The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 159

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 159 Ice Cream

Sometimes the smallest things take up the room in your heart.

-Winnie the Pooh-


The sun bloomed on the horizon as its golden color stretched outward to illuminate the bustling city.

Its light was so warm when it touched Aeon's face, he felt something pure engulfed him. Slightly thawed his cold heart.

"Now, you couldn't even see her again."

Someone walked behind him and burned a cigarette in his fingers, he sucked the filtration zone and exhale thin white smoke to the air.

Aeon looked at the devil in disgust. "I don't know if you smoke, trying to be more human than devil?" He tried to make it sounded harsher than it supposed to be.

Lucifer chuckled and threw away the cigarette in his fingers before he stepped on it. "The taste is suck. I don't know why they wasting time for this kind of thing." He walked toward Aeon and stopped beside him.

"I thought devil only appear when midnight." Aeon said it sarcastically, at this time he didn't want to be bothered by him. He wanted to be left alone and it would be hard to shoo Lucifer away.

"Spare my wrench life." Lucifer whined exaggeratedly. "I am the morning star. Devils only appear when midnight? You should throw that thought away, because devils always behind you." He smirked devilishly.

They were in the quiet park, because morning just started, not many people came to visit this place. Only occasionally they would see two or three people passed by while exercising.

Near that park there was an artificial lake with dolphin- shaped fountain in the middle. Lucifer and Aeon stood behind the fence while looking at the calm surface of the lake as the morning breeze brought a smell of wet grass.

"If I know you were with that girl, I wouldn't have bothered asking Andromalius about her." Lucifer sighed regretfully for the headache that he had gone through for taking a roundabout way.

"Don't you dare to lay your hand on her." Aeon glared at the devil. "We have a deal."

Lucifer raised both of his hands in surrender gesture, yet when he did that the corner of his lips curved upward, forming a mocking smile. "Don't worry, I will not be the one who breach the deal."

"You better keep your word." Aeon warned him.

"I intend to do so." Lucifer was about to pat Aeon's shoulder, but the later swatted his hand away even before he could touch him. "What you will do now since the book had no longer with her? Do you have another way to come close to her?"

"I will find a way." Aeon said with determination.

"I hope the result doesn't betray the effort." Lucifer said it sarcastically. "You know how those lycans annoyingly overprotective to their mate."

"She is not his mate. I meet her first." Aeon said stubbornly.

"I wish you a good luck then." Lucifer said gleefully and disappeared into thin air, as if he had never been there in the first place, leaving only the cigarette on the ground as the evidence.


The following day passed uneventfully.

While Serefina was still missing and had not yet appeared since the day she burned Raine's mother diary, Raphael got a new teacher for her on the third day.

Her name was Martha, and she was a forty something energetic woman with short brown hair and dark brown lipstick.

Raphael said she would teach her all the material that would be tested in the entrance examination.

Martha was strict, that Reminded Raine of Serefina, and the way she taught her was so well organized.

Every day Raine would study from ten to three o'clock with one hour for break, from Monday to Friday. Mostly they would take Torak's office as their place.

Yes, Torak refused to leave Raine behind at home, he was adamant to keep her within his line of sight, hence while Torak was busy with his new business, Raine would be busy with her study.

Because Torak's office has its own elevator and the fact it would always be Raphael or Calleb who would come to give and retrieve doc.u.ments, thus no one else knew about Raine and her teacher existence there.

This also helped Raine to focus, as there weren't many insignificant people passed by and entered the room.

Sometime, if Torak didn't need to come to the office they would study at home and Torak would be there to accompany her. He would sit a bit far, so he wouldn't disturb her study and kept quiet the whole time until Raine finished.

"Alright, I think it's enough for today." Martha's slightly rough voice stopped Raine from writing the answer of the question in the text book. "You can give me the answer tomorrow and also the next page." She looked at her watch that showed 15.02 p.m.

In her contract, it was underlined that she wasn't allowed to extend the study hours and skip the break time. It was also a confidential contract that included she wasn't allowed to tell a single soul about this.

Martha didn't know why Torak Donovan so adamant on this, but since the payment that she received was more than enough, she would stop herself from being a busy body.

Martha tidied up her belonging and said goodbye to Raine, she glanced at Torak and only nodded her head. She was afraid to bother him, even since the first day until now they had not yet exchanged a small talk with each other and Torak's demeanor loudly said that he has zero interest for doing so.

Before the door of the elevator closed, Martha glanced at Raine once again. Who exactly this girl? She was too young to be Torak Donovan's lover.

After the elevator brought Martha away and it was only Raine and Torak alone inside the office, Raine trudged toward him and crawled to his laps while buried her face on his shoulder.

"Tired?" Torak smiled to see Raine acted this way. He put down the doc.u.ment in his hand and adjusted her position in his laps, cradled her in his arms. "Want to eat something?"

"Ice cream."