The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 16

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 16 Rage

Sometimes people try to expose what's wrong with you, because they can't handle what's right about you.



Raine was being ushered out of the room with Jen was grabbing her hand tightly, nullified her attempt to shake her away. She didn't like when someone dragged her, because it reminded her how those nurse had treated her when she was still in the mental hospitality.

Fortunately the tattoo man caught up to her when Jen was about to open the door and snapped Jen's hand which holding Raine.

However her grip was too tight and she refused to let Raine go.

This resulted the excruciating pain on her wrist, she practically could feel, Jen's nails embedded in her skin and if she still refused to let her go, with the same strength that she used now, it would leave an ugly bruises on it.

"I am the daughter of Alpha Xavier! How dare a merely warrior like you told me what I have to do!?" Jen growled at the tattoo man as she tightened her gripped on Raine's wrist.

Raine tried to release her hand from Jen, but she didn't budge an inch. She was too strong and if she kept continuing her pressure, she could snap her hand into two.

The tattoo man saw the grimace on Raine's face, despite her silence, the pain that caused from Jen was clear to see.

"You hurt her!" He growled back at the beauty in front of him.

"Step back warrior! I will just bring her to eat!" Jen stomped her feet angrily and when the tattoo man wanted to block her way again, she hissed threateningly at him. "Only because Supreme Alpha Torak found his mate, doesn't mean he will disregard our five years relationship."

Something in her tone hinted that she was referring to something else in their 'relationship'. Raine easily caught that, moreover the tattoo man who had been following Torak for more than ten years by now.

That statement didn't make him budge from his position, but when Jen walked out off the room, he didn't try to stop her again.

Raine puzzled by his reaction and be more confused by Jen's intention to bring her away. The gripped on her hand didn't loosen too and now her hand was getting numb because her blood was being blocked. She turned her head and looked back through her shoulder to see the tattoo man was following them a few meters away.

Jen literary dragged her along the hallway, she entered the elevator and pressed the button for the lobby.

Once they were in the elevator Jen pulled back her hand which made Raine feel relieved.

Raine stood on the corner of the elevator, cradled her hand with Jen stood next to her and the tattoo man near the elevator door.

"Supreme Alpha Torak will be furious with your act now."

Jen ignored his comment as she flicked her long blonde hair from her shoulder and shot a devious smile to Raine.

"So, she really doesn't talk? Is she mute?" Her questioned was laced with mocking tone that made Raine looked at her bare feet.

Jen had whisked her out of the room without considering her appearance. Now, Raine was only wearing her oversize worn out sweatshirt with ripped jeans without any slipper or shoes to cover her feet from the coldness of the floor.

Raine looked like a beggar. No, Jen made her looked like a beggar with her standing next to Raine, people who watched them would be subconsciously comparing each other.

It was humiliation.

Raine didn't talk, but it didn't mean she didn't know about Jen's intention. Thus, when the door of the elevator opened she remained on the corner where she was standing, determined she wouldn't go with her.

However, when Jen realized this, Raine little act didn't please her as she seethed. "I am just bring you for eat! What are you doing standing like a fool there!?"

"Jen!" The tattoo man snapped at her.

Even though she was an Alpha's daughter, but he carried another order that had more value from the Supreme Alpha. Only because the fact that Jen had an ambiguous relationship with the Supreme Alpha Torak, he tolerated her.

But, if something happened to soon- to- be their Luna, the title for alpha's mate, only God knew how long he could preserve his little life.

"Don't raise your voice in front of me!" Jen bit back sharply at him.

No matter how tough the tattoo man, he couldn't resist the Alpha blood that ran in Jen's veins. This Alpha blood thing carried more gravity in her every demand, the effect depending on how powerful this Alpha.

If the daughter of Alpha could make the tattoo man felt restless by her rising tone, then someone as powerful as Torak could inflict a sharp and crucial pain on him, in worse case he could suffer major injuries just by disobeying his Alpha's tone.

The tattoo man fisted his hand, still refuse to submit to her. "Supreme Alpha Torak won't please with this." He muttered.

When both of them still quarreled in front of the elevator door, right at that time the instrument chose to make a noisy beep rapidly which reminded them that they had stood long enough and hindered the working mechanism.

Unexpectedly, Raine took that clutter moment to dash out from the elevator door, she shoved away Jen hardly until she lost her balance on her high heels and stumbled onto the tattoo man who was standing right before her.

Fortunately, like most of lycan, his reflex was quick to secure Jen.

In the time they managed to adjust their balance, Raine had gone from their sight.

The tattoo man could feel his blood drained from his head to his toe in matter of second. Without thinking twice, he was mind linking all the other warriors nearby anxiously.

[Luna is gone!] He shouted in panic through the mind link.

Later on, just after his statement a wave of pain struck him greatly that made him fell on his knees. It wasn't only him who could feel it, but the other lycans were feeling the same, they staggered simultaneously.

In spite the higher rank has weaker effect, they could still feel the pain.

This agony could be inflicted by only one lycan and he was beyond enraged at that very moment.