The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 140

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 140 Torak Knows

"What is it?" Torak opened his eyes as he heard Raine wanted to say something.

Everything, anything that she wanted to say was very important for Torak, he would give his utmost attention even for the insignificant topic that she wanted to talk.

Torak's blue eyes stared at Raine deeply, the color of his eyes was a sign that he was at peace and his beast had calmed.

He pulled Raine closer to him as an encouragement for her to talk freely, as a gesture that she was safe with him.

"Tell me my love, I will hear whatever it is." Torak persuaded Raine patiently when he saw the hesitation in her eyes.

"This is about when I disappeared" Raine said in low voice, fortunately Torak's hearing ability was above average, thus he could hear her just fine.

"Yes?" Torak encouraged her to continue as he kissed her forehead.

The first ray of the sun started to illuminate the room and gave a golden hue to everything that it touched. Raine's pale face also had slightly color because of it.

"I" Raine hesitated, she was afraid Torak wouldn't trust her, after all, the story about travelled back the time was so absurd to hear.

Sensing Raine's uneasiness, Torak leaned over and cupped her face in his warm palm. "I am here and listening to whatever you want to say. But, if you feel you are not ready for this, I will wait." He said sincerely.

Of course Torak really wanted to know where she was going when she disappeared, but if it required Raine to force herself from doing something that she didn't like, then Torak didn't want to know.

The most important thing for him right now was; having Raine in his arms, safe and sound, another matter could wait.

Seeing how considerate Torak toward her, Raine gulped hard as she made her decision. "I" She stumbled with her words, but the softness and love in Torak's eyes made it easier for her. "I travelled back the time."

Raine stopped and looked at Torak with worry expression, she didn't want Torak to judge her, or thought that she was crazy for saying that.

However, the thing that Raine was afraid of, had never happened. Torak's expression remained serious as he was waiting for Raine to talk more about it.

With difficulty, Raine took a deep breath and started to tell him about everything.

About the village of angel, about the Lycanthropes that were ordered to gather the guardian angel and about the attack to the village.

However, for some reason, Raine skipped the part where she was forced to unite with the shadow warrior and the death of Serefina.

She didn't know why she was being reluctant to talk about that matters now, probably she needed to confirm about something first.

Torak's blue eyes turned slightly darker when he heard Raine's story, but remained silence until Raine ended it.

" I saw the white Lycan wanted to attack the shadow warrior and suddenly the time, uhm stopped." Raine looked up at Torak to assess his expression, afraid that he would think she was talking about nonsense.

In this world, who would be able to stop the time? Yet, that was exactly what had happened to her.

"You stopped the time." Torak repeated Raine's statement.

Raine lowered her head when she nodded. "Maybe it wasn't me" She became self- conscious under Torak's eyes. "But, the time really stopped."

"And you rushed forward to block the attack of the white Lycan?" Torak was squinted his eyes and frowned with disapproval.

Raine didn't see the changing of Torak's expression as she kept her head low. "Yes"

"And then what happened?" Torak's voice suddenly became rigid as his body tensed.

"The white Lycan clawed the side of my head, after that everything turned dark and I don't remember anything else" For one fleeting moment, a complicated look passed her eyes. " and when I opened my eyes, I was back to the hospital."

Raine didn't tell Torak about her conversation with Aeon in the shadow realm, this was the first time she hid something from Torak and she felt guilty about doing this.

There was silence that stretched out between them after Raine's confession and as time passed it made Raine became uncomfortable.

She raised her head and looked at Torak with worry. "I know it sounds so unbelieveable" Raine started, but Torak cut her words.

"Why did you put yourself in danger for someone that you don't even know?" Torak's main concern was different from Raine, there was tension in the way he talked.

"I" Raine startled when finally she felt Torak's change of mood. "The shadow warrior saved me before so, I" She stuttered.

"So, you feel responsible to save him back?" Torak's eyes turned darker, though they were still the color of blue, but it was clear to see that Torak didn't like how Raine risked her life for someone else.

A man on top of that.

At that time, he was on the verge of breaking down because he couldn't find her, but she was risking her precious life for someone else

Torak felt someone was going to snatch his mate away from him, as if Raine had someone else in her heart.

Because of the mate bond only work on Torak and he just relied on the fact Raine was being comfortable with him, without knowing what was in her heart. He felt restless.

Raine could just leave him, but Torak wouldn't be able to find another mate, a mate for Lycan was for lifetime.

Raine could feel Torak's displeasure. "Are you angry with me?" Raine asked gingerly.

She touched his face and drew a circle on his cheek with her thumb. Unknowingly that simple gesture could appease Torak's anger slightly and saved both of them from the impending outburst.

"I am sorry" Torak shook his head and breathed deeply, sensing Raine's distressed. "The thought of you was being harmed, doesn't settle well with me, my love." He kissed Raine's forehead.

"I am all right." Raine smiled softly at Torak, but Torak's next words made her froze.

"Was that the shadow warrior that was paired with you?"