The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 152

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 152 Let's Hear What They Are Talking About

Not to mention to talk with Jenedieth in private, even with her standing three steps away from him, had disgusted him further. The scent of her that polluted the air made Torak felt distaste and aversion.

Her scent

There was something wrong with her scent. Torak didn't realize this before when Jenedieth a bit far from him, because all the things that he could think was the information about Raine.

He craved for any information about his mate, he didn't want Raine suddenly disappeared again. What if she couldn't return? What if something happened to her like in the village of angel?

Torak was aware what his brother and he had done to the village of angel and the Shadow Warrior, just the thought of it had him shuddered.

Torak frowned as he sniffed the air. Jenedieth's scent didn't feel right.

"Let's talk inside your study room." Jenedieth walked past Torak as she strolled toward his study room.

It wasn't difficult for Jenedieth to find Torak's study room as it strongly filled with his scent, and also, she was quite often going into his study room in the past.

After all, there was a time when they were together.

Torak didn't reject it and he followed Jenedieth. He knew Raine was safe with Raphael up stairs because he had mind- linked his Beta the moment he was close enough to the house to hear Raphael's thought.

Two steps ahead of him, Jenedieth guessed it right as she pushed open the door to enter the study room and held it open to let Torak walked past the door.

"Speak." Torak commanded rigidly, he wanted to make this conversation quick and short.

"So impatient like usual." Jenedieth chuckled.

"Get it straight to the point or leave. You had been banished from my pack." Torak reminded her. Perhaps Jenedieth didn't aware about her current status, because the moment she was saved by Lilith, Torak banished her right away.

Jenedieth also didn't aware about this big decision of Torak, her happy face slightly change as she looked at the cold- blooded man in front of her.

"I have banished? I am a rough now?" This realization made her confuse, but it only lasted for a few moments before she shrugged callously. "I will count that into my deal then."

Torak didn't say anything about this, no matter what Jenedieth said and assumed she would get it, in the end, it was Torak who had the final say.

"Alright, I will talk now." Jenedieth raised both of her hands as if she surrendered under Torak's impenetrable gaze. "Belphegor and Lilith are planning something together to get your mate."

"What is their plan?" Torak knew the sloth was after Raine the moment he appeared inside the hotel room, not only him, Lucifer also has the same intention.

"You have to agree with my condition first." Jenedieth demanded.

Torak didn't reply to her quest, but his gestured could be interpreted as he was listening to her gibberish talk.

Seeing this, Jenedieth wasting no time to open her mouth and started to list down her demands.


Raine was hugging her knees while sitting on the same sofa when Calleb appeared from the corner of the living room in the second floor.

He was panting slightly when he approached Raine and Raphael.

"Just now you arrived?" Raphael put aside his phone after receiving several calls regarding Torak's business.

He knew Torak had arrived a few minutes ago and now was talking with Jenedieth inside his study room, while he couldn't leave Raine alone, he just stayed there to accompany her.

Raphael had informed Raine as well that Torak had arrived and what he was doing now.

Raine had asked to go to the study room because she wanted to know what the information that Jenedieth had about her, but Raphael didn't allow her to come.

It was better if Raine stayed away from her, and also, he didn't know what kind of information that Jenedieth brought with her. It would be best if Torak who told her about it.

The Alpha could decide whether he needed to let Raine knew or not.

"How can I outran the Alpha?!" Calleb grumbled and snatched a bottle of water on the table and gulped it down in one rough motion.

"Stay here with Luna. I have something to do." Raphael said as he dialed a series of number and went ahead, even before Calleb could answer him.

The Beta glanced at Raine who was staring at him sullenly, it seemed she was unsatisfied about something.

"He has been busy since this afternoon." Raine informed Calleb in low voice. Her habit to talk almost like a whisper had not yet changed.

"Oh" Calleb gave her a nod of understanding before he slumped his body on the sofa. He was really tired, he had not yet ran that fast for years.

The moment he informed Torak about Jenedieth's visit, he shifted into his Lycan form and left the furious two shareholders that had been kicked out by him from the investment.

"What is it?" Calleb raised his head to look at Raine, she has been staring at him since the moment he was there. "Do you need something?"

Raine nodded. "I want to see Torak."

Calleb scratched the back of his head. "But, the Alpha is talking with the bad girl."

"I want to know what they are talking about." Raine replied with frown.

"I don't think that is a good idea" Calleb stroked his clean chin as he contemplated. Actually, he also wanted to know why Jenedieth came to this city after she escaped from the dungeon, but... "He will get angry" The image of Torak was angry made the Beta shuddered.

Raine shook her head stubbornly. "He will not." She said in certainty.

Calleb gave this some thought before he stood up and grinned mischievously. "I think you are right. The Alpha will not get angry the moment he sees you." He felt invigorated to know the conversation between the two of them, because their relationship in the past was slightly complicated.

Suddenly his curiosity killed the rational side on his head until he forgot the fact that; Torak wouldn't get angry at Raine, but he would definitely be in danger if the Alpha didn't like his decision to bring Raine over.

"Let's go." Raine suddenly brightened up and stood up first.