The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 156

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 156 Reminisce

The heart knows when the search is over.



"There is something I want to ask you" Raine said after their kiss.

The night has fallen deeper and now, the ray of the moonlight fell on both of them from the big window in the dining room.

The two of them looked good together, there was unexplainable feeling with the way Torak looked at his mate, whether it was adoration or love, either of that made his cold demeanor thawed whenever Raine was there.

"You know, you can ask me anything." Torak reassured Raine as she looked uncomfortable to talk about this matter. "Do you want to ask about what had happened in the village of angel?" He helped her to smooth the conversation.

Abruptly Raine raised her head and gingerly looked at him, she didn't want her question offended him, but she really needed to know, why Torak and his brother ordered something so cruel like that?

"If you don't mind" Raine said timidly and hurriedly added. "But, if you don't want to tell me, I will be fine"

"No." Torak played with her hair and grabbed her wrist as he stood up. "I will tell you everything but, let's continue this chat inside our bedroom."

Afterward, Torak brought Raine away from the kitchen to the second floor.

Along the way, Raine's heart beat faster, she was nervous. What could Torak's reason be? Would he admit that he had killed them all?

Suddenly Raine was afraid to hear the answer, but she refused to back down. If she kept acting like this, she would never grow and Serefina would always mock her for being such a fainthearted person.

Not only that, if what Serefina had said was right she would only become a burden for Torak and became his weakness, so that his enemies can easily take advantage of him by using her.

This was a first step.

The step that she needed to take in order to know herself, only by knowing herself, she would know what she could do and what possible potential that she might have.

Torak opened the door to their room and held it open for Raine, he was always be such a gentleman for her.

"I will take a shower for a moment." He kissed her forehead again and walked toward the bathroom inside their room.

Meanwhile, Raine was waiting on the bed and wrapped herself inside the warm blanket.

After sometime, Torak came in his white t- shirt and boxer, his short hair was still damp as he tried to dry it with the towel in his hand.

It felt so strange when Raine had an urge to take the towel away from Torak's hands and dried his hair instead.

"Let me do it." Raine said softly when Torak looked at her questioningly.

"Sure" There was a smile in his reply as he slightly bent his body so Raine wouldn't have hard time to reach his head.

"You did this to me when the first night we met" Raine contemplated, her mind played the image of herself, being timid and afraid for everything around her.

She had lived that way for eight years until Torak came, saved her sorry life and kept his words to always protect her.

Torak let out a soft chuckle. "You are afraid of me at that time."

"I am afraid of everything at that time." Raine replied.

Torak rested his head on Raine's laps while she kept wiping his hair gently

Torak looked at the other side and found their reflection through a huge mirror on the wall, with this, Torak could watch a soft smile grazed Raine's lips when she continued talking.

"I started to see another creature just two days before my birthday, the same night my parents were killed." Raine relived the painful memories. "Everything happened so fast and by miracle, I managed to escape"

Raine intentionally skipped the detail about how she had witnessed the dead body of her mother and father in the living room, and how one of the creatures almost killed her.

"Afterward, I lived with my adoptive family because both of my parents didn't have any relatives they treated me like their own daughter at first, but because I always saw those creatures, and suddenly freaked out like crazy girl, they started to look at me differently." Raine's expression turned sour.

Torak watched her through the mirror and didn't say anything. He let her to pour out what she had been holding back these many years.

He didn't want to interrupt her, because this was the first time Raine opened up to him and talked about her past.

It must be hard for her when in very difficult and confusing time in her life everyone turned their back against her and no one believed whatever she was going to say.

When none of them saw whatever she had seen.

"I was admitted to a hospital. The first year I was there, they still came to visit me but, in the second and third year." Her voice choked. "No one ever come. They didn't know what's wrong with me as I always see 'things'"

This time, Raine lowered her head so her long hair covered her face, yet Torak could imagine what kind of expression she has now.

"When no one came to visit me again, they moved me to the secluded ward and then that nurse started to harass me" Raine gulped hard and sobbed when she remembered what he had done to her.

At this point, Torak regretted the fact that he had killed that man right away, he shouldn't act impulsively at that time, because that man didn't deserve a quick death.

He would love to torture him skin by skin and let him bled out until the death came. His death was too easy.

"I started to ignore whatever 'scary things' that I saw until they convinced that I was good enough to go back to the community." Raine tucked her hair behind her ears, with that Torak could see her sad eyes. "But, my adoptive family didn't want to take me back, so they put me in the orphanage."

"Which the place I found you." Torak said.

"Yes. I am very grateful for that." There was a sincere smile on Raine's lips. "Thank you for finding me."