The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 154

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 154 The Way Torak Answered

Everybody has an addiction, mine just happens to be you.


In this situation, how Jenedieth could talk about her being the Luna for Torak, when the man that she intended to be with, was holding another girl affectionately.

It was so awkward as the atmosphere around her seemed so thick and heavy.

However, it only implied on Jenedieth, because Raine and Torak, apparently, didn't affect by it at all.

While Torak was teasing her skin and, once in a while, he would breathe on her scent and Raine would nuzzle her head on the crook of Torak's shoulder, looking for a comfortable spot to rest her head.

"You can talk now." Torak generously reminded Jenedieth for her intention to come here.

Jenedieth could feel herself was hyperventilating with the anger that she tried to suppress. "Torak! What the meaning of this?!" The pitch of her voice increased, but she couldn't make herself looked away from Raine in Torak's embrace.

This scene was like a fuel for the burning anger that flamed within her body, the more she looked, the more she burned.

Torak didn't answer her and kissed Raine's forehead instead, it was almost like he had no longer cared about the people near him and only had his focus and eyes on his mate.

How the warmth of her body was so right against his skin and how soft they were. Torak pulled the rubber hair and let her black, long hair loosened, cascading down on her shoulder and covered half of her face. He liked her this way better.

He liked to play with her hair, the soft silky strands between his fingers. Torak didn't know since when this became a habit of his.

"Don't you know that the information that I have about her is very crucial?!" Jenedieth shouted at him angrily, she was frustrated.

She had taken a big risk to betray those two devils by coming here, with the hope to be able to establish her position in Torak's pack again, but all she got was this! The display of affection from the man that she had loved for more than decades!

How frustrated this for Jenedieth to witness all of this!?

Even her warning about the information that she held about Raine, couldn't get a bit of reaction from Torak.

Yet, Raine tilted her head and looked at Jenedieth innocently as she rested her palm on Torak's chest provokingly. She stared at Jenedieth as if waiting, what else she would say next.

"You will regret this Torak!" Jendieth warned him, but Torak still unmoved.

The Alpha was like bewitched by Raine and couldn't take his eyes from her.

Jenedieth couldn't take it anymore. "Belphegor and Lilith will scheme against you to take away Raine from you!" She said it out loud and added. "The person who had killed Remi de Medici and made Ramon as a suspect was Belphegor! That was only the beginning of their plan! If you want to know what else they have in mind, make me your Luna!"

Raine frowned when she heard that for the second time this woman's annoyance was in the same level like Serefina for sure.

Both of them blurted out what was inside their mind directly without seeing the situation they were in and loved to force their will on other people.

"You can keep her by your side if that's what you want! I can save you from their evil plan, but you have to mark me instead!" She tried to sound generous with her offer. After all, Torak only needed Raine because the mate bond between them, right?

Jenedieth was lost it when she witnessed how Torak gripped Raine's chin firmly, but so gentle to tilt her head and laid a deep soft kiss on her lips.

There was a loud gasp from Jenedieth when she watched this. The scene rolled like a slow motion movie in her eyes.

In the other hand, Calleb, who was still standing at the door, felt embarrassed only by looking the way Torak kissed Raine so affectionately, but couldn't move his foot away, as if they were nailed on the floor.

Not only Jenedieth and Calleb, who was caught off guard, even Raine also surprised by Torak's gestures, yet after her shock passed, she found herself bravely reciprocated the kiss with the same affection.

The kiss lasted for long time and no one could take their eyes from them, no matter what kind of thought and emotions that roamed around their mind.

"Ehem" Calleb caught lightly to get Jenedieth's attention. "I think that the answer that you want to know." He kindly reminded her.

Jenedieth couldn't accept this! This was humiliation!

"You have killed my old man, banished me from your pack and now when I generously come to help you, you do this to me." Jenedieth mumbled, yet she was sure Torak could hear her perfectly. "I will assure you Torak, you will come and beg for my help! You will regret this moment! And the dirty girl in your arm will suffer greatly."

After saying her pieces of warning, Jenedieth stormed out of the room and almost knocked down Calleb in the process, fortunately the Beta has a good reflex.

Calleb grimaced, that must be a big blow for Jenedieth. But, Torak could have just answered her in the normal way, rejected her directly.

Nevertheless, he found interesting way to slap Jenedieth's face and her pride ruthlessly for the conditions that she demanded.

Made her as his Luna?

It would never happen even in dreams.

Torak had various methods to ensure Raine's safety, even if it meant he had to be with him twenty four hours, he would do that.

The moment Jenedieth gave him her ridiculous conditions, the answer was absolute, there was no room for negotiations or talked about that further.

[Erm Alpha, I am truly sorry for the interuption.] Calleb said timidly through mind- link, the only communication that he felt less awkward as Torak wouldn't be able to answer him anyway at this moment. [Do I have to imprison her again? Or, directly kill her?]

[Let her leave and arrange someone to follow her.] Torak's answer was a bit disoriented as he deepened his kiss on Raine.

[Will do, right away.] Though that was what The Gamma's answer, he was still standing there.


[Yes, Alpha?]


With that, Calleb hastily dashed out of the room. He even forgot to close the door and left it still open, leaving the two people alone, in their own world.