The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 148

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 148 That's.. Bold

Some women fear the fire. Some women simply became it

-r.h sin-


"If you want to change the teacher that I had hired for her, you can find it yourself." Serefina shrugged her shoulder while sitting on the sofa behind her nonchalantly as if she wasn't affected by Torak's decision.

At that time, Raphael who had just received a phone call from someone informed Torak that he needed to go somewhere for the matter of De Medici's family.

That problem had become headline news for these past two days as many speculations circled around the death of Remy de Medici.

In this case Torak was asked to come to give a statement about the investment on their company not long time ago.

Torak was on the highlight because of the funds from him had saved them from bankruptcy, and also, he was the last person, aside from family, who come into contact with Ramy de Medici before Ramon, his brother, killed him.

"My love, is it okay if I leave you now?" Torak looked at Raine, he didn't mind to reschedule that and accompany his mate. After all, Raine had just suffered a shock because of Serefina. He didn't want she went through it alone. "I can stay here with you and reschedule it, if you still feel uncomfortable." Torak pulled her hair band the twirled her hair between his fingers subconsciously as he stared at Raine's beautiful eyes.

"I am all right." Raine smiled softly. "You can go."

"Are you sure?" Torak a little bit baffled by Raine's sudden change. Earlier, Raine was hysteric when she witnessed her mother's diary was being burned by Serefina, then she pushed him away and rejected his presence, but later she came to him with determination in her eyes and a new spirit, as if she had been enlightened.

When the first time he met her, Raine needed more time to recover from some shock events, and had him worried about her condition, but now she had changed. Raine no longer afraid to look at him in the eyes and not only that, she also talked with stranger like those guards outside.

Torak noticed that.

"I am sure." Raine nodded to emphasize her words.

Though, Torak didn't mind and actually like her progress, he wanted to know about what had happened to her until she came up with this decision. Maybe not now he would talk to her later.

"I will be back as soon as possible." As Torak said that, he leaned over and kissed her forehead.

"Aww! Alpha! Your affection hurt my eyes!" Calleb protested exaggeratedly and he was regarded with a hit on the back of his head from Raphael. "What?!" He groaned while rubbing his head.

It was only Calleb who would be stupid enough to make that remarked in this kind of situation and since Torak had gotten used to his antics, he acted like he didn't hear anything.

Torak hugged Raine and breathed on her scent. "Thank you for not angry to me." He whispered to her ear.

Raine shook her head. "I am sorry for acted that way" Her voice laced with guilt.

"Don't. My love, don't apologize to me." He kissed both of her cheeks and pecked her lips for a brief moment before he let her go.

However, when Raphael was about to go outside, because he thought Torak would bring him along to the police station, the Alpha stopped him.

"You stay with Raine, Calleb will come with me." As he said that, he opened the door and walked ahead, leaving his mate and the three of them behind.

"Wait!" Calleb raised both of his hands. "Did the Alpha just said he would go with me instead of you?" He pointed his finger to Raphael. "Why? He knows that I don't like to associate with those humans in law firm!" He whined.

Raphael shrugged his shoulder and sat down on the sofa opposite from Serefina, who was reading a newspaper. "More likely as a punishment of your comment earlier." He said lightly.

Since Torak would go with Calleb, he would stay there with Raine and took care of some paperwork that he had to handle.

"No way! He is not that petty!" Calleb strongly rejected that, but his voice laced with doubt when he asked. "Isn't he?"

Raphael rolled his eyes and waved his hand toward his Gamma. "You better go now, or else the Alpha will be more irritated."

Sullenly, Calleb walked out of the room without saying anything as he was afraid the Alpha really took offense on his silly comment.

"Luna, do you prefer male or female as your teacher?" Raphael asked Raine, who was still standing in the middle of the room.

Raine was wearing dark pajamas with her hair cascaded down on her shoulder beautifully, her bare face slightly pale because she had just recovered and her slipper looked bigger than her size.

No one would believe she was the Alpha's mate. More precisely, Torak Donovan's mate. Aside from the curse that the Donovan's brothers would be mateless, people would think Torak would pick a female Alpha as a mate who was chosen by him.

Totally not someone like Raine.

Yet, for some reason, Raphael was relief that it was Raine who became Torak's mate. Their personality complimented each other.

If it was a female Alpha who was chosen as Torak's mate, Raphael could imagine how boring and stern their relationship would be.

"Anything is okay." Raine replied to him.

"Good job Raine, you had made a right decision. I am very satisfied with that!" Serefina put down the newspaper in her hand and smiled triumphantly at Raine as if she was very meritorious in Raine's decision

Raine looked at her with expression that devoid from any emotion, she looked like a little child when she did that, however the moment she talked, even Raphael was surprised by her words.

"I will do the thing that I feel is right, but I don't do it for you, so you don't have to feel satisfied with my decision." Raine said that with her clear voice as she looked at Serefina straight to her eyes. "I don't like you for burning my mother's diary and don't feel a bit of guilt after doing so. If you think I will let it pass, you are wrong, I will always remember what you have done."

After saying that, Raine turned around and left the room, leaving Raphael and Serefina on their own.

"That's" Raphael frowned as he tried to find the right words to say. "bold."

"Well, that's the longest things that she had ever said." Serefina contemplated. "But, I like this attitude of her better."