The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 157

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 157 I Hope You Will Understand

Before even Raine could finish her words, Torak turned his head and trapped Raine's face between his palms. Above him, was Raine's beautiful eyes that were blinking like stars. "Thank you for stay with me."

Raine needed to bend her body, so Torak could kiss her.

The kiss didn't last for long, but it managed to warm both of their heart. Afterward, Torak changed his position and pulled Raine closed to him as he wrapped both of them inside the blanket.

Raine used Torak's upper arm as pillow and hugged his waist. It felt so warm and comfortable, and she didn't want this moment to go, she wanted to always be able like this with Torak.

Raine nuzzled her head against Torak's neck as she mumbled. "I am still upset and sad because Serefina burned my mother's diary." She whined. "She shouldn't do that"

"I know." Torak rubbed her back soothingly. "I wish I could stop her in time."

"Torak" Raine stared at him and looked a little bit reluctance. "Would you like to tell me about what had happened in the village of angel?" She brought back the topic.

After all, Torak had promised her to answer her question about this.

"I will tell you the truth, but please don't judge me" Torak sighed deeply, his body tensed up. He was afraid Raine would see him as the beast he was.

Ruthless and cruel.

Two adjectives that could describe him perfectly, but he still didn't want Raine to see him in that way.

Raine wasn't sure if she should nod her head, because she was also afraid about the things that she was about to know, hence she kept silence and let Torak to start his explanation.

"It was me and my brothers that had ordered the attack on the village of angel." Torak started it with admitted the crucial part. "But, it wasn't us who wanted that in the first place. We received an order." He referred to him and his brother when he mentioned 'us'.

"Who?" Raine frowned. Who would be so powerful enough to order him and his brother? Because based on what she heard and her understanding, Torak wasn't someone who would take an order willingly, so his brothers wouldn't be so different, right?

"Selene. The Moon Goddess." Torak said her name impassively. He couldn't hate the Goddess like he used to in the past, because she had fulfilled her promised and brought Raine to him.

The only person that meant the world for him.

Torak couldn't see his existence without Raine after he found her. He just couldn't remember how he had lived his live these centuries without her, everything seemed blurred in comparison with Raine in his life now.

"The Goddess?" Raine asked incredulously. She had only read about Goddess in the book, she thought about them as they were only myth, something that only existed in the books.

But, those supernatural creatures also the same, yet in reality they were real.

"Yes, my love. The Moon Goddess." Torak confirmed it, he could understand with Raine's confusion. "She didn't like with the rule that Shadow Warriors set up for the Guardian Angel."

"The Moon Goddess ordered to kill them all?" Raine asked, extremely baffled. Why a Goddess ordered something so cruel like that?

"No." Torak denied. "The Moon Goddess only ordered us to take the guardian angel away from the shadow warrior, aside from that, there was another more important reason why we needed to take the guardian angel."

"About the attack" Raine's mind trailed back to the attack in the village of angel.

"That was me and my brothers' order." Torak repeated the information. "The shadow warriors refused to give up all the guardian angel, that was within my expectation of course, and as a Lycanthropes and creatures who only knew brute force to solve a problem. The attack was something that we couldn't avoid."

Torak tried to explain his perspective and hoped Raine could understand his decision and why that decision was taken during that time.

Torak decided to come clean with Raine, no matter what she would think about him after this, because he couldn't find himself fooling and lying to her.

For the creatures that lived in ancient era, brute force was the only method to achieve their goal on something if the other party refused to obey their demands.

And in Lycanthropes' case, they were always being the top of food chain, so a disobedience act wasn't something that they could tolerate.

It was their nature.

Raine didn't give any reaction for a few minutes as she tried to let the information sink in her understanding.

"Can you say something?" Torak became anxious when he saw Raine was at lost. "I didn't try to justify decision, but I want you to understand the situation at that time."

"You tried to kill me at that time" Raine said almost scare when she remembered that.

Torak frowned when he heard that. "Did we meet with each other?" He tried to recall the event in his head, but that occurred centuries ago and he didn't remember much about the detail.

"No." Raine sighed deeply and then told him what had happened the day of the attack. "Someone informed you that I am your mate, but you ordered to kill me instead."

"No, no, no" Torak hugged Raine tightly. "There must be misunderstanding somewhere. I don't remember someone mention anything about mate to me during that period of time."

He was very sure about this. Since, the curse from the Moon Goddess was well known by other creatures that the Donovans wouldn't be blessed with mate, no one ever dare to mention it in front of them.

If someone was talking about mate, Torak would likely remember that.

"No?" Raine asked him, befuddled. She remembered clearly that one of the Lycan went away to relay the information about her. "But There was one lycan who informed you" Maybe he forgot?

Torak shook his head firmly. "No. I will remember that if someone mention about mate to me, because the word of 'mate' was a taboo topic."