The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 153

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 153 Isn't That Too Much?

Envy me.

Hate me.

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The bottom line is,

You ain't me.

-Fitness Madalyn-


Raine and Calleb walked along the corridor and then went to the first floor, heading toward Torak's office on the left side.

From afar, Calleb could hear Jenedieth and Torak's conversation, but it needed Raine to be a little bit closer to hear them.

Calleb frowned when he heard what Torak and Jenedieth were talking about inside the office, though the whole conversation seemingly was dominated by Jenedieth and Torak only gave a short reply, but the Gamma started to question his decision to bring Raine along with him.

"Mm Raine" Calleb whispered to her when Raine had pressed her ear on the surface of the door to have a better understanding about the topic that was going on inside.

She didn't believe Torak would do anything on Jenedieth, though they were in the same room alone like this.

Hence Raine didn't surprise when she heard Jenedieth's voice was conquering the whole conversation with Torak.

However, a moment later, when Jenedieth had reached the point where she had to speak about her demand on Torak, Raine felt her heart dropped to the ground.

"I want you to take me as your Luna." Jenedieth posted her demand shamelessly, but seeing there was no reaction from Torak, she continued speaking. "You can keep that girl by your side, but I want the status as your Luna and to solidify that, I want you to mark me."

Raine heard that sentences very clearly as if there was no door that separated her from those people inside.

Would Torak do it? Would Torak take her by his side again? After all, before the incident with Raine, both of them had known each other for long time.

Raine's heart was pounding again her ribcage harshly.

She couldn't imagine Torak would divide his attention to another woman. Wasn't she his mate?

But, there wasn't any response from Torak and Raine wasn't able to hear clearly what Jenedieth was saying, yet the next moment she kept rambling on about her demands.

"I want you to introduce me as your Luna." She said stubbornly.

"Raine" Calleb patted Raine's shoulder to get her attention. "I don't think we should be here." He felt a little bit uncomfortable with what he heard.

The Alpha wouldn't kill him for this, right? What if Torak agreed with Jenedieth's conditions? But, was that even possible? With the way Torak protected Raine, he wouldn't even consider that options, right?

Raine frowned and swatted Calleb's hand from her shoulder as she kept listening to Torak's answer, but there was no sound from inside afterward.

Maybe they were talking in very low voice until she couldn't hear them? However, Calleb definitely could hear them, right?

Raine raised her head and looked at Calleb, but before she could ask anything, the Beta had hissed under his breath and his expression turned into horror.

Raine didn't have time to ask what happened to him when the door had been thrown open and from inside, Torak's huge figure appeared right before Raine's eyes.

Because of her position, Raine almost lost her balance and was about to fall down if it wasn't for Torak who caught her body right in time.

"Alpha I didn't mean to eavesdropping your conversation! Really!" Calleb waved his hand in denial frantically. He would be death if Torak truly took offense for this, after all his mood the whole day had been extremely bad.

But, Torak ignored him and looked at Raine in his arms dotingly, there was no anger that could be seen from his eyes.

He knew Raine was standing behind the door, as he was very sensitive with her lovely scent.

Her adorable big eyes widened in shock when she was caught red- handed for her act. "What are you doing here my love? And this is not the first time you do this." Torak asked softly as he placed a kiss on her forehead, made her blinked a couple of times.

"I" Raine was stuttering as she felt guilty. "I" She gulped hard and avoided eyes contact with Torak. "I want to see you" She admitted it timidly.

Well, that wasn't a lie, she was indeed coming here to see him, but happened to stumble on their conversation.

"Do you want to see me?" Torak asked, the corner of his lips moved upwards as it curved into a small smile. "Do you see me enough now?" He teased her and enjoyed to watch how her face turned crimson, it was a beautiful sight to behold.

"I I can go if I interrupt your" Raine didn't manage to finish her sentence when Torak pecked her lips briefly, but that short moment was able to silence her.

"You will never interrupt me, my love and I think you don't see me enough." Torak held Raine's waist and ushered her inside the room.

When Raine walked past Jenedieth, she could feel the hostility was oozing off from her entire being as if it wasn't because of Torak was there, she would tear her apart, limbs by limbs.

Torak brought Raine behind his working table and sat her on his laps while he was sitting on his leather chair.

Calleb really wanted to kill himself by the way Torak was treating his mate now, not to mention Jenedieth, even he himself felt suffocated by the scene.

Worriedly, Calleb glanced at Jenedieth, and just like what he had thought, the woman was burning with hatred and jealousy. Her eyes glued at Raine on Torak's laps.

Jenedieth whole body was trembling while clenching her fists so tight until her fingers turned white. Torak had never treated anyone like that! It almost felt like, the Alpha had turned, entirely, to be someone else.

Meanwhile, Raine also felt uncomfortable with this position, it was fine if it were only the two of them, but now there was Jenedieth, who was glaring at her and Calleb, who seemingly couldn't close his mouth anymore, gawking.

"Stay still" Torak whispered to Raine's ear intimately, made the red color crept to her ears as well.

With that, Raine stopped struggling and let Torak to hold her close to his chest, resting her arms on her waist and arm, while his chin atop of her head.

"Now, if you don't mind, you can repeat your conditions again." Torak talked to Jenedieth, but his eyes locked on the circles that he drew on Raine's arm with his finger.