The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 149

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 149 What Are You Doing Here?

Because of Torak's status, they could just hold him for a little bit more than thirty minutes and asked the crucial questions about the business between the two of them.

Torak was very cooperative and answered all of the questions, but still, his dominant aura made the questioner a little bit intimidated by him.

Afterwards, they didn't make things difficult for him, let him go and asked for his cooperation if there was something else they needed from him. With a curt nod, Torak agreed and then walked away from that place.

"Alpha, you need to go to the company, the shareholders are becoming anxious with the progress of this matter and want to withdraw their investment." Calleb informed Torak after he received a phone call.

Because of this matter, the new company in this city that Torak had joined hand to build it with de Medici family, was shaken. Their stocks started to plummet and the shareholders were not really satisfied with this result.

Especially when Torak suddenly disappeared and out of contact for more than a week because he refused to meet anyone else until Raine was awake.

During that time, the five shareholders were not at ease and demanded Torak's presence in flesh, not just an order that passed down to Raphael.

They were all human, so Torak couldn't make them quiet the way he did to his pack member, only if they were his pack member this unnecessary commotion wouldn't happen in the first place and also it would be easier for them to understand the situation.

Torak was annoyed by this, he wanted to go home and be with Raine, but apparently that should wait as he needed to go to the company first.

"The meeting will start as soon as I arrive." Torak said to Calleb as he entered the car.

"Yes, sir." Calleb replied politely, he didn't address him as an Alpha because the car driver was a human.

Now they were surrounded by human more frequently, even inside the house all the guards were human, Calleb couldn't complaint about this because this all was for his Luna.


Raine was inside her and Torak's bedroom as she was sketching Torak's face on her sketchbook, she didn't know since when Torak became her favorite object to draw, but she loved to portray her feeling for him that way.

The sun had set and the night has come, even the moon had shone brightly in the clear dark sky, but Torak had not yet come.

Probably he had a lot of things to do

Since she left Torak's office, Raphael and Serefina didn't bother her anymore, and Raine was glad for that. She would be really upset if Serefina barged into the room again with her magic. She was the last person that she wanted to see.

But, thankfully she didn't do that.

While drawing Torak's warm blue eyes, Raine's mind reeling to the diary of her mother, she could feel her tears were threatening to fall down again, but she rubbed her eyes harshly. Raine didn't want to cry, she didn't want to give Serefina another reason to mock at her again, as she tried to shift her mind to another matter, she remembered about Aeon.

Aeon, the shadow warrior.

Would she never meet him again? Serefina said it clearly.

But, there was another question in her mind How could that diary, that she had been holding for years, was something that belong to Aeon?

Raine remembered it was the police officer, who had given her that diary when the last time she returned home after the death of her parents.

Yet, this turned out as something that belongs to the shadow warrior

Raine hoped she could meet with Aeon again as she had many questions to ask him, there were many things that she needed explanation from him, because Torak wouldn't have the answer for that.

When she was contemplating about it and tried to find the answer for herself, someone knocked the door of her room.

She was a little bit startled when a gruff voice came from behind the closed door, it wasn't Raphael, it was the guard who was standing outside of the room.

"Miss Raine, someone asks to meet you down stair." The guard said in rigid voice.

Raine frowned upon hearing that. Who could be that person? Why they asked to meet her?

Another knock on the door was heard when Raine didn't answer. "Yes, I will come out." She said as she put down the sketchbook on her laps and got off from the bed.

Whoever they were, they would be someone who closed to Torak, or else, they wouldn't be able to step inside this house with the tight guards around this place, not to mention other Lycanthropes also lived around this area.

Raine opened the door and was greeted with the same guard from this afternoon, he politely led the way to the first floor where Torak's office was, but this time, they walked straight to the living room.

There, someone had been waiting for her.

A woman with blonde hair that reach to her h.i.p.s, regardless she was having her back facing Raine, Raine could guess who she was.

But, why she came here and looked for her?

As if aware of Raine's presence, the unexpected guess turned her back and smiled broadly, as if she was looking at her early Christmas gift.

"Raine, long time no see." Jenedieth greeted Raine with her crisp voice that sounded so distance. Her red eyes were telling Raine that she needed to be careful with her.

"Jen" Raine reciprocated Jenedieth greeting with small voice, she felt a bit calm when she caught a glimpse from the corner of her eyes that the guard was still there, standing a bit behind from her.

There was a surprise expression that passed her smiling face. "You can talk now!" She clasped her hands exaggeratedly. "Good! Now answer me, where is Torak?"

Yet, before Raine could register the question, she felt someone pulled her back and hid her behind his broad back.

"What are you doing here Jen?"