The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 150

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 150 Information About Raine

"What are you doing here Jen?" Raphael stern voice was interrupting the brief conversation between Raine and Jenedieth. He stood tall there with his left arm was holding Raine close behind him.

"Raphael, hello to you too." Jenedieth grinned at the Beta and found herself chuckled upon seeing Raphael took a defensive stand to face her. "You don't need to be so work up. I am here to meet Torak, but he told me that Torak is not home." She nodded her sharp chin on the guard, who had escorted her inside the living room.

"Who told you to bring her inside?" Raphael glared at the guard. He really couldn't trust these human.

"I am sorry Mr. Lockwood, but this Miss has the access card with her." The guard informed Raphael.

At the same time, Jenedieth wave a green card in her hand at Raphael mockingly. This card was a sign to enter the main house, which was given by the Lycanthropes, who were guarding around the house.

But, how she could get that?

Raphael didn't know how Jenedieth could get it and why there was no one informed him about this. They should know that Jenedieth had been banished from their pack and that made her presence was unwanted. Especially near Raine.

But, she walked inside the room leisurely like nothing happened.

How those stupid Lycans actually work? Anger bubbled up in Raphael's chest, if it wasn't because he smelled something off, the scent that not belonged to any of the people inside the house, he wouldn't have known that Jenedieth was there.

Whatever her intention was, it wouldn't be good. Not to mention her scent was different from the last time they met, something felt off about her and Raphael couldn't point his fingers on that.

"You can leave us." Raphael ordered the guard to leave. "Ask everyone to not step a foot inside the living room." He added before the guard disappeared.

"Human, huh?" Jenedieth's eyes were on the back of the guard when he closed the door, leaving the room. "What happens with Torak? Why he hired many human inside his house?" Jenedieth took a step closer, and this made Raphael's eyes turned black.

"That's not your business." He said curtly. "Leave now."

Jenedieth raised her perfect eyebrows and flicked her hair from her shoulder elegantly. "I don't come here this far to leave without getting what I want."

Raphael's eyes turned haze as he mind- linked the lycans around this area to come, apparently they didn't know about Jenedieth's visit.

If that was the case, then how she could get the access card and entered this house easily without making any noises?

"You don't need to call them." Jenedieth frowned. "I will leave once I talk to Torak."

Raine poked her head from behind Raphael's back and watched the argumentation that was going on between the two people.

She had no idea what had happened on Jenedieth after the event in the hotel that day. Raine only knew she was being punished, but didn't know exactly what kind of punishment.

Nonetheless, from Raphael strong reaction, Raine could conclude Jenedieth didn't suppose to be here.

"Don't make things difficult for yourself Jen." Raphael warned her and after he said that, from every door and any escaped route, came dozens of Lycans, either in their human forms or in their beast forms.

They circled Jenedieth and Raphael also Raine, who was standing behind the Beta.

Meanwhile, Raphael was reluctance to send Raine away, he was afraid if he did so, the Luna would suddenly disappear again.

"Everything is going to be alright Luna." Raphael whispered to Raine. He was glad that Raine didn't look very shock with this situation, she was surprised and there was a fleeting fear crossed her eyes, but compared to her when they met for the first time, her reaction now was within normal.

"She is Luna now?" Jenedieth darted her eyes around the Lycans that had surrounded her with derisive look. "I don't see Torak had marked her yet." She glanced at Raine and found the spot on her neck was still unmark. "How could you say something so advance like that, Beta Raphael?"

"This is Lockwood for you Jen." Raphael said coldly. He was still the Beta Supreme while Jenedieth last rank was only the daughter of the Alpha Xavier, which was now dead.

Jenedieth scoffed when one of the Lycans prowled behind her back to look for opening before he received an order to attack her and pounce on her.

She knew their movement, after all she was one of them for many years, she was trained by her father to be able to go on battle if needed.

However, she couldn't battle them, not with her current state that she had lost her inner wolf.

"I don't want this going to be ugly. I just want to talk with Torak." Jenedieth was very adamant to meet him.

"I have warned you before, but you simply didn't want to listen." Raphael pulled Raine along with him as he took three steps back, let the two lycans in their beast form to step in front of him, shielded them. "Now, even though you want to escape, you will not have that chance anymore."

Yet, unexpectedly, Jenedieth folded her arms under her b.r.e.a.s.t. No one would deny that she looked so s.e.xy when she did so.

Her long yellow dress that clad her body tightly looked so perfect on her, with dark brown boots that she was wearing, Jenedieth was almost as tall as Raphael now.

"I have told you, I don't have intention to escape. I want to meet Torak because there is something important that I need to tell him." Jenedieth shrugged her shoulder carelessly, she knew without Raphael's order no one from those Lycans would make an actual move on her.

"The Alpha will not very happy to see you Jen." Raphael said callously.

Before this, the relationship between the two of them weren't particularly close, there was only a handful occasion that they were talking to one another, other than discussed about work.

"He will come and see me if you tell him that I have an important information about that girl." Jenedieth winked at Raine. "How's that?"