The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 155

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 155 Angelic Sound

Raine broke the kiss, as she needed to catch her breath. Torak's kiss this time was so intense and she wasn't sure how long it lasted.

All she knew Jenedieth was no longer there as she was a little bit disoriented.

Torak smiled very softly as he stroke his thumb on Raine's swollen lips, he liked the taste of her and how soft her lips against his.

Torak wanted to taste her more, it would never be enough for him.

These weeks since Raine was found in the hospital and she needed longer time to recover, he missed her.

He missed the way she smiled timidly, or her gentle voice that caressed his ears and how adorable she could be when he teased her.

He loved her with everything he had.

Torak leaned over to capture her lips again, but Raine lowered her head to avoid him. "She is no longer here" She said weakly as she glanced at the spot where Jenedieth was standing earlier.

Torak raised his eyebrows questioningly. "So?"

Raine looked at him with her beautiful eyes and replied. "I thought you did that" She stopped and bit her lips sheepishly. "To make her leave"

Upon hearing her answer, Torak almost laughed his head off. How Raine could think something so ridiculous like that?

"I kissed because I want to kiss you. I will always love to kiss you, not because someone else." He kissed the tip of her nose and nuzzled his head on the crook of her shoulder. "I loved you, my angel."

Raine didn't know how to response to Torak's confession, though it wasn't the first time he said that, but her heart still responded to his sweet words, like it was the first time.

"I want to be always with you. Will you stay with me forever?" Torak asked, he looked like someone who was drunk as Raine's intoxicated scent conquered his senses. He felt he was in perfect bliss with Raine in his arms.

Stay with him forever?

Raine repeated the question in her head countless times, it sounded so lovely, but how long is it for her? Torak was immortal creatures after all.

But, if it wasn't with him, Raine didn't know, who else she wanted to be with. She couldn't imagine she was with someone else except Torak.

"I love you too" Raine's voice barely a whisper, she wrapped her arms around Torak's neck.

A bright smile broke on Torak's lips when he heard that. It wasn't a simple confession from Raine, but it was also assurance that she has the same feeling like him. Now, Torak could be less worry, because he finally knew how she felt about him.

Those words meant a lot for Torak.

"Stay with me forever, my love. I will protect you and will not let harm befall upon you." It was an oath, and Torak meant to keep that with all he has.


The sky had turned dark and the moon was hidden behind the gloomy clouds, but the light inside the study room was still bright.

Raine had not changed her position since the confession, while Torak cradled her as he worked.

During that time also, whenever there was a phone call, Raine would hold the phone on Torak's ears while he read the doc.u.ments.

That kept going on until two hours.

When finally Torak put down his paperwork, Raine was staring at him with smile graze her lips and Torak found himself also smile to her. It felt so natural.

"Hungry?" Torak asked and glanced the digital clock on his table, it was 22.14 p.m.

Raine had had her dinner before she came down to the study room with Calleb, Raphael made sure of that, but Torak had not yet eaten anything since he came.

"I am not." Raine shook her head.

"Sleepy?" Torak asked again.

Raine shook her head. "You haven't eaten anything since you came. Do you like something? I can cook something for you." Raine was in good mood.

When Torak heard that, he beamed in delight. "I will love everything you cook." He said with smile. "Aren't you tired?"

Torak remembered the events that happened during this whole day. There were many things had happened and Raine just recovered from her long sleep, he didn't want her overdid herself.

However, looking at how she was very eager to cook something for him, made Torak felt something warm was blooming in his heart. It felt so strange, but he welcomed this feeling.

"No." Raine then jumped from Torak's laps and stretched her body a bit. "I will cook something for your dinner." She reached his hand and took him away from the study room.

Torak gladly followed her, seeing how happy she was, it felt like the thing about the diary this afternoon had never happened.

He was relieved because Raine had no longer sad about it.


"Thank you for the meal" Torak finished the dinner that Raine had cooked for him and kissed her forehead.

Because it has been late at night, Raine only cooked simple dishes, lemon garlic salmon and asparagus. Raine wasn't sure what kind of food that Torak preferred, but seeing he finished all of them, she smiled brightly.

"If you like I can cook for you every day." Raine offered without a second thought. "What food do you like to eat?"

"I know I am right." Torak said as he tucked a strand of Raine's hair behind her ear.

"About what?" She tilted her head, didn't understand what Torak was talking about, his answer didn't match with her question.

"You are a chatter person." Torak said in loving tone. He didn't mind to hear her rant for whole day, but Raine thought about that compliment in the other way.

"I am sorry if I talk too much." Raine was embarrassed because of her own act, she just felt very comfortable and safe around Torak. It has been a long time for her to talk that much.

Actually, as a child, she wasn't a quiet kid, her mother would often sighed helplessly when she had to face Raine's series of questions.

"No, you misunderstand what I meant." Torak pulled her for a brief hug and stared at her with smile grazed his lips. "I love to hear your voice, my little angel. The most angelic sound that I ever heard."

After saying that, Torak lowered his head as he planted another kiss on her soft lips.