The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 139

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 139 I Want To Tell You Something

She asked: "What if I have nothing to say?"

He replied: "Let me hear all the nothing you have."



"So?" Lilith folded her arms in front of her chest as she ignored the viciousness in the woman's eyes. What happened to her? Why her aura was so dark? "Want to thank me?" She tried to sound as callous as she could.

Upon hearing that, the woman gave Lilith a disdain look as she sat down and scoured her surrounding with her red eyes, before they landed on Lilith once again.

"You did something to me." The woman's voice was very cold like someone who had never been touched by happiness.

At this time, Lilith hoped she didn't upset Belphegor and made him walked out from the room because she didn't know what to say to this woman or what Belphegor had in his lazy mind for her.

"Jenedieth." Lilith called out her name, resumed her arrogance and callous faade, seemingly didn't even bother with Jenedieth's red eyes and her alarming aura around her. "Of course we did something to you. We saved you."

"We?" Jenedieth raised her eyebrows, demanding explanation with who else involved in her situation now.

Lilith was tongue tied, she didn't know whether she needed to tell Jenedieth the truth or she has to consult this with Belphegor first, but seeing from the situation, Jenedieth wasn't in the mood to wait any longer to get the information that she wanted.

"So? Who are these 'we'?" Jenedieth got off from the bed and walked slowly toward Lilith, her eyes never left hers as she approached her opponent. "Because you had saved me from Torak's wrath, you must have something in mind, right?"

Jenedieth stopped right before Lilith's eyes and stared down at her because she was shorter by a fist compared to Jenedieth.

"What a smart guess." Lilith said with the tone that far from a complimented, yet Jenedieth overheard the sarcasm in her voice as she resumed her stoic expression. "The devil and me." Lilith shrugged her shoulder. If Belphegor didn't want to share his plan, then she just needed to make her own plan to escape from Jenedieth's red eyes.

"The devil" Jenedieth reiterated. "Which devil?" She knew about the seven devils that always breathing on Torak's skin. Not too long ago, she has this hostility on them whenever their names were mentioned, but not now.

"Belphegor." Lilith said truthfully. Whatever thing that would happen after Jenedieth knew Belphegor was behind all of this, Lilith would wash her hands, after all this is his fault to not let her knew anything.

"The sloth." Jenedieth recognized him. "What he had to do with all of this?" She remembered clearly how much she had suffered inside the dungeon. She thought she would die.

"He arranged everything." Lilith said in matter of fact tone. "If you want to know more detail about this, you can wait until he comes back, because it's waste of time to ask me, I know nothing."

"The sloth arranged everything? That doesn't sound like him." Jenedieth stated in mocking tone and walked toward a table near the window and poured a glass of water for herself. "I know you. Succubus, am I right?"

Lilith didn't like the way Jenedieth mentioned her as if it was something dirty and inappropriate, but she could control herself just fine and get rid the anger that threatening to rise in her stomach. "You are very knowledgeable."

"No need to flatter me, our kind has been in feud for as long as I remember." Jenedieth gave Lilith a, seemingly, harmless smirk. "I will be so stupid if I don't know anything about it, right?"

Lilith raised her eyebrows, irritated by Jenedieth's comment.

"Where is he now? I think since he had saved me, there must be something that he wanted to discuss with me." Jenedieth tilted her head as she looked at the succubus defiantly.


Raine spent the whole four days just sleeping in the bed, because she felt lethargic every time she woke up.

And during that time, Torak would always be there for her, not even a second he let Raine be alone. If he needed to leave her for something urgent regarding the issues outside, then he would ask Calleb and Serefina to look for her, and would come back as soon as possible.

This morning, when the light of the sun not yet illuminated the dim room, Raine had woken up and traced her eyes along the silhouette of the outer shape of the furniture inside the bedroom.

She hadn't paid attention on her surrounding before because of the unexplainable tiredness that forced her to sleep for long time and muddled her head.

But, now everything was clearer than the last time.

Raine felt her body was oddly warmer than the temperature in the room, when she tilted her head to her left, she found the cause of it.

It was Torak, who was hugging her tightly and cradled her head as if he was holding something so precious and didn't want to let go.

The furrowed between his eyebrows was an evident that he didn't have a good sleep, there must be a lot of things that roaming inside his head now and bothered him greatly.

Slowly, Raine raised her hand and traced the bridge of Torak's pointed nose, his sleeping face was so innocent, as if he couldn't harm even a single fly.

Raine still hard to believe that the handsome and powerful man before her eyes was someone who devoted his life for her, he had proved his words again and again.

Even in her unconscious state, Torak always been there for her.

Every time Raine woke up, Torak was always the first person that she saw. Just like at this moment.

Regardless he was still sleeping Torak was still very protective on his mate.

When Raine's fingers traced down on his lips, suddenly they moved as Torak's soft voice could be heard. "You are awake now, are you hungry?" He caught her hand and kissed her fingers gently with eyes still closed as if savoring the spark from the touch.

"No." Raine shook her head. "But, I have something that I need to tell you."