The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 146

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 146 I Will Do It

There is a difference between giving up and knowing when you have had enough.

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Serefina's face darkened as she heard that. It was something that she didn't want to remember, a dark topic that shouldn't be touched.

A moment that she had buried deep in the back of her mind.

Serefina had nothing to say for Raine's statement as she abruptly stood up and was about to leave the room when Raine kept asking her.

"How are you still alive now? I clearly saw it with my own eyes that you are dead." Raine followed Serefina's moves with her eyes. "What had happened to you?"

"That's not your business!" Serefina said those words through gritted teeth. She looked dangerous when she glared at Raine, so she could stop asking and drop the topic.

However, Raine was so determined now to find out the truth about Serefina, since she didn't show any remorse for what she had done, Raine also didn't want to back down.

If Serefina thought, with her burned Raine's mother diary was a trivial matter, then Raine would make the topic that she didn't want to bring up was the same thing.

"I was there and I witness everything." Raine stood up, the heartache that she felt turned into a courage she thought she would never have. That diary was the last memoir of her mother after all and she treasured it dearly. "How can you come back to life?"

Raine strode across the room and stopped right in front of Serefina. Because Raine was shorter than her, she needed to raise her head up to look at the witch and, for the first time, she did that without fear.

"I told you, that's not your business." Serefina held Raine's eyes with the same anger burning in them. "Don't touch something that you will not be able to handle." That was a warning.

"Do you really come to help me?" Raine was squinted her eyes as she assessed her. She had gotten used with someone who had ill intention toward her, but she had never faced someone with hidden agenda like Serefina. "Or, do you have another motive?"

Serefina suddenly smirked when she heard Raine's question. "What? Do you want to interrogate me?" She folded her arms under her b.r.e.a.s.t, this gestured made her looked intimidating and arrogant.

"No, I just want to find the truth. I think you are right, this world is cruel and you are a good example to prove that." Raine said it smoothly, despite her expression didn't show any emotion, but her hands had balled into fists beside her body.

The smirk on Serefina's face didn't fade away. She raised her chin proudly as if Raine had just complimented her. "I am glad that I can open your eyes a bit wider."

Raine was lost for words, she didn't expect Serefina would answer her that way and act very calm.

"So, what you will do? Tell Torak about this? Go ahead." Serefina waved her hand, giving permission for Raine to do that. "Except from Torak, you have nothing."

Raine could feel her ears burned with anger, she didn't know it was so irritating to hear that from Serefina, even though she already knew it.

"You are just a little girl with trauma issues who doesn't dare to stand up for yourself, too weak and too afraid to fend herself. Once Torak is down, you will be the first reason for that." Serefina blurted those words without a second thought, what is more, considering Raine's feeling. "Go ahead and show him all your problems and enjoy how he will take care of everything for you."

Serefina turned around and opened the door leisurely, she didn't seem to care whether Raine would really tell Torak about that.

"Continue to do that and see how many problems you can give to Torak."

After saying that, Serefina closed the door, leaving Raine alone, standing with her shoulder trembled because of her effort to suppress her emotions.

Serefina's words kept ringing in her head, so hurtful and pricked her consciences.

She didn't want to be Torak's weakness and the reason of his fall.

From behind the door, Raine could hear the two guards asked Serefina how she could get inside the room, because they didn't see anyone enter earlier, they also told her that Torak had been looking for her.

However, Raine didn't know what Serefina's answer was

Her mind was all over the place, she needed time to rearrange her emotions and think this thoroughly, there were many things that she didn't know and needed to learn.

In the end, it took longer time for Raine to come up with her decision, she knew it would be hard, Serefina would make sure she wouldn't get it easy, but seemingly this was something that she has to do.

Not because Serefina had slapped her face with those possibilities ruthlessly, but because she didn't want any bad things befell upon Torak.

Sighed deeply and closed her eyes to calm her down, Raine opened the door of her room and found the two guards were standing at right and left side of the door.

"Can you show me where is Torak's study room?" Raine asked with small voice, but at least she looked the man in the eyes instead of staring at her shoes like she always did to stranger.

"Sure, over here Miss." One of the two guards answered her and both of them led the way down to the first floor.

Though Raine had been there for almost a week, but she had not yet roamed inside this house.

Not like the pack house, this house was dominated with the color of grey and white, giving off a cold vibe to the entire building.

The two guards led her to the first room on the left side of the stairs, its door was the color of white.

But, before Raine could take another step closer, she could hear Torak's angry voice was shouting at someone.

After that, Serefina's voice came from behind the door. Both of them were arguing about something, and from the sound of it, it seemed like that was about Raine.

"I will do it." Raine said suddenly after she opened the door, took the people inside the room by surprised.