The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 145

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 145 He Cried For You

"You get what you settle for."

-Louise Sawyer (Susan Sarandon), Thelma and Louise-


Meanwhile, inside the closed room, Raine was staring blankly at the floor in front of her, with complicated emotions.

Actually, she felt bad for sending Torak away. It wasn't his fault as he also didn't know that Serefina was going to burn down her mother's diary.

But, for now she really didn't want to face anyone.

Raine didn't mind if she couldn't meet with Aeon again, that was one thing, but the harsh way that Serefina did was another thing that couldn't be forgiven.

Another tear was rolling down from her eyes that she wiped it harshly.

"Still crying?"

As if the situation was toying with Raine, the last person that she wanted to see and the last voice that she wanted to hear, was there inside the room.

Somehow, she managed to enter the room without anyone noticed her, but she was a witch after all.

Serefina's question regarded her with a glare from Raine, she gritted her teeth and looked at the witch through the mist of her tears.

"What do you want?" Raine's voice was very cold. Before, she had never talked that way to anyone, as if it was someone else who was talking.

But, for some reason, there was amus.e.m.e.nt danced in Serefina's eyes when she received Raine's cold treatment.

Serefina was standing at the other side of the bed in her white dress that contrasted with her fiery red short hair, her slightly red lips curled into a smile.

"What I want? You know what I want." Serefina sat down on the same bed that Raine was sitting. "No matter how much you hate me, you will thank me later because I teach you how to survive in this cruel world."

Raine's lips trembled because of anger that pulsed through her veins and burned in her chest, she had never felt this way before, but when she talked, her voice was steady and firm. "You don't teach me how to survive in this world, you just teach me how to be more cruel in this cruel world."

Serefina's eyebrows shot up when she heard that. "What is the difference?" She asked apathetically. "Do you think because Torak is here, protecting you, no harm will come upon you anymore? That you are safe now? You are too nave and you have to change that innocent thought of you."

"What do you mean any harm will come to me?" Raine turned her body, so now she could face the witch properly. She was ready to hear whatever it was, since everything around her never made any sense.

Serefina scoffed. "How you are able to see supernatural creatures, how you turn to be the Alpha's mate and how you travelled through the time, everything has purposed." She said with stern voice. "And you have to be ready for whatever will come in the near future. Once you slack off and your life will be at stake."

"What's all this about?" Raine frowned, yet her confusion still couldn't extinguish the anger within her. "Are you trying to say there is someone who wants me dead?"

Was there particular someone who wanted to kill her?

"Someone?" Serefina smirked as if that questioned amused her. "Aside from the Lycanthropes and the werewolves, any other creatures want you dead, or since you had travelled back to the time when the village of angel was being destroyed, you must have known the value of guardian angel and why the other creature want to sap your energy."

Raine knew about this fact when she was in the village of angel, but she didn't realize if that practice still applies until this day.

"But, if you think your life will be safe because Torak is your mate, and very fortunately is the strongest Alpha among the Lycanthropes and werewolves, you are so stupid." Serefina said it harshly. "No one could predict the future and no one could guarantee he will always be in control. Perhaps, there will be a time when someone managed to knock him down, when it happens, what will you do? Crying on the bed like you are doing now?"

Raine bit her lower lip, Serefina was really good with her words, she managed to make her felt bad because of her reaction over the diary.

Instead of apologize for what she had done, Serefina turned her words and justified them until they sounded like Raine was the one who was overreacting her reaction.

Yet, Raine couldn't find the right words to rebut her. Serefina was way too experience for Raine to be able to beat her words.

"When something bad happens on Torak, what will you do?" Serefina repeated her question because Raine still didn't answer her. "With so many enemies that want him, you will be the only weakness that he has. She yourself" The witch waved her hand toward Raine, that gesture as if saying that Raine wasn't something worth to mention.

In the other hand, no matter how much Raine hated to admit it, but Serefina's harsh words have truth in them.

She was Torak's weakness.

"You are an easy target for Torak's enemies to get to him, since you are his mate, he will do everything to make sure that you are safe." Serefina's shrugged her shoulder nonchalantly. "Thanks to the mate bond between you two." The way she talked, more like a mock than a gratitude.

Raine didn't say anything for a few moments, she just stared at Serefina who was smiling sardonically before she talked tonelessly. "Something had happened between you and the Lycanthropes, right?"

There was a fleeting surprise passed Serefina's eyes for a few second before she composed herself quickly and resumed her smiling face. "Me and Lycanthropes?"

"For more specific, it is between you and Torak's brother, am I right?" Raine asked with the same monotonous tone.

"Don't talk about something that you don't even know." Serefina made a gesture to belittle the topic.

Ignoring her replied, Raine continued. "I saw you dead in the village of angel and he cried for you."