The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 141

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 141 He Is Not Real

"Was that the shadow warrior that was paired with you?" Torak asked with impassive tone and face that devoid from any emotions.

Raine wasn't sure what Torak felt right now and how he could guess it correctly, though she didn't say anything about it.

Raine was afraid to answer it, she didn't know what Torak's reaction would be. And her cowardness made the question couldn't get out of her head and passed her lips.

"I know about the rule in the village of angel, my love." Torak answered the unspoken question in Raine's head. "That was one of the rules that I despised the most."

The calm in Torak's voice made it harder for Raine to notice the anger in his reaction. It didn't feel right, knowing Torak's overprotective nature.

"In another words, you want to say that you indeed had ordered the attack on the village of angel?" Raine asked in disbelief.

There was disappointment in the way Raine was looking into Torak's eyes that made the Alpha felt uncomfortable. He leaned over to kiss her eyes so they closed temporarily.

He didn't want Raine to look at him that way, but there was something that he couldn't change.

The past was one of many things that he couldn't control. Torak didn't want Raine to know this ugly side of him this early, but

"That was a complicated thing, my love, and I will explain it to you, but not now." Before Raine could stare at his eyes again, Torak had gotten off of the bed and walked toward the door. "I will get you some breakfast."

Raine sat down abruptly and looked at the closed door with unexplainable feeling.

She didn't want to doubt Torak and question him, but his order had killed the whole village. There were many people that lived there.

And what was his reason from doing so? Raine couldn't think of any reason that could justify his action.

The thing that he had done was annihilation.

But then, when the realization hit her hard, Raine abruptly sat down and shivered out of fear.

The annihilation of the village of angel wouldn't be the first and the last massacre that he had done. There would be a lot more of it.

Torak wouldn't be standing on top of the supernatural creatures and be the supreme Alpha for all the Lycanthropes, feared by many, if he had not done a drastic measure to settle them.

And Raine couldn't see any other way to control those beasts except by violence.

"Now, you see it by yourself."

Out of nowhere, a familiar voice sounded inside the empty room. It was so soft and low, as if the sound of it was only ringing inside of her head.

Startled, Raine whipped her head toward the direction of the source of the voice and found Aeon was standing near the glass door to the balcony.

He was quite far for his voice to be heard, but so near like he was talking right behind her.

"Aeon?" Raine's breath hitched and, out of reflex, looked at the door, afraid if Torak or any other Lycans that were standing behind the door, could hear her.

She didn't want any misunderstanding happened, or they fought with each other.

"You shouldn't be here." Raine whispered in distressed. She got off from the bed and approached Aeon. "It will be dangerous for you if they know you are here."

The Lycan wouldn't let Aeon off easily, especially when he had entered Torak's room.

"You worried about me." Aeon put his concern in different thing from Raine's. "I am happy." He said with soft smiled.

Before, Raine was still having a doubt that Aeon, who was standing before her now, with Aeon from the village of the angel, has different personality.

The current Aeon was less hostile and softer than himself centuries ago.

"Of course I am worried about you, but it is not 'that' kind of worry." Raine tried to explain herself, she didn't want Aeon got a wrong impression about this.

"Raine, come with me." Aeon reached out his hand, asking Raine to take it. "You don't need to live with him anymore. I can protect you. Let me protect you."

"No." Raine frowned. She couldn't accept Torak's decision in the past, but it didn't mean she wanted to leave him. This was something that they needed to talk. "I don't want to leave him."

Aeon looked hurt by Raine's rejection. "After you know that it was him who had ordered the attack, you still want to be with him?"

Raine also felt complicated about that fact, but no matter how she hated Torak's decision and how cruel he was, she couldn't bring herself to leave him. "I want to hear his side of story." Raine murmured.

"His side of story?" Aeon repeated Raine's statement. "Raine" He sighed in frustration. "Do you really think he would tell you the truth?"

"He will." Raine didn't know if she was being impulsive or she just trusted Torak blindly. "He will tell me the truth." Because that was what he had promised her.

"Do you really want to stay beside him even after what he had done? He killed many creatures and he will do it again and again." Aeon emphasized every words, pressing the importance of this information on Raine.

"That was him in the past. He will not kill innocent people on a whim." Raine was adamant with her words.

Yet, as if the fate wanted to prove her wrong, out of the blue, Torak had stood behind Raine and pulled her back with one arm while the other had turned into sharp claws and drew his hand across Aeon's face.

Raine muffled her scream with her hands and covered her face as she turned her head on Torak's body. She didn't want to see it.

Her entire body was trembling, Raine even didn't realize when Torak had wrapped his strong arms around her body.

"You killed him" Raine choked on her tears. "Why did you kill him?" She still afraid to raise her head and kept her eyes shut tight behind her hands.

"I didn't kill him. He is not real." Torak said in rigid voice as he rubbed Raine's back to ease her fear.