of hiding in the embrace of her mate!" The pitch in Serefina's voice raised a few octaves. "She is Torak's mate for God sake! A Luna for all of you! She needed to be strong and self- reliant!"

"It doesn't justify your act and your words. Everything takes time and you can't rush the process." Raphael has his own opinion about this situation. Nothing was instant and he believed in the process.

Serefina was livid, she took a step forward and raised her chin arrogantly, fire of anger was burning in her eyes. "Let me ask you." She started it with a vicious voice. "Do you really think Torak's enemies out there will wait until your little Luna ready? They don't give a f*ck about Raine's condition the moment they decided to make a move."

"Nothing will happen in the near future, Raine will have enough time to recover." Raphael stated that firmly.

"No one can predict the future. What will happen, if, when the time come and she is still not ready?" Serefina stared directly into Raphael's eyes. "There is something that is required to be rushed."