The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 143

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 143 She Needs To Learn To Take The Pain

We are made of all those who have built and broken us.



"Why?" Serefina asked her back with arms that folded in front of her chest, her short red hair was akin to the color of the fire that she had conjured earlier to burn the book. "Of course, I did that to save you from the shadow warrior." There was no remorse in the way she talked, as if Raine was asking a stupid question to her.

"That's book is mine!" Raine was frustrated when she couldn't get off from Torak's arms, she really wanted to kick the witch or hit her as hard as she could for the thing that she had done.

No one understood how precious that diary for her. It felt like the air from her lungs was sucked out from her body and left her breathless with excruciating pain in her chest.

That book was the only thing that she brought when Torak came and saved her from the sorry life in the orphanage.

That book was her treasure, whenever she felt down Raine would read it and be reminded how much her mother loved her.

But, Serefina burned it just like that and now she was standing there without remorse or guilty for what she had done.

"Don't be so attach on something that is not relevant!" Serefina raised her voice as well. "If I didn't destroy it, the shadow warrior will always have his way to find you." She then added with meaningful tone. "Even in your dream."

"That's still not your place to decide! That doesn't justify your action!" Raine didn't know where she found a courage to talk back to Serefina, but she did. "You can't do anything you like with something that doesn't belong to you!"

This side of Raine surprised not only Torak, but the rest of the people inside the room as well. Raine who had always appeared weak and easily scared could be this fierce.

As the creatures that rarely showed their emotion on inanimate objects, they didn't quite understand with Raine's attachment for that book.

Maybe, that diary really held great value for her

"Doesn't belong to me?!" The pitch of Serefina's tone raised a few octaves when Raine talked to her with angry and sharp voice. "Then, what that book does to you? Do you think by keeping that book, it will bring back your parents? Do you think by keeping that book and ignoring the danger it causes can save you're a**?! Tell me, what the benefit that book gives to you?!"

"That book was the last thing that I have that reminded me of my mother" Raine's voice trembled, between her sadness and her anger. She desperately wanted to tell Serefina how precious that book for her, but she couldn't find the right words to phrase it correctly.

All words jumbled up in her head.

"You don't need a book to remind you of your late mother, as long as you remember her, no one will be able to take those memories from you and that book is just a mere book." Serefina said it firmly, for a moment there was a fleeting sadness in her eyes as she remembered something else from years ago.

"Witch, I think your way is too harsh, you can solve it in another way, right? Without expunge the book." Calleb voiced out his thought.

"That is the only way. If I didn't destroy the book, no matter how strong the barrier that I put around her, the shadow warrior will always easily come close to her." Serefina looked at Torak and asked the question that she knew it would be hard for him to answer it. "Do you really want to keep the book and risk your mate's safety just because her childish attachment toward the book? The shadow warrior can appear anytime, walk through your door as he wished."

"Enough!" Torak said strictly. "Leave!" He was still holding Raine's body, kept her from storming angrily toward Serefina.

Actually, Torak agreed with Serefina's words, if by destroying it could guarantee the shadow warrior wouldn't come near his mate again, then he was more than welcome to accept Serefina's decision to destroy it, but to see Raine was in pain because of she lost the diary, he felt complicated.

Meanwhile, Serefina was once again dragged by Raphael out of the room, leaving only Torak and Raine.

"Can you stop dragging me?!" Serefina was angry as she conjured fire in her palm and was about to attack Raphael.

However, Raphael moved faster than her, grabbed her hand and clasped their hand together, thus in an instant, the flame was extinguished before it could burn him.

"Can you stop being a jerk?" Raphael glared at Serefina through his black eyes, he almost lost his patience to face this witch.

Regardless Raine's soft personality and her trauma issues, not to mention she had not yet met the expectation to rule thousands of Lycanthropes alongside Torak, but she was still their Luna and Raphael couldn't stand it if someone disrespect her and treated her less than she deserved.

"Me? Being a jerk?" Serefina glared at Raphael. "Your Alpha should thank me that I have removed a possible threat from her! Raine doesn't need that kind of attachment if she wants to grow stronger! Because there will be time when she has to do something that she has to do, regardless she wants it or not, simply because that's the right thing!"

Calleb stepped aside when he felt the animosity from both Raphael and Serefina. He really didn't want to interrupt and caught in between, especially when Raphael had been pissed off. It was rare for the Beta to appear so fierce and impetuous like this, thus he looked scarier than usual.

Serefina added her monologue. "The book is a small thing that she needs to let go. Until now, she still doesn't know about the prophecy yet, does she? She needs to know because in the future, she needs to do more than to let go of a simple diary!"