The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 15

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 15 Wretched Soul

I lost my way all the way to you and in you I found all the way back to me.



"Don't." He said firmly, "I want to see you, don't hide yourself"

He was running his finger tips along Raine's jaw line as the surged of electricity spreading across their skin once they touched, the tingling feeling made Raine slightly inclined to the caress, but kept her head low.

After a moment, Torak retracted his hand and averted his gaze from his little mate back to the road ahead.

The ray of street lights illuminated the darkness of the highway. This morning he had a meeting with four Alphas in his south territory that he needed to attend, the one that discussing about the rouges, hunter and also there was an important issue about an alliance between the witches from northern coven and Vampire, added that to the appearance of another shape shifter. He simply has a tight schedule.

Torak wanted to spend more time with his mate, but his position didn't allow him to derelict his responsibility as a Supreme Alpha.

He glanced at his mate beside him. Raine was drifting in and out in her sleepiness, her eyelashes fluttered closed in the next second as her breathing became steady.

The sound of her heartbeat was like a calming melody for his broken soul. It had been seven hundred years of solitariness, a long awaited years for lycan to live without mate, even for the strongest one.

It was a blessing and a curse for him and his brothers to be able to keep their mind sane until today.

The dull live covered with bloody battles and countless schemed between two worlds that he had been living through left him nothing except deserted soul and an evil beast laid in his immortality.

But, she came at the point he had long forgotten about the salvation that Selene, the Moon Goddess, had talked about.

Her presence gave him the tranquility that he never had.

Torak glanced at his mate one more time as the rhythmic of her breathing compliment the patter rain outside the car that started pouring down the earth once again.

Giving another chances to survive for a barren land and a wretched soul.


Raine slept through the morning and only woke up when she heard a noisy voice, it sound like more than two people were having an argument. However, their voices weren't clear as if they were far away from her.

She opened her eyes and closed it immediately when the bright light invading her sight. As soon as her senses had functioned, she could feel the soft silk blanket that covered her body and the comforted bed swallowed her whole.

If someone walked into the room they wouldn't be able to tell if she was there. She was completely out of sight.

Raine shielded her eyes from the blinding light with both of her hands, turned her back from the window where the source of the blazing sun came from. When gradually her eyes could adjust with it she lowered her hands.

The soft pillow made Raine reluctant to lift her head and inspecting her surroundings.

She didn't have memory how she could sleep on the bed, the last thing she remembered was the vibrating patter of rain against the car had lulled her into deep slumber.

Torak must have carried her into this room and she didn't recall anything about it.

Talking about him 'Where is he?'

Raine pushed her body to sit as her eyes wandering the room. It was a huge room with a set of windows against the wall, accompanied by French doors that led to a balcony. The doors were closed, but the lace soft blue curtains were pulled open.

This room was three times bigger than Mrs. Lang's office and of course more gorgeous. There was a huge television adhered at the wall in front of her and a set of six comfortable sofa on the other side of the room with a round table in the middle of it.

Raine got off from the bed as a soft woven rug welcomed her feet when she stepped out from the comfort of the bed. She was completely oblivious by the argument behind the door which somehow was still progressing.

Raine was captivated by the splendid chandelier hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room that was sparkling under the sunrays when the door burst opened that made her startled.

The open door exposed the most beautiful woman that Raine had never seen before, walking into the room. Her long blonde hair fell beautifully behind her back that reached her h.i.p.s. She was wearing a body hugging blue dress with V neck collar that made her cleavage was in full display.

"Jen! You are not allowed to come inside!"

A burly man with full arms tattoo on his right hands followed her hastily and grabbed the elbow of a woman named Jen.

"Supreme Alpha Torak didn't allow anyone to come inside the room." He groaned in frustration.

"I am not just anyone." Jen brushed away the man's hand from her elbow and proceeded to approach Raine who had cowered beside a cabinet.

She looked at her bare feet nervously.

Raine didn't know this woman and despite her good looking, she didn't feel comfortable when Jen approached her. The first question that spilled from her s.e.xy lips was "Are you Alpha Torak's mate?"

Raine didn't quite understand with the word 'mate' and what she was trying to ask her, still even if she understood the explanation of mate, she couldn't answer her nonetheless.

The tattoo man decided to answer Jen's question when he saw Raine didn't even lift her head to look at the blonde woman.

"Yes, she is." He said firmly and little bit threatening when he continued. "So, you better watch your words and attitude."

Jen snorted by the warning. She was in her killer ten centimeters high heels, so the petite figure like Raine would look so pathetic compared to her. Not to mention Jen was all curves and bling of diamond while in the other hand Raine was wearing a worn out sweatshirt that was bigger than her size with a ripped jeans.

Practically the queen and the beggar.

Jen ignored his words and folded her hands as she introduced herself. "I am Jenedieth Crawford."

Her voice ringing in Raine's ears and Jen was full with enthusiasm that she didn't have.

"And you are?" Jen tilted her head graciously.

"She didn't talk." That man informed her awkwardly with a low voice.

"Didn't talk?" Jen repeated louder.

She scrutinized the girl in front of her from head to toe intently as a smirked rose on the corner of her lips. "Well, if she doesn't talk, at least she can eat right?"

Nonchalantly, she grabbed Raine's hand and ushered her out of the room.