The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 142

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 142 The Memoir

She will raise

With a spine of steel

And a roar like thunder

She will raise.

-Nicole lyons-


Torak kept repeating his words until Raine could muster her courage to look at him. She peeked through her fingers and glanced at the spot where Aeon was standing earlier.

However, she could find nothing. There was no blood, not even a body there, as if there was not anyone from the beginning.

So, where was Aeon? Raine was very sure that she was talking to Aeon when Torak suddenly came and ripped the living out of the shadow warrior.

"Where" Raine stammered. "Where is he?" She gulped down hard when she asked Torak about that. She put down her hand this time to have a better look on the scene before her, but Aeon was nowhere to be found.

"He is not real." Torak said patiently while kept stroking her back, kept her saved in his arms. "His real body is not here. That's one of shadow warrior's ability."

Torak knew the shadow warrior would appear the moment Raine was alone, that was why he left Raine earlier.

It was hard to hold back his anger when he heard about what had happened to Raine when she disappeared. Especially when he knew the exact thing that they did between the guardian angel and the shadow warrior.

Thankfully nothing major had happened between Raine and the shadow warrior. Torak would have guessed and knew it the first time he found Raine.

The shadow warrior would leave some kind of mark, to acknowledge their partner when they united. And Torak couldn't be more grateful when he found nothing on Raine.

"You didn't kill him" Raine stated, as if she wanted to make herself sure about it.

"I didn't." Torak's blue eyes held Raine's black one and added. "But, I will if he comes near you again." It wasn't a statement, but more like a promise.

"No don't" Raine's weak rejection was left unnoticed when Torak turned his head to look the other side of the room.

"What do you find?" Torak asked someone there.

Raine didn't realize there was someone else inside the room, if it wasn't because of Torak was talking to them.

Turning her head, Raine found Raphael, Serefina and Calleb were standing near the bed with seriousness on their expression.

"Shadow warrior will not be able to send their shadow over if Raine has nothing that belong to them or received from them." Serefina was contemplating while looking at Raine, scrutinized her body. "But, I can't see anything on her that belongs to the shadow warrior."

Torak looked down on Raine and stroke her cheek. "Sweetheart, did he give you something?" Torak's voice was unusually stern and stiff when he talked about Aeon.

Yet, Raine shook her head firmly. Aeon didn't give her anything when she was in the village of angel. She was sure about this.

"Don't lie." Serefina frowned and slightly reprimanded Raine.

"If she said she didn't receive anything then she didn't." The pitch in Torak's voice was so stern and powerful, he didn't like it when someone doubted him or his mate.

"If you believe her blindly, someday you will see how capable she is to lie right in front of your nose." Serefina retorted with sarcastic remark.

Torak growled dangerously upon hearing the impudence in Serefina's words, but Raine's small palms held his clothes tightly, preventing him from making any movement on the witch.

Raine's pleading eyes to not make things hard was enough for Torak to swallow back his anger and held his mate in his arms, as if he didn't do so, the outraged beast from the night when Raine disappeared would resurface again.

"Raine, do you have something that you have been holding for long time?" Calleb asked as he leaned his body on the wall behind him.

Four pairs of eyes inside the room were looking at her direction, and this didn't make her feel comfortable, she still didn't like to be the center of attention.

She turned her head and looked at the only pair of blue eyes that could make her at ease as she recalled something. "I have my mother's diary with me" She said in low voice.

"Maybe that's the thing. Let me see that." Serefina said bossily as she took the first initiative to ask for the book.

Raine frowned she didn't like the way Serefina talked to her so easily to ask for her mother's diary, this was something personal and she asked that impolitely.

Sensing Raine's uncomfortableness, Torak smoothed her hair and said softly. "Can you show us the diary, my love?"

Raine was still reluctance to do that, but since it was Torak, who asked for it, she relented and nodded. "The diary is in my bag but, my bag is still in the apartment."

No one told her yet about what had happened with the apartment or about Torak's outburst, hence Raine didn't know all of her things had been moved to this house.

They went to the other room next to Torak's.

"Your things are already here." Raphael said as he walked toward the door and held it open.

The room was smaller with white dominated the entire exterior and on the queen size bed, there were many bags that belonged to Raine.

Among that bag there was a small grey bag that already worn out, Raine reached out for it and fished out a small blue book with already damaged cover.

"That's it." Serefina claimed it even before Raine could show it to the rest of the people.

This book was the last memoir, which reminded Raine about her mother. After that terrible night, she only returned to her old house once, at that time a police officer gave her that book.

Since she was admitted to the hospital, she had not yet seen it for three years, only when she was discharged and put in the orphanage she could read it again. The book was the only thing that she had, her treasure that could remind her for her late parents.

However, before Raine realized what happened, Serefina had snatched the diary from Raine's hand. "This is the one." She asserted it after she touched it.

There was another energy that she could feel and only she, who could confirm it after being this close.

However, that wasn't the last thing that Serefina did after she snatched the book away, because after that, she conjured a fire on the book which burned it into ashes.

Raine had never screamed so loud in her life when she watched in horror the last memoir of her parent disappeared into dust.

The only thing that she had been holding so dearly was now gone.

Torak also didn't know that Serefina would destroy the book, he was caught off guard, but it was too late for him to do something as the fire had dissipated and left nothing from that book.

He caught Raine's body that trembling as she screamed frantically. "Why did you do that!?" She screamed toward Serefina.

This was the first time they watched Raine was enraged and the first time also she confronted someone with anger burning in her eyes.

"WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?" Raine struggled to be free from Torak's strong arms, but he was holding her too tight.