The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 138

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 138 She Has Regained Consciousness

Monster don't sleep under our beds. They sleep inside our heads.


Inside the bedroom, where the golden rays of the sun that almost set was illuminating the space near the window, the smell of hot chocolate that was in Torak's hands filled the room.

Torak sat beside Raine, who still felt a little bit weak, and handed the warm cup to her.

Raine smiled softly and received it carefully, she didn't want to spill the white blanket that covered half of her body, with the hot chocolate.

When her fingers touched the cup, the warmth from it could make her felt better, especially when she was at home now.

Since Torak chased Serefina out of the room, he had not yet asked Raine any question or talked about unnecessary things.

However, this silence accompany was so comfortable. Torak was being thoughtful toward her.

Considerately, Torak held Raine's long hair so it wouldn't go to her cup of hot chocolate and gave a glass of water after she had finished.

"Do you want to lay down again my love?" Torak asked as he put away the glass from Raine's hand.

Raine didn't say anything upon his question, yet she leaned forward and circled her arms around Torak's body and nuzzled on his chest.

This gesture caught Torak out of guard, but this was something that he welcomed. There was nothing wrong with this, actually, Torak loved it when Raine acted a little bit spoil like this.

He caressed her long hair that dr.a.p.ed on her back while giving small kisses on her head. He let her stayed that way as long as she wished until Torak could feel her steady breath.

Raine fell asleep again.

Upon seeing that, there was a rare soft smile on Torak's lips as he watched Raine breathing deeply. As long as his mate was safe and sound, there was nothing matter anymore.


"It was you who killed him!?" Lilith's eyes widened in disbelief. "For what!? Lucifer won't like it once he knew about this! Why do you always do something reckless like this?!"

They were inside a big bedroom with a woman was lying on the bed, seemingly sleeping, while Lilith was standing across the bed, fuming mad after knowing the truth behind the murder of de Medici family.

Leaning against the high pole bed frames, Belphegor eyed the girl on the bed with curious expression and brows that slightly furrowed, apparently didn't take serious Lilith's line of questions.

"Hey! Do you hear me?!" Lilith took large steps as she stormed toward Belphegor and stopped in front of him, blocked his view to the sleeping girl.

"I wish I couldn't." Belphegor lazily glanced at Lilith as he shoved her away from his line of sight. "I wonder why she still hasn't woken up yet?"

Lilith glanced at the woman on the bed, she had been sleeping ever since she was rescued from the dungeon. If she kept like that, what the use of her?

"Just kill her." Lilith waved her hand nonchalantly, she didn't like to see another woman in her place, if it wasn't because Belphegor was adamant for her to be kept there, she would have thrown her lifeless body on the street.

"I can use her if everything goes as my plan." The sloth slumped his tall body on the sofa near the huge bed, looking at the bright sky through the open window with dull eyes.

"Wait!" Lilith screeched. "You have not answered my question yet!" She stomped toward Belphegor again and sat on the windowsill, blocking his sight from the beautiful blue sky.

Belphegor frowned. Why this woman always blocked his line of sight?

"Part of my plan." Belphegor answered her curtly, too lazy to explain about it further.

"Which is?" Lilith raised her brows, prodded him to explain more about this. She hated it when she had to help Lucifer and Belphegor back and forth since the two of them was rarely in the same thought. "You need to explain to me about your plan if you want me to help you." She said exasperatedly.

Belphegor frowned, he didn't like when someone questioned his decision or asked him to explain something.

"Just follow what I said." Belphegor yawned and slumped his back against the back seat as he resumed to look at the woman on the bed since Lilith blocked his view from the scenery outside.

"We are together in this and I am not your subordinate, don't forget about that." After that, Lilith threw a disgusting look to the other woman. "Why did you kill the head family of de Medici?"

Lilith still not let go of her main concern, but Belphegor closed his eyes as if he didn't hear her.

"Does that have anything to do with her?" She nodded at the woman, but Belphegor still kept his mouth shut. "I am talking to you!" Lilith cried frustratedly.

"Woman you are really annoying sometime!" Belphegor said, irritated. Afterward he stood up and walked out of the room.

"Where are you going? I am not done talking yet!" Lilith gritted her teeth because she was treated that way. She didn't like it when people were treated her with no seriousness.

Yet, Belphegor had left even before Lilith finished her words.

The angry Lilith turned around to face the woman on the bed, if she couldn't vent out her anger on Belphegor, then she could do something toward this woman.

However, before Lilith could take a step closer, she gasped in shock when she saw the woman eyes had opened.

The red eyes of that woman that complimented with her pale, almost transparent skin, even scarier than the devil himself.

That woman looked at Lilith in confusion, however there was something inside her that was very vicious and Lilith could tell that.

"You are the person that brought me out of the dungeon." The woman talked for the first time with her clear and firm voice like he has not just woken up from a long slumber, such clarity that startled Lilith.

Not to mention she remembered about that event as well.