The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 144

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 144 She Rejects Him

I believe in you

You know the door to my very soul

You're the light in my deepest, darkest hour

You're my savior when I fall

And you may not think I care for you

When you know down inside that I really do

-How Deep is Your Love, by: Bee Gees-


Inside the bedroom, Raine was staring blankly at the floor, where the diary had disappeared into asses, even its dust has no longer lingered in the air.

Torak had sat her down on the edge of the bed as he pulled a chair to sit down in front of her. He clasped her hands, but Raine refused to see him.

"My little angel what should I do to ease your pain?" Torak asked gently, he then cupped her face to look at him, but Raine closed her eyes. "Please don't do this to me" He didn't feel good by the way Raine responded to him.

Torak knew she was upset and he didn't know how to persuade her, he would have done everything that he could to ease her pain, regardless he couldn't exactly understand her feeling.

But, Raine was too upset to give him a chance, because the first thing that she said while closing her eyes was; "Can you leave me alone for a while, please?"

Before Raine, Torak had never had any attachment toward anything or anyone, not to mention a single book, thus he didn't quite get it when Raine gave this reaction. Her strong reaction was surprised him.

Nevertheless, looking at Raine in this state made him felt worried. Raine was afraid of him when the first time they met, but Torak managed to get her trust, yet the current situation was different

Her body was trembling and a tear was rolling down from the corner of her eyes, she bit her lips and shook her head gently to make Torak let go of her face.

She rejected Torak's presence.

Torak took a deep breath upon receiving his mate rejection. "Alright, I will go outside, if you need anything, there will be someone outside the door to help you. I will be in study room."

Looking at her sad face and closed eyes, Torak felt his world crumbled, but for now Raine needed to be alone and he would leave her for awhile until she felt a bit calm.

Before he left, Torak caressed her head lovingly. Since the diary had gone, it should be safe to leave her alone, right? The shadow warrior wouldn't be able to come and snatch her away from the room.

"Guard this room closely." Torak said to the two guards, who were standing on alert, outside the room. "Put another three more people under the balcony." Torak added as he stared at the closed door.

He needed to do this to ensure Raine's safety, so he would be sure she wouldn't disappear again.

"Ask someone to bring breakfast inside the room." He gave them the last order before he walked down the stairs to his study room in the first floor.

Both of the guards looked at each other, exchanging questions with their eyes. Before, they heard Raine was yelling to the other woman and now, Torak's order felt like he was trying to lock Raine up inside the room with many guards surrounded it.

Or perhaps, they were just interpreted it wrongly. Even though Raine looked so young and innocent, but she was, seemingly, the Mistress of the house as their Boss valued her greatly.

They had heard about Torak, but never knew if he kept someone so green like Raine, even so it wasn't their place to say something or to judge.

Shrugging their shoulder, they did what they had been told.


"Where is Serefina?" That was the first question that Torak asked the moment he entered the study room, where he could only find Raphael and Calleb there.

He had been looking for her, but her scent abruptly disappeared from inside the house and he couldn't find her.

"She disappeared." Raphael answered from behind the table where his face was buried behind the pile of paper that he needed to handle. Paperwork was indeed more tiring than the actual battle.

"Again." Calleb added from behind the Beta, he had just hung up his phone, calling someone regarding the matter in the hospital, where Torak had killed a man there.

Upon hearing their' answer Torak's eyes flicked with anger for a moment before he walked behind his chair and sat down, his hand intertwined with each other as he rested his chin on top of it.

His eyes spoke more volume than his silence that stretched out across the room.

"How is Luna?" Raphael asked Torak carefully, put down the paperwork in his hand as he focused his attention toward his Alpha.

"She asked me to leave her alone." Torak answered him rigidly, his voice sounded like it didn't belong to him as his mind wandered to many possibilities that could happen.

Raphael nodded his head in understanding. "She needs time to arrange her feeling, after that, she will be fine." He tried to reassure him.

More or less, Raphael had followed Torak for many years, he knew what was in his mind and his worries now.

"She rejects me." Torak closed his eyes as the image of Raine, who refused to see him rolled back in his mind.

"Impossible" Calleb chimed in, but a glare from Raphael managed to make him swallow back the rest of his comment, he pouted his lips and busied himself with the paperwork in front of him.

"Luna is human who filled with many complicated emotions, not like us." He gestured to them. "We are shifter, we don't have attachment toward anything except for our own family, our mate, the pack and our respect to our Alpha."

"I feel bad for not able to feel her pain." Torak said as he opened his eyes, it was the color of gloomy blue. "I feel I don't care enough about her."

It was a rare occasion for Torak to open up about what he felt, but to think about this again, Raine was the first person that could dig out the affection and compassion from beneath his rotten heart that he thought, he would never be able to feel anything anymore.

"No." Raphael shook his head. "You care about her, that's why you are not at ease now."