The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 151

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 151 Something About Raine

"What kind of information?" Raphael was squinted his eyes. At this time, he cursed the absent of Serefina. That witch always disappeared and appeared without any noticed.

At least if she was there, they could talk with each other. Woman to woman. Raphael was really frustrated to guess what was inside Jenedieth's head, or whether her words were true or not.

She was good at manipulate people after all.

"If I say this information is about that girl's life and death, what do you think Torak will do?" Jenedieth turned around, walked toward the sofa and sat down gracefully. "I will wait here until he comes back. We can chat while waiting for him, if you don't mind." Jenedieth directed this quest to Raine.

However, Raphael grabbed Raine's shoulder and led her upstairs after he gave an order. "Watch her closely! If she tries to escape, kill her!"


Once Raine and Raphael was on the second floor, he fished out his phone to call Torak, but his call didn't go through. He frowned and called another number while still holding Raine's hand closed to him.

On the third rings, someone picked up the call. "What is it?" Calleb's voice was so strict, apparently he wasn't in good mood.

But, Raphael had something more important to tell Torak, so he ignored the disgruntled sound from Calleb's tone. "Where are you? When Torak will come back?"

"We are in the company." Calleb scowled. "Here is the living hell you know? Torak just kicked out two shareholders!"

"Well, Jenedieth is here." Raphael informed the Gamma, cut off his ranting.

For a few second there was no answer from the other side of the phone, but then Calleb high- pitch voice pierced through.

"What the hell she is doing there?!" There was annoyance in the way Calleb talked about Jenedieth. "You should send her back to the dungeon, you know!" It was because of her that the other Lycan, who was guarding Raine at that time, was implicated and been punished.

"Tell Torak to come home quickly." Raphael said and then glanced at Raine beside him, who was sitting on the single sofa while staring back at him. "Jen said she has something to say about Luna."

There was a silence on the other end. "I got it." Calleb said after a few moments.

With that, they both hung up the phone.

"What do you think Jen wants to say about me?" Raine asked after Raphael has no longer occupied with his conversation with Calleb.

"I don't know Raine" Raphael shook his head, he felt something off about Jenedieth, but couldn't tell what it was. "But, you better stay away from her."

Raine nodded, she didn't have any intention to come close to her after all.


It took Torak less than an hour to arrive at home.

Apparently, he ran back home in his lycan form as no one heard the engine of the car when he was there.

The first scene that came into Torak's line of sight was; almost all the Lycanthropes that he had brought with him to stay in this city, was there, guarding something or someone, to be precise, closely as they didn't leave any room for escaping, while in the middle of the living room, on the sofa, jenedieth was sitting with boring expression on her beautiful face.

Torak walked inside the room with anger burning in his eyes, his strong presence and the dominance nature that oozing out from him, was enough to make them to give away to their Alpha.

In the other hand, Jenedieth's face brightened up when she saw Torak, as she stood up and hurriedly came over to him.

"Stop right there." Torak's cold and rigid voice made the blonde woman halted her light steps and looked at him unhappily.

"You don't like to see me?" Jenedieth tilted her head and asked coquettishly. "I know, I had ran away from the dungeon, but actually it wasn't me it was the Succubus, Lilith, who had appeared and took me away." She explained, whining.

"I don't care about that." Torak cut off her complaint. He didn't rush over if it wasn't because Jenedieth had information about Raine. "Speak. What do you know about Raine?"

The beautiful smile on Jenedieth's lips turned into a derision. "You don't even apologize for killing my father." She said as she raised her chin arrogantly. "But, don't get me wrong, I am not coming here to get a revenge for my old man."

Torak didn't say anything, he was unusually patient to hear Jenedieth's rambling.

"I come here to make a deal with you."

The corner of Torak's lips curved into a derisive smile as he scoffed. "Make a deal with me." He reiterated her words as if it was something funny.

Ignoring the way Torak degraded her, Jenedieth kept talking. "The succubus, Lilith, and the devil, Belphegor, had held me captive for months. They offer me a deal to be on their side." Jenedieth stopped, assessing Torak's reaction.

Yet, the Alpha didn't satisfy her, as his expression remained the same. Hence, Jenedieth didn't have another options except kept talking.

"They have a plan and their plan is all about the girl, who is with you right now." Jenedieth refused to acknowledge Raine as Torak's mate.

"What is their plan?" Torak asked, squinted his eyes dangerously.

Finally, some reaction from Torak. Jenedieth knew, he would talk something if it was about that girl. Regardless she knew that, there was still a jealousy was blooming in her chest in the way Torak protected her.

He had never been like that before, not even when they were together.

"I will tell you, once you agree with my conditions." Jenedieth twirled her blonde hair between her fingers that she assumed looked very attractive.

But, it was only disgusted Torak further. "Speak."

Jenedieth frowned and looked around her at the dozens of Lycanthropes that were still circling and standing a bit far from them.

"I want to talk with you in private." She blurted out and walked closer to approach Torak.